The 6 Best German Cabinet Hinge Manufacturers

Abstract: It is essential to know the things one needs to consider while choosing the best hinges manufacturing companies. You must look for the affordability, quality, and the company’s experience in the industry.

When it comes to home improvement projects, there are seamless options on the market. In this context, cabinet hardware solutions have gained significant demand in the recent few years. Likewise, when it comes to buying cabinet hinges (Knowledge: How To Fix A Cabinet Hinge), people need to look up several factors in choosing the right option. 

There are extensive choices in the market, and while picking the right cabinet hinge, they must identify the purpose, ease of installation, budget, and type. Whether you are buying for your individual purpose, are a wholesaler, or need it for your own business, it is essential to determine the above-mentioned factors before making a choice. 

If you are searching for the best German cabinet hinge manufacturers, read below this comprehensive guide to explore the top six cabinet hinge manufacturing companies.

List Of Best German Cabinet Hinge Manufacturers:

This guide lists some of the top cabinet hinges manufacturing companies that you should check out if you are looking for the best quality hinges for your business (Σχετικά: Οι 8 κορυφαίοι κατασκευαστές λαβών ντουλαπιών στον κόσμο)

  • Hettich
Λογότυπο της Hettich
Πηγή: Hettich

Τύπος επιχείρησης: Κατασκευαστής

Έτος ίδρυσης: 1888

Hettich is one of the most extensive companies that offer cabinet hardware solutions in Germany. It was set up in 1888 and is based in Kirchlengern, Germany. It has over 7400 members that work hard to deliver the best services to their clients. 

Further, Hettich incorporates advanced technologies and skilled employees to design great products. The company is counted as one of the leading manufacturers that offer excellent cabinet solutions that perfectly fit industry standards. Hettich Germany cabinet hinges are also identified for their efficiency and quality.

Σειρά προϊόντων: Hettich offers a huge catalog to choose from. It is particularly known for offering premium quality Μεντεσέδες soft-close της Hettich, συρτάρια με μαλακό κλείσιμο, furniture fittings, door systems, drawer systems, μεντεσέδες επίπλων, etc. 

  • Simonswerk
Λογότυπο Simonswerk
Πηγή: Simonswerk

Τύπος επιχείρησης: Προμηθευτής και Κατασκευαστής

Έτος ίδρυσης: 1889

Simonswerk is another leading cabinet hardware solution manufacturer and supplier in Germany. It was established as H. Simons & Co in 1888 in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany. It employs over 600 staff members and caters to its products on a global level. The company is running actively in over 70 global markets.

Within 133 years of its establishment, Simonswerk has excelled in designing quality products with the implementation of high-end technologies and skilled professionals. 

Σειρά προϊόντων: The company offers numerous products, such as Μεντεσέδες Simonswerk, soft-close hinges, TECTUS, ANSELMI, ALPRO, SIKU, BAKA, etc. 

  • BaSys
BaSys logo
Source: BaSys

Τύπος επιχείρησης: Προμηθευτής, Κατασκευαστής, Εξαγωγέας

Year of establishment: 1995

BaSys is a family company running actively in Germany. It was established in 1995 in Kalletal, East Westphalia, Germany. It has a staff comprising more than 100 employees catering to both local and international clients and is counted among the top European hinge manufacturers (Learn: Top 5 Best Hinge Manufacturers/Brands In Europe)

The company particularly delivers its products to wholesale traders, architects, furniture manufacturers, and interior designers. Further, it has several products in its brand portfolio, for example, PIVOTA, STABILO, OBJECTA, COMBICA, and MASTERBAND.

Σειρά προϊόντων: BaSys offers an extensive catalog to choose from. Some of the primary products include hinge systems for interior and exterior doors and for heavy-duty doors, κρυφές ολισθήσεις συρταριών and hinge systems and other cabinet hardware accessories. 

  • Emka
Λογότυπο EMKA
Πηγή: Emka

Τύπος επιχείρησης: Κατασκευαστής

Έτος ίδρυσης: 1932

EMKA is one of the leading cabinet hardware solution providers that was initially established under a different name in 1932 in Velbert, Germany. However, in 1978, the company relocated its production site to Wuppertal, Germany. 

The company offers its services on a global scale, particularly in nations such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Denmark, France, Indonesia, Mexico, Netherlands, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Their products are equipped in several sectors, such as mechanical engineering, the railroad industry, telecommunication, switch and control cabinets, etc. 

Σειρά προϊόντων: EMKA is known for offering top-quality products, such as EMKA hinges, locking systems, locks and latches, edge protection bandings, and other accessories. 

  • Emil Kaltenbach
Kaltenbach Logo
Source: Kaltenbach

Τύπος επιχείρησης: Κατασκευαστής

Year of establishment: 1922

Kaltenbach was started by Caspar Friedr and is considered a top German cabinet company. Wilhelm Kaltenbach in 1922. Within more than 165 years of the establishment of this family-run business in the industry, it is now counted among the top German cabinet hinge manufacturers.

Moreover, Kaltenbach hinges are known for their superior quality. It is an EN ISO 9001: 2000 certified company and also has qualified to maintain TS 16949 quality standards. The company used advanced sawing technology to manufacture the best German cabinet hinges systems in Germany.

Their products have several applications, such as construction and agricultural machines, municipal vehicles and buses, small businesses, wholesale purposes, and mechanical engineering. 

Σειρά προϊόντων: Kaltenbach has an exclusive range of quality products comprising standard and special hinges, furniture connectors and fittings, and other assembly solutions. 

  • Dr. Hahn
Dr. Hahn logo
Source: Dr. Hahn

Τύπος επιχείρησης: Κατασκευαστής

Year of establishment: 1961

Dr. Hahn was founded by Dr. Walter Hahn in 1961. Initially, the company focused on manufacturing hinge systems and molding thermoplastic parts. The company maintains all the quality standards, and with years of experience in the industry, it promises to deliver the best products to its clients. 

Further, the company is known to understand user demands and implement innovation and creativity in designing a product. 

Σειρά προϊόντων: Dr. Hahn is known for offering PVC-U and metal doors, small ολισθήσεις συρταριών με ρολό, and other material combinations. 

Maxave – The Best Chinese Alternative

Λογότυπο Maxave
Πηγή: Maxave

Τύπος επιχείρησης: One-stop manufacturer, exporter, and supplier

Έτος ίδρυσης: 2011

Maxave is one of the best European cabinet hinge manufacturers and has been in the industry for 11 years. It was founded in 2011 and has expanded its business on a global level at various locations in North America, South America, Europe, Russia, and Southeast Asia. Some of the top nations where the company exports its products include Malaysia, Mosco, India, Cologne, Guangzhou, and Turkey. 

Further, Maxave uses high-end automated technologies to deliver customized solutions to its clients. Besides, they implement quality control systems and device management to design products that pass all the necessary quality standards. In addition, they have an excellent team comprising highly skilled professionals that ensure to design BIFMA testing-approved products.

Maxave utilizes only high-quality raw materials to offer excellent durability. In addition, the metal finishing technique ensures a great aesthetic for the products. The machines used for manufacturing implement the latest technologies and deliver highly efficient products. 

Σειρά προϊόντων: Maxave offers a wide range of products; some of the key products include furniture hinges and edges, ball-bearing drawer slides, double wall drawers, gas springs, wardrobe tubes, heavy-duty drawer slides, handles, and knobs, ολισθήσεις συρταριών πλήρους επέκτασης, and many other cabinet hardware accessories. 


When it comes to quality, it is essential to partner with the right manufacturers that will best understand your needs and offer customizable solutions. If you are looking for customizable and high-quality hinge systems for your business, ranging from wholesale or interior designing, etc., you can επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας. Additionally, we offer various other cabinet hardware solutions, such as drawer slides and edges. 

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