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Maxave is the leading manufacturer of furniture hardware in China. We reduce all your costs from manufacturing to delivery, with our in-house production and facilities. Get free samples now!


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Whatever you’re furniture hardware importers or furniture manufacturers (The Ultimate Guide: How to Import Furniture Hardware from China in 6 Steps), Maxave offers all types of custom furniture hardwares for your projects in few weeks!

Cabinet Hinges

Drawer Slides

PVC edge Banding

Handles & Knobs

Gas Spring

Furniture Screws

Cabinet Hangers

Furniture Connectors

Wardrobe Tube

Contract Manufacturing Services for All Types of Furniture Hardware

All under Customization

Colors, thickness, patterns, length, width…all customized to your projects and your furniture business.

ISO Quality Control

ISO 9001-2015 quality control system ensures your hardware with high quality and performance.

Ideal Cost Control

Profitable supply chain and in-house manufacturing guarantee your cost under perfect control.

Faster Shipping

No more delivery delay! Maxave takes as fast as 25 days in delivery compared with our competitors.

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    Unlimited Custom Options for Furniture Hardware

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    Custom Materials

    Various materials for your specific products! Choose from various metal materials and plastics to fulfill your hardware performance!

    Custom Sizes & Shapes

    No matter for door hinges, cabinet knobs, curtain rods or any categories, our precise molding and tooling make perfect shapes.

    Custom Finishes

    Zinc plating, anodizing, and all types of coloring to strengthen performance as well as ideal decoration in consistent colors.

    Also Looking for Hinges?

    Add innovation and quality to your products! Since 2011, Maxave has been a trusted source worldwide for precision-engineered original furniture hardware solutions. From different overlays, to different adjustability (in/out, left/right, up/down), we offer more than hinges, but also a complete supply chain.

    Quality Assurance in Certifications

    Each patch of Maxave products are tested by SGS and reports available. They maintain perfect precision and accuracy by offering the best quality materials to you. Maxave consists of in-house designing experts and skilled professionals to satisfy your order.

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    Why Maxave? A Few Good Reasons

    why 1

    Profitable Solutions

    Because we focus on results. For us, it’s all about what adds value for you and your business. Above all, we want our words to work for you.

    why 3

    All under Testings

    Because we know furniture hardware. With strict quality control that includes all testings, NO defects such as rough plating, bubbles, pin holes happen.

    Best Color & Pattern

    Because we’ve been there and done it. When you choose us, you’ll feel the benefit of 10 years’ experience of patterning.

    why 4


    Because we’re a team of professionals. We’re the ‘go-to manufacturer’ for dozens of world-top furniture hardware brands.

    Best Business Results in Furniture Hardware

    Maxave listens to our customers’ needs and then jumps into action to deliver on those needs. We tailor our hinges and services for the small-large brands. A true furniture hinges partner streamlines your supply chain and elevates every element of your company. We want to help you and your company be MAX in profit!

    For Furniture Hardware Wholesalers

    Looking for furniture hardware at lower cost and better quality? Maxave provides your business with flexible packaging.

    Improved product quality
    40% higher yield rate in industry
    Hundreds of SKU available

    For Furniture Hardware Importers

    For furniture hardware importers, Maxave offers lean manufacturing and quick delivery services to fulfill your urgent imports.

    50% lead-time reduction
    20% cost reduction with tech improvement
    Increased manufacturing speeds

    For Furniture Hardware Traders

    Full ranges of furniture hinges, pull-outs, screws and all metal parts are available to customization as well as branding.

    Factory visit available
    Local warehousing services
    Instant quoting and quality report

    Being the Leading Supplier


    Zero defects and no callbacks. Maxave factory offers qualified hardware.

    Superior Tech Expert

    Improvement on metal formulation of materials brings you lower cost and better quality.

    Low MOQ

    Ability to lean manufacturing makes it available to low MOQ

    Client Satisfaction

    Keeping you and your business profitable with the right production choice.

    Always JIT Shipping

    We always offer best shipping solutions with your budget and timeline.

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    Maxave – Max Save for Your Furniture Hardware Business

    We make our mission in our company – we understand your need in furniture hardware industry, by offering an integration of the advantageous supply chain, multi-dimensional optimization of product processes and reconstruction of product value.

    And that’s how we do it – optimize the performance and reduce costs of furniture hardware, to create the ultimate cost-effective products that fit the market, and support you, our partner.

    Proudly Made in Maxave Factories

    Maxave has facilities with the most advanced technology in China with a production capacity that makes us one of the leading furniture hardware manufacturers. Our facilities are strategically located to provide excellent service to our customers by sea and land in the international markets.

    Maxave factory machine

    Unlock & Maximize Your Business Profits with Maxave Manufacturing!

    Maxave has a team of top innovators ready to tackle your project’s challenges, and help support your furniture hardware to best profits!


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