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Our Company Vision to Be Incubator of Next Trending Furniture Hardware


High-Strength Metal: for Durability

High-quality raw materials are the foundation of a furniture hardware product. Before a raw material is used it is sampled, inspected and sent to accredited third-party laboratories for all necessary metal testing.

Our Quality Control Team only releases materials for use in production upon compliance with the established specifications and criteria. This assures that no substandard, rejected, expired or obsolete material is used during production.

● Csak a legjobb acélgyárból származó anyagok

● Q235 steel, HRB XXX

● Vastagságtűrés < 0.03mm

● Hőkezelés


Perfect Metallic Surface: for Aesthetics

When you upgrade your general metal finishing processes with our solutions, you become more competitive. The scrapping rate is lower; you can offer next-level quality – and you cut costs thanks to reduced energy consumption.

Best of all, this doesn’t call for a significant investment. Yet, our process upgrade can prove crucial to your profitability and make your business sustainable in the long run. We guarantee highly reliable finishing for all kinds of furniture hardware products especially hinges and slide runners.

Maxave metal finishes

Lean Manufacturing: for Efficiency

Lean manufacturing improves our efficiency and increases profit because, at its core, our lean philosophy is about minimizing waste while maximizing your value.

Our team of manufacturing professionals focuses on using the newest and best machines available to produce furniture hardware. We prove every day that through automation, digital management and advanced process control systems, we produce at an optimal level. In short, we maximize the efficiency. Read more in Maxave Manufacturing

furniture hinges manufacturing

Assembly Revolution: for Accuracy

We applied the competences and experience accumulated in decades of designing and manufacturing high-volume automated solutions to the areas of multi-purpose piercing machines and high volume packaging lines.

In Maxave factories, 60% process in furniture hardware manufacturing is automated. This gives us the power to improve machinery precision, and require less manpower therefore save your cost.

automatic assembly

100% Traceability: for Quality

A jó nyomonkövethetőségi rendszer segít a minőség javításában, a költségek csökkentésében, a folyamatok optimalizálásában és végső soron a teljes ellátási láncban az ügyfélhez való eljutási idő javításában.

In Maxave’s quality control system, we have cameras and instructions on each and every position and keep all data in 2 years for any quality issue traceback.

Frame 210

Beyond Standards: for Functionality

The working principles of furniture hardware keep evolving these days. Especially in Maxave. By investing in developing new motion technologies of hinges and slide runners, we add new strengths in our products and your product functionality of course.

See how Maxave advances the motion technology and add enhanced convenience and functionality to your furniture hardware, and give you an edge over your competitors.

Frame 210 1

NO-Defect-Lab: for Safety

There is a saying in the interiors world that hardware is the jewelry of the room. The role of hardware is no longer only the connection of decoration and movable parts, it has stronger function and more applicable fields. It plays a positive role in improving production efficiency, reducing costs, improving product quality, enhancing the competitiveness of domestic and foreign markets, and creating benefits for furniture manufacturers.

Among those, safety is what we care most.

Sós pára tesztelés

Winning in All Aspects: for One-Stop

Wherever possible, Maxave manufactures products in the region where our parts or secondary products are sourced. Through vertically integrating our manufacturing processes, you can take advantage of Maxave’s global footprint, while still enjoying the benefits of quick and localized manufacturing & design.

As we’re winning in all aspects, we aim for one-stop supply chain.

Maxave warehouse

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