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Whether you’re looking for new hinges supplier or starting your new furniture hinge brand, Maxave Manufacturing offers many types of soft-closing hinges for cabinets, kitchen cupboards and more

Q235 materials for notch-top performance

metal materials in Maxave

1.Raw Material of Stainless Steel

Selecting the materials of stainless steel.


Most products use Q195. If the material hardness requirements and functional test requirements are high, Q235 is selected, and if the corrosion resistance (such as humidity, food contact environment) or the surface is smooth and shiny, the stainless steel material is selected.

Value: Stable properties, suitable for bending and forming

2. Stamping Process

Stamp on stainless steel small sheet to get hinge parts. Stamped hinges offer high quality, precision, and at lower cost than machined or extruded hinges, due to the efficiencies of progressive die metal stamping.

Value: Multiple stamping lines for 30% efficiency up

P32 s04 2
P32 s04 3

3. Piercing Process

Cutting holes in hinge through press machines.

Value: Precise and quick process
P32 s04 4

4. Anodizing Process

Our hinges are anodized through advanced automated equipment by our professional team. Quality and stable anodizing finish is one of our advantages comparing to our competitors.

Value: 20% finishing cost lower & 30% surface effect up

5. Automatic Assembly

Automated assembly machines responsible for multiple set of hinges at a time. No extra labors needed and highly under controlled.

Value: Save 10% on labor cost and 10% improvement in quality

automatic assembly 1
P32 s04 5

6. Quality Inspection of Semi-product

100% inspecting the finish, the cup, the holes, the pumps and the sharp edge whether they are passed for next operations.

Value: Keep semi-products under quality standard
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