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Flat And Round Iron Lift

Stainless Steel Dish Rack

Iron Dish Rack

Round Iron Tall Basket

Iron Side Pull Basket

180° Turntable Storage Basket

Toughened Glass Elevator

Iron Three-Side Basket

Stanless Steel Side Pull Basket

Unlimited Custom Options For Your Requirements

Wired storage baskets are used all over the world for storing items in cabinets. They come in different sizes, shapes and materials. There are also pull out storage baskets which are commonly found in homes and offices. Pull out storage baskets are very useful when space is tight and we need to store things like dishes, beverages, foods etc. We at Maxave also provide ready-to-ship style information regarding the features of these products so that you can order popular items quick and easy.

Wide Weight Capacity Range

Custom Width And Height

Custom Quality Electroplating

Pull-Out Basket Solutions For...

Wondering how Maxave serves your business quick and easy? The answer is we can totally work with any business projects no matter large or small. With our owned wired basket factory, your projects can be fulfilled with high-quality stainless steel materials that maximize space and enhance the functionality of storage.

Why choose Maxave ?
We Have More Than just

100% Traceability

● Materials from top steel factory only
● Q235 steel, HRB 335
● Thickness tolerance < 0.03mm
● Thermal treatment
We have 24hrs cameras and instructions on every position in factory, and keep all data in 2 years for any quality issue traceback.

20%-30% Cost Saved

By improving quality, fewer defective products are produced, minimizing waste, and therefore reducing costs.
By reducing production times, labor and facility costs per part are reduced.
Together, your cost is minimized, while profit maximized.

Connecting 100+ Local Suppliers

Built on a good local presence, we connect with our supply chain with end-to-end support across — strategy and process, platforms and technology, and intelligence, insight & expertise.
We have the most versatile product ranges as well as product variants. No more worrying about multiple orders and rare types.

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More About Maxave

Our Team, Our People​

At Maxave, our team members search beyond clients’ needs today to accelerate what’s next and make a difference—for our clients, our company, and the industry.

Maxave worker checking products

How Maxave-HUB Saves 10% OFF in the Entire Product Development

From innovation center to CEO, Maxave looks back at lessons learned from 10 years in hardware industry.

Maxave furniture hardware team

We Are Maxavers

At Maxave, our team members believe in being a force for good. We work to make a difference everyday – in our factories and our communities, and around the world.

Maxave team members
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We bring a fresh perspective and infectious energy to every client relationship. Our emphasis on teamwork, trust and tolerance for diverging opinions helps clients focus on their opportunities, build their furniture hardware in premium quality and win the future. Together, we achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.

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Best Teams: The Spirit Foundation of Furniture Hardware Innovation

Many of our colleagues say Maxave teams are the best because they are so diverse and close-knit. Check out our CEO’s words bellow and meet some of our major members to learn about out culture, roles, and how we work together.

Maxave anodizing process

Better and Faster Anodizing

Using comprehensive technology electroplating, clients at Maxave Innovation Center can identify the best results of anodizing faster than ever before, accelerating a future of flawless finishes.

Maxave furniture hardware supplies in factory

Here to Help Global Brands

From furniture factories to furniture hardware importers, Maxave team members rose to the challenge and helped brands to get higher quality they never met before.

Our Mission & Value

Our purpose is to advance the way furniture hardware business works. 


And that’s how our mission born: To be the No.1 incubator of next hotsale furniture hardware products.

Are Your Ready for ZERO SEWAGE Hardware Manufacturing?

As a water-based process, anodizing uses no VOCs – there are no vehicle solvents, no carrier resins and any pigmentation used in anodizing is created by extremely small amounts of metals or dye securely locked within the hard surface. No halogenated hydrocarbons or similar toxic organics are used in anodizing.


Similar neutralization reduces most anodizing chemicals to common dissolved minerals. Most anodizing is performed without generation of hazardous waste, and in many cases aluminum-rich anodizing wastes are environmentally valuable in removing pollutants and settling solids in domestic sewage treatment processes.

Maxave water sewage system

Sustainability isn’t something we just talk to others about. Since 2011, Maxave regularly ranked as one of the best factory of no-sewage system. Maxave strives every day to reduce our environmental impact, enhance employee well-being, practice the highest levels of anodizing process.

Waste Water System

Waste water system plant

Pull-out Wire Basket Solutions For Different Businesses

It couldn't be easier, both the double wall drawers and your procurement plan. Maxave values the quality of double wall drawers to the life of your business. We comply with national and international quality standards of the markets you operate in. Contact Maxave for any of your double wall drawer projects.

For Hardware Wholesalers

Looking for furniture hardware at lower cost and better quality? Maxave provides your business with flexible packaging.

Our materials strategy

40% higher yield rate in industry

More than 10k hinges SKU

For Importers & Traders

Full ranges of furniture hardwares, pull-outs, lifting systems are available to customization as well as branding.

Factory visit available

Local warehousing services

Instant quoting and quality report

For Furniture Brands

Maxave offers lean manufacturing and quick delivery services to fulfill your urgent imports.

50% lead-time reduction

20% cost reduction tech improvement

Increased manufacturing speeds

Qualifications We Got it Covered

We set high expectations for our people, our processes, our services, our products – our certifications and test reports validate that.


iso 9001
ISO 9004

Testing Reports

Heavy Duty Slides Testing
Heavy-Duty Slides Testing
Drawer Slides Testing
Drawer Slides Testing
Soft Closing Hinges Testing
Soft-Closing Hinges Testing
PVC Banding Testing
PVC Banding Testing
Ball Bearing Slides Testing
Ball Bearing Slides Testing
Tandembox Drawers Testings
Tandembox Drawers Testings
Cabinet Hangers Testings
Cabinet Hangers Testings

Also Looking for Other Furniture Hardware?

Add innovation and quality to your products! Since 2011, Maxave has been a trusted source worldwide for precision-engineered original furniture hardware solutions. From different overlays, to different adjustability (in/out, left/right, up/down), we offer more than hinges, but also a complete supply chain.

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