Accelerating your furniture hardware business outcomes with comprehensive manufacturing, from production to packaging.

Our Company

Maxave is the global furniture hardware company built to transform your furniture hardware business. 


How? By helping you design, develop, manufacture, and analyze on all your products and applications wherever they are used in, so you can turn insights into outcomes with next hotsale products at the speed required to thrive in today’s furniture hardware world.

Maxave furniture hardware factory

Welcome to Maxave

Furniture hardware is a mature industry after all these years development in the world, but it never means it can’t be reformed. It’s time to move to a new age – one where every single piece of product reshapes deeply from materials and craftsmanship, with Maxave.

Maxave factory machine

Why Choose Maxave

Maxave can help you harness the right cost plan to win the complex supply chain game, and figure out what’s next for your furniture hardware business.

Serving Global Brands & Markets

Sandy Ji Quote

“At Maxave, we’re ushering in a new era: the Age of Furniture Hardware Innovation, where we make all your hardware for you, without high cost, with high quality, with unseen design. This era will lead to services and products we can’t yet imagine, and it will generate discoveries that elevate the greater industry level in the world.”

Sandy Ji

Chief Executive Officer

Our Team, Our People​

At Maxave, our team members search beyond clients’ needs today to accelerate what’s next and make a difference—for our clients, our company, and the industry.

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How Maxave-HUB Saves 10% OFF in the Entire Product Development

From innovation center to CEO, Maxave looks back at lessons learned from 10 years in hardware industry.

Maxave furniture hardware team

We Are Maxavers

At Maxave, our team members believe in being a force for good. We work to make a difference everyday – in our factories and our communities, and around the world.

Maxave anodizing process

Better and Faster Anodizing

Using comprehensive technology electroplating, clients at Maxave Innovation Center can identify the best results of anodizing faster than ever before, accelerating a future of flawless finishes.

Maxave furniture hardware supplies in factory

Here to Help Global Brands

From furniture factories to furniture hardware importers, Maxave team members rose to the challenge and helped brands to get higher quality they never met before.

Our Mission & Value

Our purpose is to advance the way furniture hardware business works. 


And that’s how our mission born: To be the No.1 incubator of next hotsale furniture hardware products.

Our Latest News

Read the latest Maxave company news to see how we’re driving innovation to make it easier to reimagine tomorrow, today.

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