The performance of products firstly depends on their materials. To produce a responsibility made furniture hardware, we choose each materials with intention and care.


We call it Ferrumax – best ferrous metal materials used in Maxave. At Maxave, it’s not just about producing products that live up to your expectations; it’s also about developing materials that stand up to the rigors of the trail, while keeping our impact on the environment as small as possible. You can learn about how we work with premium metal materials here.

MaterialsYield StrengthTensile Strength
metal materials in Maxave
drawer slides in production


Q195/Q235 Cold Rolled Steel, and Stainless Steel 201/304/316

Different grades of cold-rolled steel have different yield strength and tensile strength.

Q195 cold rolled steel is used in most products, and we choose Q235 for better material hardness and testing requirements. If with higher requirement of corrosion resistance (such as moisture, food contact) or shiny surface, stainless steel material will be our first choice.

Control Procedures

Raw Material Control

Material control procedures also allow for effective raw material traceability which is essential for guaranteeing product quality and performance claims. We have a close rapport with our preferred suppliers who understand our quality requirements and work with us to assure materials meet our high standards.


Testing on materials:

◉ Spectrometer Testing: the state of microstructure

◉ Salt Spray Testing: the state of anti-corrosion performance



P35 1

● Materials from top steel factory only

● Q235 steel, HRB 335

● Thickness tolerance < 0.03mm

● Thermal treatment


Key Parts & Accessories Made to Fit Your Projects

At Maxave, we are very particular with the selection of our parts – not just the pumps, but also the plate, trigger and even down to the screws used. This ensures that we deliver a quality hardware product that will serve your business well in the years to come.

Undermount Slide Front Fixing Clips 1

Curtain Rods

Wardrobe Rod Brackets 1

Wardrobe Rod Brackets

Gas Spring Mounting Brackets 1

Gas Spring Mounting Brackets

Hot Melt Adhesives 1

Hot Melt Adhesives

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