Maxave brings you top-of-the-line quality sofa legs. We offer custom sofa legs for furniture projects and hardware supplies. Our sofa legs are made with the best durable materials to match classic and modern design sofas while ensuring stability, support, and comfort.

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Maxave - Top-Notch Steel Sofa Legs & Couch Feet Manufacturer

Made in high-quality stainless steel, Maxave has a selection China sofa leg designed to support any sofa. We offer custom sofa legs made of stainless steel with various finishes to suit any furniture design. Our sofa legs can withstand significant weight supporting the furniture to provide comfort and stable footing.


We offer wholesale sofa feet customization for furniture manufacturers and hardware stores. With modern production techniques, we produce sofa legs with precision, efficiency, and speed in our sofa leg factory. Our furniture legs undergo strict quality control to deliver high-quality sofa legs and couch feet that meet client demands and exceed global standards.


As one of the innovative sofa legs suppliers, Maxave provides you with dependable sofa legs for living rooms and office lobbies. Our sofa legs are made with the finest stainless steel and provide sturdy support to sofas of any length. We facilitate design, material obtainment, production, delivery, and after-sales.

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Check this comprehensive catalog of sofa leg styles and finish that we offer, or be inspired to create your own custom sofa legs.

Custom Project

Features of Our Sofa Legs


Premium Materials

Maxave ensures quality with premium materials from our supply chain. The raw materials undergo strict inspections to ensure the right quality and quantity are met.


Stylish Designs

We also offer a variety of designs to select or as a reference for custom design. Our experts will be assisting in creating the custom piece to ensure the balance of aesthetics and stability before sampling and production.


Surface Treatment

For added protection, we do surface treatment against rust and corrosion to ensure every piece is built to last.

Innovative Custom Sofa Legs Designs

Maxave is not only a versatile white sofa legs factory and gold sofa legs supplier but also a couch feet manufacturer that offers customization services for all custom sofa leg needs. We provide custom materials and assist clients in making a custom design, surface treatment, and finish. Our supply chains provide the best raw materials for footing, from stainless steel to rubber. Experts that have studied the trends assists clients in designing their sofa leg to be stylish and functional.

We also provide custom surface treatment for custom couch legs that protect the fixture from discoloration, corrosion, and rust. Additionally, you can request a custom finish to the pieces to match the furniture’s overall style.

Custom Materials

Custom Materials

custom furniture legs colors

Custom Colors

sofa leg style

Custom Furniture Legs Styles

Benefits from Partnering with One of the Best Metal Sofa Legs Factories

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Unique Sofa Leg Designs

Our experts gladly assist clients in shaping the industry with innovative designs. By studying the trends and the consumers' needs, to challenge the status quo and inspire our clients to be creative as we design furniture fixtures of the future.

Intelligent Manufacturing

Maxave's factory houses modern equipment and well-trained workers that produces top-notch sofa legs with precision and efficiency. We aim to have an eco-friendly production by reducing waste, lessen production time, and cost.

Rigorous Quality Control

With quality screening and material traceability, Maxave delivers high-quality products in the industry using the finest raw materials. The quality is continuously monitored during production and undergoes tests to assure reliability.

Quality and quantity are what we aim to deliver with our in-house manufacturing. Our facility, with a floor area of less than a million sqm., houses modern machinery and skilled workers, both being one of the best sofa leg manufacturers in China.

Maxave’s is the brand that ensures we deliver high-quality products no matter how large or small the orders are. Our facility handling the production ensures quality as we are certified by  ISO 9001 for quality assurance. Having Maxave’s in-house manufacturing producing our products, aiming for quality and quantity is possible.

Delivering the best products starts with having the best materials. Maxave is dedicated to providing the best fixture, like sofa legs, with the finest steel we call ferru’max, a well-balanced composition of steel for furniture that we use for all our products for its reliability.

As we go into production, our inspection team watches if there are any flaws and address them asap. After production, the product undergoes a battery of tests to ensure it exceeds global standards and meets the client’s specifications. Fast production is, efficiency must not compromise quality, and Maxave’s quality control team’s strict procedure ensures quality.

With our established supply chain and business partners, our product has been in many furniture products of major brands worldwide for our reliability. Having a decade of experience and working with individuals with more comprehensive knowledge in the industry gives us the vision to innovate the furniture fixture of tomorrow.

Even though we study it, we don’t follow but challenge trends through innovative ideas and designs that are both modern but use tried and tested ideas. Our aim for innovation stems from finding new solutions to existing needs in the industry to mold it for the future.

Part of our services is our support, providing a vast source of experience through our seasoned experts. From design, material procurement, production, and after-sale, we are glad to assist in improving the product. As we have a foresight into the industry’s trends with sofa leg designs as one of the best furniture leg manufacturers any changes in the market, we can assist you in your business.

There are several types of sofa legs according to their shapes

  • Metal Legs – Made of brass, metal legs are an excellent update to any contemporary living room sofa. These metal legs come in different finishes, from polished to matte, in brass, silver, or black in color.
  • Iron Leg Sofa – Rustic and modern vibe sofas with iron legs give any living room a robust but classy feel.
  • Modern Metal Stretcher – An excellent choice for traditional sofas to update their look but retain their classic vibe.
  • Metal Base – The sofas are seated on a metal piece that contours its shape.
  • Brass Orbs – A modern take on wooden orb legs
  • Square Leg – A straightforward design
  • Metal Tube Frame – Made with metal tube frames known for their neat look
  • Arrow Foot Sofa – It comes in metal and wood versions known for its mid-century style

The greatest benefit of metal sofa bench legs is durability. Compared to traditional wooden and modern plastic bench legs, metal legs are stronger and more able to withstand the elements. Wood though flexible and sturdy, is prone to damage due to moisture and heat that may lead to cracks. Plastics are lightweight but, over time, become brittle and not known to tolerate heavyweights.

Sofas with metal legs are more durable as metal is known to tolerate temperature, moisture, and heavy loads. However, it is recommended to use stainless steel furniture legs, especially the exposed feet.

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