Double wall drawer for all needs. Maxave presents new double wall drawer ranges to fulfill major lengths, colors, and customizations. The double wall drawers are easily and quickly mounted and dismounted to have a simple adjustment. See solutions from the notch-top double wall drawer manufacturer in China.

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Maxave - World-Class Double Wall Drawer System Makers

When it comes to double wall metal box drawer system, no manufacturer comes close to Maxave in quality, consistency, and features. Leading the market in innovative and market-friendly hardware furniture manufacturing, our line of double wall drawers is a testament to superior production standards.


Available in various designs and finishes, our line of double wall drawer systems is tailored to match the diverse demands of the furniture market. Mainly made with galvanized steel for its frame, these drawer slides can take up to 40 kilos while maintaining a smooth glide every time.

Looking for something that’s closer to your project idea? We can create a customized double wall drawer box system with the measurements, finishes, and load capacity based on your preferences.

Optimum lateral sability & synchronized movement

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Features & Benefits

Features of Our Drawer Box Systems

Maxave drawer systems are designed for the cabinet and home furnishings industry. Maxave Ultrabox drawers with adaptive damping soft closes ensure the highest quality in function. Many heights make every drawer well-suited to the kitchen and give the best storage solutions available. 


Premium Materials

Cold rolled and stainless steels are used to manufacture every drawer system. They're treated to be the strongest but also the most sustainable slides for your business needs.


Softer movement

Maxave drawer box systems are responsible for the soft movement of the drawer. You can choose from push-to-open, self-closing, soft close, or full extension glides to provide your customers different options.


Surface Finishing

Maxave has a variety of finishes available including a dark gray/black finish, an epoxy finish, and glass sheets.


50,000 Times Cycle Tested

Premier materials ensure durability, which can have lasting effects of up to 50,000 verified drawer action cycles.


Easy to install

With Maxave, drawer box systems become easy to attach because they're constructed with simple structures that make them easier to use than traditional slide systems.

Double Wall Drawer Designed with A Variety of Options

Maxave engineers double wall drawers to exceed industry standards for weight capacity and longevity. From our owned Ultrabox, Multbox, Ultbox and Super Slim Drawer Slide series, to any modern double wall drawer design, Maxave offers a beautiful metallic finish that enhances all kitchen designs.

different double drawer height Maxave 1

Flexible Drawer Height Adjustment

telescoping double wall drawer Maxave 1

Smooth Extension and Reduced Side Play

weight capacity double wall drawer Maxave 1

Designed for maximum Storage

Custom Double Wall Drawers for Your Furniture Hardware Projects!

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Expert Bracket Design

We are quick to embrace innovation, and actively seek to develop new systems and processes that will allow us to improve our products and give added value to our customers. Our expertise allows us to put new ideas into practice quickly and efficiently, finding creative, innovative approaches to tackle fresh applications in a wide variety of sectors.

Proven Quality

At Maxave, we place an unrivalled focus on producing quality linear and telescopic slides. Our factory is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standard, meeting the international requirements for quality management systems.

Manufacturing Expertise

Our talented engineers are able to work within various sectors, using their in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing process to create world-class ball bearing slides. We are able to fully integrate advanced electronics and electromechanical technology into a multitude of different products, offering unrivalled functionality within each telescopic or linear drawer slide.

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Double Wall Drawer Solutions for Different Businesses

It couldn’t be easier, both the double wall drawers and your procurement plan. Maxave values the quality of double wall drawers to the life of your business. We comply with national and international quality standards of the markets you operate in. Contact Maxave for any of your double wall drawer projects.

Our in-house designer inspired double wall drawer is a steel, double-walled drawer system that conceals a full extension slide that not only glides precisely but also has a high load capacity.


A system designed to surpass industry weight capacity and durability criteria. Maxave’s double wall drawer has a gorgeous metallic finish that complements all kitchen designs, whether conventional, contemporary, or otherwise.


The sleek curved edges and vertical inner walls are intended to maximize interior storage. With Maxave’s tall side and side rails, deep drawers may be formed. Our drawer has the ever-popular Soft-close motion and may be equipped with the sensomatic electromechanical opening mechanism for handleless drawers.

Continuous monitoring is conducted to ensure the quality of double wall drawer runners. The national and international quality criteria of the marketplaces in which our clients operate are met by Maxave company.


The load capacity of our double wall drawers are specified in the SGS report is understood to refer to the weight of the drawer itself, including the front panel and its contents, in kilograms. The relevant level is shown on the product.


The load capacity for various nominal lengths may vary. All Maxave drawer runners are equipped with guards to prevent the drawer from rolling out and being removed inadvertently, and they pass the SGS impact test in a test frame. These runners are acceptable for use in living room, kitchen, and bathroom furniture, and in office furniture.


The maximum height of the front panel is determined mostly by the material, drawer size, and drawer runner.

Maxave practices a systematic approach in every project, helping you get the most in every order.

Focused on delivering tailored solutions, around 70% of our double wall metal box drawer systems are OEM-specified projects. Additionally, you’re assigned a dedicated OEM direct staff with an in-depth understanding and industry experience.


Knowing your budget’s importance, we optimized our supply chain management and production process to reduce expenses while maintaining quality. Our facilities in China practice lean manufacturing and solid supply chain management, which gives us access to premium materials at wholesale costs. And with our double-walled drawer box system made in-house, that’s an additional reduced cost for external labor with monitored quality.

Maxave is more than a source of double wall drawer systems; we’re your long-term partner for success. As such, we help you set a new standard in furniture manufacturing through our products and services.

Understanding that trends constantly change, our double wall drawer box system designs and production process are continually updated to meet modern needs. We also future-proof your brand by offering next-generation double wall drawer systems based on market research.


Moreover, we provide impeccable support by accommodating changes in features and increased volume capacity. In the event of replacements, we can directly ship parts and drawers to your facility or warehouse with ease.

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