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Maxave CEO
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Business is all about doing the right thing.

Sandy Ji

Chief Executive Officer

That’s not easy and we know it. But more than anything, what our business has taught us is the importance of a bigger why. We’re responsible for each and every project.

Today, we’re redefining furniture hardware industry for a new generation. Whether it’s reshaping cabinet screws’ structure; bringing in automated packaging lines to PVC banding and creating MAX-Standard Quality System, we’re working to shape a more modern and valuable future.

Maxave is, and always will be, a brand of innovation. We’re proud of our mission. But far more, we are grateful and humbled.

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Maxave CMO
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The beauty of marketing is in its endless possibilities and telling truth.

Tom So

Chief Marketing Officer

Whether we’re working in the marketing of our products, there is no limit in which these tactics can be creatively utilized to communicate with you.

My vision is one that depicts the true part of our products, telling the story behind all that effort we did to improve our quality. What makes our team so special is the synergy that we generate when bringing every detail to the forefont.

Markting in Maxave means more than just presenting our furniture hardware to your business. Instead, it is about crafting something that you need to know about our business and get behind.

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