Bringing together quality furniture hardware and industry experience to help global business discover next hotsell products.

Our Company's Vision is to Be the Incubator of Next Trending Furniture Hardware


With global trends, we unveil the next hot-sell hardware that lead to your better business growth.

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Selection corrections assist you in finding the next popular or better furniture hardware to fit your project. It is irreplaceable because of the info value – better hardware price, accessories, size, materials, finishing, etc.


How We Innovate: The Capabilities

Explore the variety of movement solutions and accessories we offer to propel your project forward and enhance your product’s design.

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All the components needed are integrated into Maxave’s designed mechanisms, providing a versatile and sophisticated soft closing system that is virtually smooth and soft.

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Maxave prides itself on having products and processes that meet, and often exceed, standards from leading industry organizations. We achieve these in the belief that you deserve the best in proven movement solutions.

Investing in custom automation equipment is always an intimidating process. This is why we are here to help.


Companies Like Yours Need A Efficient Supply Chain

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Cost Control in Every Aspect to Overall Advantages

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Breakthrough innovation requires breakthrough technology. If you consider 10% cost-cut in furniture screws mind-boggling, it’s easy to assume that monstrous investments are needed to grow a successful new venture.

Maxave’s strategy of innovation starts from simplifying our product without losing the performance. We focus on just the features that matter to your products and have the conviction to cut the rest. Don’t underestimate the power of Ockham’s Razor – the problem-solving principle of our innovation.


Partner with You for All Markets

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For Hardware Wholesalers

Looking for furniture hardware at lower cost and better quality? Maxave provides your business with flexible packaging.

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For Furniture Brands

For furniture hardware importers, Maxave offers lean manufacturing and quick delivery services to fulfill your urgent imports.

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For Furniture Hardware Importers

Full ranges of furniture hardwares, pull-outs, lifting systems are available to customization as well as branding.

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