Maxave’s edge-banding has been meticulously crafted and matched to the same structure, texture, and finish as the selected laminate equivalent.

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Maxave PVC Edge Banding Catalog: Seamless Transition between the Edge and the Panel

Great for Residential, Commercial & Institutional Furniture

The most latest installation of Maxave’s revolutionary edge banding technology employs eco-friendly adhesive and produces the most water-resistant glue line possible.

Custom Project

Perfect Finished Edges Customized for Furniture Projects

Create the appearance of solid furniture or an emphasized pattern by harmonizing the color, texture, and degree of shine of the decorative board and border. Maxave’s extensive selection of complementary and contrasting PVC edging provides inventive options for all design projects.

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Most Compete Patterns with In-house Molds

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Extreme Color Consistency in Different Thickness

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Short Lead Time & Urgent Order Available

Custom PVC Edge Banding for Your Furniture Projects!

Talk to an OEM/ODM Specialist

Expert Bracket Design

We are quick to embrace innovation, and actively seek to develop new systems and processes that will allow us to improve our products and give added value to our customers. Our expertise allows us to put new ideas into practice quickly and efficiently, finding creative, innovative approaches to tackle fresh applications in a wide variety of sectors.

Proven Quality

At Maxave, we place an unrivalled focus on producing quality linear and telescopic slides. Our factory is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standard, meeting the international requirements for quality management systems.

Manufacturing Expertise

Our talented engineers are able to work within various sectors, using their in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing process to create world-class ball bearing slides. We are able to fully integrate advanced electronics and electromechanical technology into a multitude of different products, offering unrivalled functionality within each telescopic or linear drawer slide.

testimonials from clients:

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Thousands of colors and in multiple widths, thicknesses and textures.

In furniture companies, millions of feet of PVC edge banding are utilized yearly, and the volume continues to rise annually. PVC is manufactured in a vast array of colors, widths, thicknesses, and textures. To keep up with the latest products of the HPL, TFL, and Vinyl providers, the number of textures is increasing as well. The objective is to make the edge match the color, texture, and gloss level of your panel.

Maxave became China’s largest edge band manufacturer within a few years of its founding. Maxave is now well-known for its excellent quality, extensive variety, and distinctive features, as well as for offering PVC edge banding solutions to every store and carpenter. The installation of an automated rolling line boosted demand.

Maxave provides access to the whole universe of PVC. Our team has worked with several edge band designers for decades to provide you the finest quality, most inventive, and reasonably priced edge banding available on the market. In addition to what you might choose to have made, you have access to thousands of edge bands in stock via Maxave. With a simple phone call, you can become Maxave your contract manufacturer in the industry, saving you time and money by removing the need to hunt for what you want.

Maxave PVC Edge Banding can be machined on hot-melt adhesive edge banding machines and machining centers. Individual manufacturing stages such as gluing, cutting, milling, and scraper and buffing wheel machining are quite simple.

Continuous monitoring is conducted to ensure the quality of PVC edge banding. The national and international quality criteria of the marketplaces in which our clients operate are met by Maxave company.


Maxave runs through all necessary tests before shipping:


● Surface test

● Consistency in throughout thickness

● Consistency in throughout width

● Scratch test

● Solvent test

● Adhesion test

● Bonding test

● Trim line test

Maxave’s systematic approach is designed to maximize revenue for our clients. When you’re successful, we’re successful.


Extensive Experience
 – 70% of Maxave SKUs are OEM-specified solutions.


Global Program Management
– The Maxave OEM Direct staff has in-depth knowledge and experience with product development processes across a broad range of industries.

– Clients are assigned a dedicated point-of-contact for ramp-up, production,.


Low-Cost Manufacturing & Integration
– Our facilities in China provide an economic resource.


Supply Chain Management
– Our experience allows us to eliminate third-party component “pass-through”.

– We rationalize supply chain “touches” for the most efficient result.


Full Product Cycle Support
– We fabricate, procure, integrate components, and provide global distribution and management.

Change is constant. Maxve provides experienced sales and field engineering support worldwide; not to merely keep you on the leading edge of the curve, but to help you SET the curve.


Product Evolution
– Design revisions and ECO rollouts are standard operating procedure for Maxave. Add-on offerings and additional volume capacity are easily accommodated. We help anticipate and prepare for your next generation of products.


Replacement Services
– We can direct-ship to your facility or warehouse.

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