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Maxave is the leading roller slide manufacturer with 11 years in the furniture fittings industry, with clients in more than 116 countries. Our aim is to create innovation in furniture fittings as we become a one-stop-shop furniture hardware solution.

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Maxave - Smooth Sliding Drawer Slides Solution for Office and Living Spaces

Make Maxave your drawer slide supplier of choice, as we produce top-quality drawer runners suitable for any furniture design. We provide customized drawer slides for kitchen, office, and workshop use. Our top-of-the-line drawer slides are known and used in many countries because of their quality and design.

Features like soft closed and accessible open drawer slides are for aesthetics and convenience. We make fully extended drawer slides in different types of mounts depending on the specification needed by the client. Our selection of drawer system provides smooth action when opening and closing the drawers. These are also coated with a special paint that prevents rust and gives them a smooth surface for the drawer system to slide on.

Maxave is a drawer slide manufacturer aiming to produce innovative furniture hardware. We abide by strict quality control and well-established supply chains and can meet bulk orders in a fast lead time without compromising quality.

Look at the Drawer Slides We Offer

Explore the assorted drawer system selection that Maxave has in store.

Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

Reliable ball-bearing drawer slides are recommended for work and living spaces requiring durable slides, like the kitchen and garage. As a ball-bearing slides factory, we lead in the design and production of reliable drawer slides.

Roller Drawer Slides

Smooth sliding rollers with a durable powder coating protect it from scratches from regular use. Maxave is one of the best roller slide manufacturers for many home and office furniture makers.

Undermount Drawer Slides

Concealed and seamless, our under-mount drawer slides are designed with stability and the ability to support the drawer and its contents. As a drawer slide supplier, Maxave drawer slides have top-notch performance.

Side Mount Drawer Slides

Developed for easy installment and coming in various lengths and coating, these side mount drawer slides are a testament to the elevated drawer slide engineering we’ve honed over the years.

Full Extension Drawer Slides

Maxave’s bulk full extension drawer slides come in various options, from under mount to side mount. We provide custom full extension drawer slides that extend from 35 to 45 mm.

Soft Close Drawer Slides

Our bulk soft close drawer slides have a reliable dampening system to avoid noise when the drawer is being closed, leading to smoother closing and extended drawer durability.

Push-to-Open Drawer Slides

Providing added convenience and safety for home and office drawers, our line of push-to-open drawer slides has a hydraulic locking system that allows for sleek and handleless drawers

Concealed Drawer Slides

Maxave’s selections of concealed drawer runners are tailored to be compact and durable for maximum support and optimal access to drawers and cabinets. 

Double Wall Drawers

Built with taller walls than most wholesale drawer slides, our line of double wall drawers has adjustable features to make them fit diverse furniture applications.

Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

For workshops and workspaces requiring robust drawer slides, our heavy-duty drawer slide offerings can carry heavier loads with minimal stress on the runner setup, guaranteeing longer performance.

We Help Build Custom Drawer Slides

For high-quality, smooth operating drawer slides, Maxave is the brand of choice! We offer custom drawer slides for your needs, with drawer slide engineering experts glad to help you design the best drawer slide for your brand that will appeal to your customers. 

For our custom metal slide, we have a variety of materials to choose from of the finest quality, from the frame to the rollers or ball bearings. These are treated with a special coating to protect them against rust and discoloration. Our drawer slides are powder-coated in different colors for added protection and provide a smooth surface for the drawer runner.

Custom Materials

Custom Materials

Ball Bearing Drawer Slides colors

Custom Colors

custom surface treatment

Custom Surface Treatment

Benefits of Choosing Maxave for Your Drawer Slide Needs

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Innovative Drawer Slide Designs

We acknowledge the industry is constantly changing and trends evolve over the years. Innovation and growth are our keys to success, and with the help of our people, we aim not to keep up but to set the trend in the industry.

Strictest Quality Standards

Maxave provides the best drawer solutions starting with the finest raw materials from our long-standing partners in the business. Our quality control procedures ensure every component is traceable for optimum quality, with expert inspectors auditing the drawer slides at each step.

Modern Manufacturing Techniques

Operating in a LEAN manufacturing environment, Maxave commits to continuously improving and elevating our processes to offer you innovative drawer slides. In order to execute consistent production, we utilize automation processes through cutting-edge, customized equipment managed by seasoned workers.

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Premium Drawer Slides in Different Applications

Maxave offers high-end drawer slides for offices and homes. We make unique drawers specified for vehicles, offices, and living spaces for support and stability in any cabinet and storage space.

Maxave’s drawer slides have the best features in the market and are optimized to ensure consistent performance from installation. To achieve this, we practice various quality control standards, which include: 

Premium Materials

Adhering to the belief that our drawer slides are only as good as the materials we use, we thoroughly inspect our supplier base and incoming materials to validate their quality.

Salt Spray Test

Through the latest salt spray test machines, we expose the drawer slides to salt water and ensure that their corrosion and rust resistance is up to our benchmarks.

Cover All Slide Systems

As different drawer configurations require specific setups, we offer a wide assortment of slide systems that will cover the type your project needs.

For faster and more consistent production, Maxave opts for a 1 million sq. m.  in-house drawer slide factory equipped with the latest equipment and managed by expert workers. From consultation and design to manufacturing and warehousing, we employ ISO9001 standards that guarantee streamlined processes.

To accommodate the large order volumes, we go through 40 million pounds of steel and plates over 75 million sq. ft. of material annually. This material consumption, partnered with our production experience of developing over 26,000 drawer slide kits, gives you the guarantee that we can handle your orders to fulfillment on time, all the time.

The traceability of raw materials to ensure the quality and performance of the product is essential. A solid supply chain and strict screening are the keys to creating excellent furniture hardware. We work hand in hand with clients, knowing their needs and designing the hardware for production for their shops and customers.

Our drawer slides undergo tests to meet global standards and satisfy clients’ expectations. Some of our tests include cycle testing, salt spraying, and weight testing to ensure the drawer slides can perform at optimum capacity every time. The battery of the test abides by the quality requirements of international standards.

Maxave’s collection of drawer slides and other furniture hardware are found in many international brands as we partner with them for their furniture hardware solutions, from prefabricated to kits you assemble. Partnering with them gives us the experience, and we study the trends in the industry. Our well-established relationship with furniture makers gives us insight into the needs of the industry.

We aim to set trends and innovate design, and working with furniture makers as a contract manufacturer for furniture hardware gives us the edge we need and provides us with new ideas to solve some existing challenges of furniture manufacturers and independent makers.

Along with our expertise as a drawer slide manufacturer, we provide a comprehensive sourcing experience that’s catered to your specific project and branding. From consultation to customization, we listen to you and offer professional recommendations to elevate the appearance and functionality of your wholesale drawer slides. We also anticipate changes in market trends and deliver drawer slides that help you set the curve.

Additionally, we provide responsive aftersales support that takes care of your drawer slide concerns. Our sales and support team respond to inquiries within a reasonable timeframe and provides the best solutions according to your demands.

The drawer slide mechanism is two pieces of long housing unit: one attached to the drawer frame and the other at the drawer. Within each housing unit is a set of either rollers or ball bearings, the function to reduce friction by rolling against each other in a smooth horizontal action.


These types of drawer systems can be mounted under or at the side of the drawer. Runners can be with ball bearings or rollers for the sliding action and may also have some additional mechanism to dampen their speed when closing to avoid impact and noise or push to open for easy access.

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