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Maxave is the leading drawer slide manufacturer with 11 years in the furniture fittings industry, with clients in more than 116 countries. Our aim is to create innovation in furniture fittings as we become a one-stop-shop furniture hardware solution.

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Maxave - Top-Notch Drawer Slides Manufacturer in China

Make Maxave your drawer slide supplier of choice, as we produce top-quality drawer runners suitable for any furniture design. We provide custom drawer slides for kitchen, office, and workshop use. Our top-of-the-line drawer slides are known and used in many countries because of their quality and design.


Features like soft closed and accessible open drawer slides are for aesthetics and convenience. We make fully extended drawer slides in different types of mounts depending on the specification needed by the client. Our selection of drawer system provides smooth action when opening and closing the drawers. These are also coated with a special paint that prevents rust and gives them a smooth surface for the drawer system to slide on.


Maxave is one of the leading drawer slide companies in the world, aiming to produce innovative furniture hardware. We abide by strict quality control and well-established supply chains and can meet bulk orders in a fast lead time without compromising quality.

Look At Maxave Drawer Slides, Runners, and Glides

Explore the assorted drawer system selection that Maxave has in store.

Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

Reliable ball-bearing drawer slides are recommended for work and living spaces requiring durable slides, like the kitchen and garage. As a ball-bearing slides factory, we lead in the design and production of reliable drawer slides.

Roller Drawer Slides

Smooth sliding rollers with a durable powder coating protect it from scratches from regular use. Maxave is one of the best roller slide manufacturers for many home and office furniture makers.

Undermount Drawer Slides

Concealed and seamless, our under-mount drawer slides are designed with stability and the ability to support the drawer and its contents. As a drawer slide supplier, Maxave drawer slides have top-notch performance.

Side Mount Drawer Slides

Developed for easy installment and coming in various lengths and coating, these side mount drawer slides are a testament to the elevated drawer slide engineering we’ve honed over the years.

Full Extension Drawer Slides

Maxave’s bulk full extension drawer slides come in various options, from under mount to side mount. We provide custom full extension drawer slides that extend from 35 to 45 mm.

Soft Close Drawer Slides

Our bulk soft close drawer slides have a reliable dampening system to avoid noise when the drawer is being closed, leading to smoother closing and extended drawer durability.

Push-to-Open Drawer Slides

Providing added convenience and safety for home and office drawers, our line of push-to-open drawer slides has a hydraulic locking system that allows for sleek and handleless drawers

Concealed Drawer Slides

Maxave’s selections of concealed drawer runners are tailored to be compact and durable for maximum support and optimal access to drawers and cabinets. 

Double Wall Drawers

Built with taller walls than most wholesale drawer slides, our line of double wall drawers has adjustable features to make them fit diverse furniture applications.

Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

For workshops and workspaces requiring robust drawer slides, our heavy-duty drawer slide offerings can carry heavier loads with minimal stress on the runner setup, guaranteeing longer performance.

Why Maxave Drawer Slides Loved by 2000+ Brands

Over the years, Maxave has proven as a reliable drawer slide manufacturer, providing superior drawer slides used by thousands of brands worldwide. We stand out among the various manufacturers on the market.

50% more efficient galvanizing line, enabling a 200% anti-rust ability

99.2% product qualification rate, strict quality control system (AQL1.5, ISO9001, 6S)

50,000 times opening and closing (60% more than regular)

48 hours extreme long anti rusty

100% quality assurance, 100% refund for defective product (incl. freight and tax)

Delay penalty accepted for confirmed lead time

We Help Build Custom Drawer Slides

For high-quality, smooth operating drawer slides, Maxave is the brand of choice! We offer custom drawer slides for your needs, with drawer slide engineering experts glad to help you design the best drawer slide for your brand that will appeal to your customers. For our custom metal slide, we have a variety of materials to choose from of the finest quality, from the frame to the rollers or ball bearings. These are treated with a special coating to protect them against rust and discoloration. Our drawer slides are powder-coated in different colors for added protection and provide a smooth surface for the drawer runner.
Custom Materials

Custom Materials

As a one-stop custom cabinet drawer slides provider, we offer various kinds of material composition, including cold-rolled steel and stainless steel that are extremely durable and resistant to corrosion.
Ball Bearing Drawer Slides colors

Custom Colors

Choose from various color options to match your project’s intended application. The wholesale drawer slides are available in black and silver white colors, customized to enhance their aesthetics and functionality.
custom surface treatment

Custom Surface Treatment

Maxave is one of the leading drawer slide companies concerned about product’s appearance. We use an advanced anodizing process, as well as electroplating and zinc plated coating to create a perfect finishing for the drawer runners.
Installing drawer slides

Custom Load Rating

The cold-rolled steel and stainless steel drawer slides have a custom weight capacity of 30KG-220KG. This makes them capable of carrying high amounts of load effectively without malfunctioning.
side mount drawer slides in white background

Custom Sliding Extension

Our drawer glides are personalized to be either a single extension or full extension. They are designed to provide smooth action when opening and closing; no hooks or delay will be experienced.
Full extension concealed slide with fixing pin American type 11 4

Custom Installation Length

As one of the best drawer channel manufacturers, we operate with a Fitting Min Cabinet Depth. The drawer system is created to properly align according to the required standard.
3619 mounting and dimensions

Custom Mount Method

Maxave is one the versatile stainless steel slide manufacturers capable of customizing drawer rails to be side-mounted or under-mounted. They are professionally fixed to the drawers, allowing for smooth functionality.
Full extension synchronous concealed slide with handles 2

Custom Functionalities

We provide exceptional metal drawer slides that come with outstanding attributes like soft closing and push-to-open features. This contributes to the ease and satisfaction of using the drawers.

Benefits Of Choosing Maxave For Your Wholesale Drawer Slide Needs

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Global Partnership with 100+ Brands Across 150+ Nations

Choosing Maxave as your drawer slide supplier grants you access to a pool of knowledge. With our extensive capabilities and commitment, we are partners with more than 2000 brands in over 150 countries globally and have helped 300+ customers reach 200% sales growth. We will offer you professional tips for business success.

Extensive Production Capacity

Maxave integrates modern technology for more efficient production, which drops defect rate from 0.9% to 0.1%. Manufacturing 30 million drawer slider sets per year, we have an automated workshop, 40% faster assembly, and 30% higher general assessment, which makes us the perfect choice for all your drawer slides bulk orders.

100% Quality Control

Maxave is one of the few drawer system suppliers you can trust completely. At every stage of production, starting from the material selection, we implement strict quality tests to ensure that the drawer tracks are without flaw. For optimal quality assurance, we comply with ISO9001, 6S, and AQL 1.5 standards. We offer a guarantee of 100% refund for defects, including freight and tax.

Competitive Pricing and Consistent Quality

Getting a good price does not mean sacrificing quality. Having a state-of-the-art factory with an abundance of materials, we outshine other drawer slide manufacturers by offering high-grade materials at affordable prices, which reduces the overall production cost.

We also implement thorough quality inspection and control processes. With a 99% production yield rate, 85% automated workshop, 50% more efficient galvanizing line, 2 times anti-rust ability, and advanced stamping process, we can meet all orders with premium quality.

Transportation Options without Complications

We help you save on shipping cost by using tight and tidy packing to reduce 20% carton size, saving up to 35% freight cost per container.

Also, we have a Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) agreement, which assures that your drawer channel orders arrive on time without damage. And we send full recording of the container loading, including photos, videos, and required data.

Toolkits for Effective Marketing to Support Your Business

Maxave is the most dedicated among drawer slides manufacturers, providing numerous value-added services to help you achieve your business success. You will get exquisite packaging designs from our talented designers, as well as promotion sample support at no extra cost.

Other benefits to enjoy include effective marketing toolkits like product selling points, product drawings, product HD pictures and videos, catalogs, promotional gifts, and many more.

testimonials from clients:

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Premium Drawer Slides in Different Applications

Maxave offers high-end drawer slides for offices and homes. We make unique drawers specified for vehicles, offices, and living spaces for support and stability in any cabinet and storage space.

Who We Are

Your Drawer Slide Supplier and Sales Specialist

quality inspection

Get to Know Maxave:
Your Reliable Drawer Slides Manufacturer

Established in 2011 with the goal to transform the furniture industry with excellence, Maxave is a leading drawer slide manufacturer that provides businesses with quality furniture hardware solutions. Having a team of expert designers, engineers, and inspectors, with a fully-equipped manufacturing factory, we have the capacity to handle all kinds of projects.


Utilizing modern technology in our production, our products, including office, bedroom, and kitchen drawer slides are designed with consistent excellence and unmatched quality.


One-stop Drawer Slides Factory

To maintain our elevated standards as one of top-rated stainless steel slide suppliers, we make use of high-grade raw materials that support quality production. Operating with strict quality control, we do not compromise the quality of raw materials used.


Carrying out all our production processes in-house, we conduct quality tests at every stage and use automated assembly techniques with sophisticated finishes.

drawer slide production
salt spray test of slides and hinges

Unmatched Quality Drawer Slides

Above everything, Maxave is deeply concerned about quality. We are a committed drawer slide manufacturer with an ISO9001-certified facility with 6S quality control system and AQL 1.5 inspection protocols to ensure that each drawer slide that leaves our factory performs more than expected.


To also achieve premium production, we have a professional testing laboratory with 30 different equipment that are used to perform more than 100 functions for accurate testing results.


What is a Drawer Slide

This is a furniture hardware that allows a drawer to move in and out of a piece of furniture. It consists of a mechanism that is attached to the drawer and a track that is attached to the furniture. When the drawer is pulled out, the slide mechanism rolls or glides along the track, allowing the drawer to move smoothly. They are an essential part of furniture that has drawers, like cabinets, desks, dressers, etc.

What Are Different Types of Furniture Hinges

The types of drawer slides are sorted into different categories, which consist of mounting, extension, and functionality.

Mounting Method

There are 4 types of drawer slides based on the mounting method. They include:

• Side-mount drawer slides

Attached horizontally to the drawer and cabinet body. They can be used for different functions as they are durable and have the capacity of holding a lot of weight. They can be used for kitchen cabinets, toolboxes, and other cabinets for heavy items.

• Top-mount drawer slides

Attached to the upper side parts of the drawer. They are visible when the drawer is open and can limit the amount of space available inside the drawer. They are cheaper than under-mount slides and are best used for furniture where function is more important than appearance, such as garage cabinets or workshop drawers.

• Under-mount drawer slides

Attached to the locking parts fixed under the drawer and to the sides of the cabinet. They are hidden from view, which gives a cleaner look to the furniture. Under-mount drawer slides are best used in modern, high-end cabinetry, where the aesthetics of the drawer is important.

• Center-mount drawer slides

Attached to the bottom center of the drawer and to the center of the cabinet. They allow the drawer to be opened from either side. However, they can limit the amount of weight the drawer can carry and are best used for furniture where the drawer needs to be assessed from either sides, like a desk or vanity.

Extension Method

There are 3 drawer slide extensions. They include:

• 3/4 extension drawer slides

Allows the drawer to be pulled out 3/4 of its total length, leaving back 1/4 of the drawer inside the cabinet. These slides are best used for furniture where the contents of the back of the drawer are not frequently accessed, such as in a pantry or linen closet.

• Full extension drawer slides

Allows the drawer to be pulled out at its complete length, making it easy to access the entire contents inside. These slides are best used in furniture where maximum accessibility and functionality are needed, such as in kitchen cabinets, office cabinets, dressers.

• Over travel extension drawer slides

Allows the drawer to be pulled out beyond its full extension, giving access to the very back of the drawer. These slides are best used in furniture where the contents of the backs of the drawer are frequently accessed, such as in a filing cabinet or tool chest.

Function Method

There are 3 drawer slides based on the function performed. They include:

• Self-close drawer slides

Automatically closes the drawer when it’s pushed in the final few inches. When pressed too softly, the drawer remains slightly opened, and when pushed too firmly, it bounces back.

• Soft-close drawer slides

Slows down the closing speed of the drawer, preventing it from slamming shut. This also prevents the contents of the drawer from moving around and making noise.

• Push-to-open drawer slides

Eliminates the need for drawer pulls, which reduces visible hardware on the cabinet’s exterior. Gently pushing the drawer face allows a spring system to open the drawer wide to reach inside of the drawer.

Industrial Drawer Slides

• Heavy duty drawer slides

Supports more weight than a standard slide; have a load capacity of up to 170 pounds. They are made from stronger materials and have a thicker construction, resulting in better durability.

How do Drawer Slides Work

Drawer slides are designed to allow a drawer to smoothly and easily slide in and out of a cabinet or piece of furniture. They typically consist of two parts: the slide mechanism itself, which can be mounted to different parts of the drawer (side, under, top, or center), and the corresponding track or channel that is mounted inside the drawer.

When the drawer is pulled out, the slide mechanism rolls or glides along the track, allowing the drawer to slide out. When the drawer is pushed back in, the slide mechanism rolls back into the corresponding track, and the drawer is securely closed.

How to Measure Drawer Slides

As one of the reputable drawer slide suppliers, we’ve provided the steps to follow for proper drawer slide measurement.

How to Install Drawer Slides

Installing drawer slides can be a relatively simple process, but it does require some careful measurements and attention to detail. Here are the basic steps to follow:

1. Measure and mark the placement of the slides: Measure and mark the locations where the slides will be mounted on both the drawer and the furniture frame. Make sure that the slides are level and evenly spaced.
2. Install the slides on the furniture frame: Attach the stationary part of the slides to the cabinet or furniture frame using screws. Make sure that the slides are level and evenly spaced, and that they are securely fastened to the frame.

3. Install the slides on the drawer: Attach the moving part of the slides to the drawer using screws. Make sure that the slides are level and evenly spaced, and that they are securely fastened to the drawer.

4. Test the fit of the drawer: Slide the drawer into the cabinet or furniture frame, making sure that it moves smoothly and fits snugly. Adjust the slides if necessary to ensure a smooth, secure fit.

How to Choose Drawer Slides

As one of the leading drawer slides suppliers, we’ve provided some guidelines to consider for choosing the right drawer slides for your project:

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