Amongst the soft close drawer slides manufacturers in the market today, Maxave is the top brand in quality, consistency, and pricing. Our broad selection of bulk soft-close drawer slides implements a smooth linear motion with a damping mechanism for soft closing.

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Maxave - Leading Manufacturer Of Soft Close Drawer Slides

When you are looking for a premium quality soft close drawer slide solution, trust Maxave to deliver. We produce top-of-the-line soft close drawer slides that guarantee superior support and smooth linear action. Our drawer slides are designed with a dampening system preventing the drawer from colliding with the furniture and reducing the noise of closing it.

The soft close drawer glides from Maxave are manufactured with top-grade steels sourced from well-vetted suppliers and anodized coating for enhanced durability. Combined with our strict quality control standards and lean manufacturing principles, our drawer slide solutions are on top of the market.

Maxave is China’s leading soft close drawer slide manufacturer, providing the industry’s best soft close drawer slides for over 15 years. We specialize in fulfilling the global demand for furniture hardware solutions with the application of modern sensibilities and wholesale production for furniture makers and suppliers.

What Are The Other Options that Maxave offers?

We offer a variety of soft close drawer slides ideal for home, office, and industrial furniture cabinet projects.

Features & Benefits

The Best Features Of Our Soft Close Drawer Slides

What makes the soft close drawer runners from Maxave a cut above the rest? Here are some key points that elevate our drawer slide solutions to the next level:


Softer Movement

Allows the drawer to close smoothly without noise and lasts longer.


Premium Materials

Used to ensure the excellent quality and durability of the product.


Surface Treatment

Is done to prepare the metal surface for printing and coating.


Intensive Salt Spray Testing

Is done to check the corrosion resistance of coatings.


50000 Times Cycle Tested

conducted on the soft close drawer slides to check their stability, reliability, and performance.

Get Your Custom Soft Close Drawer Slides

Maxave offers a wide variety of furniture hardware products. We offer custom bulk soft close drawer slides that highlight the business of furniture manufacturers and hardware stores by providing high-quality products. Options vary on the customer’s needs and specifications like color, materials, and designs.


  • Our seasoned experts work hand in hand with our clients and provide professional inputs and still give value to customers’ opinions and specifications.
  • An established supply chain and strict quality control ensure we provide the best products.
  • Custom colors enable clients to be supplied with the best soft close drawer slides matching their furniture projects with a special anodized coating.
Custom Materials

Custom Materials

Ball Bearing Drawer Slides colors

Custom Colors

custom surface treatment

Custom Surface Treatment

Benefits Of Our Products To Your Business

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Innovative Designs

As a trusted soft close drawer slides manufacturer, we commit to developing innovative solutions with cutting-edge designs. Maxave’s seasoned professional designers regularly check industry trends and combine them with our current product lines to raise the bar in drawer slide manufacturing.

Intelligent Production

All Maxave facilities employ a series of automation and lean manufacturing processes to maintain high production levels. Utilizing automated production lines with tailor-made equipment and an optimized working environment, we ensure that all bulk soft close drawer slides leaving our warehouse have the highest standards.

Unrivaled Quality

Maxave commits to raw material traceability and screening for every incoming material used for making our drawer slides. We also conduct a series of quality control inspections to ensure we provide the market with soft close drawer slides in bulk with the best quality that exceeds global standards and unquestionable durability.

testimonials from clients:

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Soft Close Drawer Runners In Different Applications

The smooth closing functionality and easy installation of our soft close drawer runners are perfect for various cabinet and furniture projects, whether you cater to the home, commercial, or industrial markets.

Efficiency and quality are essential in manufacturing furniture fittings like undermount soft close drawer slides, and Maxave’s in-house production ensures both. Our dedicated workers are trained and equipped with the latest equipment and techniques in making these furniture hardware solutions.


It all begins in our production facilities around China, having a total space of over 1 million sq. m. Consuming up to 75 million sq. m of steel and other materials annually, our auditing team meticulously inspects each batch and only keeps those that meet our standards. Additionally, we utilize a LEAN manufacturing principle that reduces costs and production time while maximizing output and consistency.

Maxave adheres to the strictest quality standards to establish itself as the leader in furniture hardware manufacturing. As such, we employ a series of inspections and quality benchmarks in each step of the production process based on international guidelines. 


Part of our quality control protocols include the Production Part Approval Process


(PPAP) and the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) frameworks. These steps help us ensure that all our bulk soft close drawer slides are properly measured and made according to your specifications. We also conduct tests to validate the quality benchmarks of each soft close drawer slide that leaves our facility.

With the global furniture market becoming more competitive, it’s essential to diversify your furniture offerings with bespoke drawer slides. As a leading manufacturer of bulk soft close drawer slides, we offer an assortment of contract manufacturing services that cater to OEM brands. 


Each project has a dedicated manager handling the entire process that lends extensive industry expertise to see the project to completion. We also directly source materials from well-vetted purveyors, shortening production times and reducing costs while maintaining top quality. This, along with having facilities in key locations in China, helps us practice economic manufacturing protocols.

Get invaluable support when working with Maxave as your drawer runners soft close manufacturer, from product management to customer support. 


The expert design team stays in touch with the latest and upcoming trends in the furniture hardware industry. This lets us adapt and innovate our soft close drawer slide solutions, ensuring you stay in line with the curve and set a new curve in furniture manufacturing. We can also quickly adapt to order changes, like an increase in order quantity or a change in delivery preferences. 


Partnering with Maxave also gives your invaluable assistance from our support team, responding to your concerns promptly.

The soft close feature that’s available on certain types of drawer slides. This happens when the drawer slowly closes upon itself instead of immediately closing as traditional drawers do. 

Soft closing drawer slides do this through the built-in hydraulic system found on the ends of the slides. The innovative soft close feature adds sophistication to any drawer cabinet setup.

This helps the drawer in two ways: 

  • First, it reduces the possible noise caused by the impact of sliders and cabinet parts clashing.
  • Second, it extends the service life of the cabinet as the parts don’t clash against each other.                                        

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