Our sustainable impact doesn’t stop at client work. We believe in leading by example, so we embed a deep commitment to social and environmental standards in everything we do.

Sustainability is a natural part of what we do. Maxave is committed to providing products and services that are environmentally sound throughout the entire production process and the product lifecycle. Our unconditional aim is to make sustainability a central part of our business philosophy and culture, but even more importantly is the job of integrating sustainability into your business and profit.

Are Your Ready for ZERO SEWAGE Hardware Manufacturing?

As a water-based process, anodizing uses no VOCs – there are no vehicle solvents, no carrier resins and any pigmentation used in anodizing is created by extremely small amounts of metals or dye securely locked within the hard surface. No halogenated hydrocarbons or similar toxic organics are used in anodizing.


Similar neutralization reduces most anodizing chemicals to common dissolved minerals. Most anodizing is performed without generation of hazardous waste, and in many cases aluminum-rich anodizing wastes are environmentally valuable in removing pollutants and settling solids in domestic sewage treatment processes.

Maxave water sewage system

Sustainability isn’t something we just talk to others about. Since 2011, Maxave regularly ranked as one of the best factory of no-sewage system. Maxave strives every day to reduce our environmental impact, enhance employee well-being, practice the highest levels of anodizing process.

Waste Water System Plant

Waste water system plant
Sandy Ji Quote

A Letter from Our CEO

“Sustainability has become an imperative for us all. Environmental challenges are growing while timelines for addressing them are contracting. For that reason, we will continue to embed sustainability into our overall firm strategy, our client communications and our manufacturing practices.”

Sandy Ji

Chief Executive Officer

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