World’s leading manufacturer of furniture fittings, architectural hardware as well as office furniture. With wide product portfolio presence in more than 116 countries and a history of 11 years of experience and continuous innovation, Maxave is becoming an one-stop furniture hardware supply chain.

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It’s our responsibility to offer you highest quality and economic solution in every product that we make – so that every project you’re benefit more with Maxave.

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Softer Movement in Drawer Slides

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Sturdier Furniture Fittings

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Stronger Hinges

Maxave for Furniture Hardware Business

Our significantly extended range of furniture hardware gives you everything you need to be even more successful with our products in making furniture or wholesale furniture hardware – in-depth information, latest inspiration and new design to lower down overall cost.

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Q: Why Maxave?
A: In 8 Essential Values

Our reputation for exceeding the highest quality standards in furniture hardware manufacturing (The Ultimate Guide: How to Import Furniture Hardware from China in 6 Steps) is precisely why our customers choose us, and choose to stay with us. Our first client is still our client almost one decade later because of the quality they get part after part, year after year.

With continuous improvement programs and ongoing investments in employee and management training, we are recognized by leading furniture brands, furniture hardware wholesalers and furniture designers as a company that is 100% committed to award-winning quality. Our quality commitment is not just a function of our large, well equipped Quality Control Department. It actively runs through our entire operation – from the plant floor up to senior management.

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Raw Material Control

Ranging from aluminum, maraging steel, steel and various grades of aluminum to nickel offers you an extensive portfolio of sophisticated, ready-to-run metal for high-quality furniture hardware.

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Sophisticated Finishes

Surface finishing such as plating, anodizing, painting or other treatments are offered in various products we supplied. Leading zero-waste sewage system supports sustainable production.

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Automated Assembly

Assembly production line developed by ourselves – from simple, standalone PVC banding binding machines to fully automated assembly line, we have the knowledge to improve your efficiency.

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Quality Testings

Our quality control department has been established to share info on quality, standardized quality-related documents, and provide quality training to our supply chain.

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