Maxave has a wealth of experience in designing our bespoke automated assembly lines/bespoke assembly automation systems to lower down overall cost.

We’re a furniture hardware company that have our own designed packaging machines. With nearly 10 years’ experience in furniture hardware, we know the breakpoint of assembly improvement. Our automated bespoke assembly solution is designed to provide the best method for reducing labor costs and increasing productivity.

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Automatic Assembly in Furniture Hardware Production

Maxave assembly machines are a cost-effective solution for complex hardware produced in small quantities. Available in such as PVC banding winding, assembly of soft-close hinges, and drawer slides, our production line makes use of assembly bench to perform.

Key Benefits to Your Business

Automatic Winding of PVC Edge Banding

During PVC banding manufacturing, the drive motor of our machine drives the reel to rotate through the rotating shaft, so that the sealing edge can be quickly wound on the reel.


Through the matching design of the rotating shaft and the hole, the reel can be quickly replaced, which greatly improves the winding efficiency. The cooperating design of the first guide wheel and the second guide wheel compresses and rolls the PVC edge banding tightly, avoiding the problem of the edge band being loosened when the edge band is wound.

Automatic Winding Of PVC Edge Banding
Automatic Assembly of Furniture Hinges 1

Automatic Assembly of Furniture Hinges

The assembly production lines of hinges use multiple sets of high-precision photoelectric sensing systems to monitor the assembly of the automation. We add our production experience on customized parts to improve the process – one-stop process to solve partial assembly, finial assembly and transportation.


This flexible assembly of hinges allows us to realize large-scale production tasks, or small quantity production needs.

Automatic Assembly of Slide Runners

Maxave’s automatic assembly machines for slide runners feautre PLC control system. The middle rail and outer rail are assembled with steel balls, which changes the original manual assembly method, thereby increasing the speed of assembly and reducing labor.


Assembly and oil filling can be completed at one time, with high safety and reliability.

Some details:
Automatic Assembly of Slide Runners 1

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