We believe that corporate social responsibility delivers added value to our clients, employees, business partners and the communities in which we live and operate.

Responsibility in A System

At Maxave, the principles of corporate social responsibility go beyond legal compliance and philanthropy. They are embedded in our furniture hardware business to attract the best talent, better partner with clients, and achieve growth and profitability through diversity of thought.

Our leadership in corporate social responsibility excellence is driven by a bold and influential approach that encompasses clients, our company, our team and our supply chain.

Maxave responsibility model
Maxave water cleaning system

Sustainable Environment

We leverage our company’s unique insights and capabilities to create a more just and sustainable environment, countering the adverse effects of climate change and supporting a zero-sewage economy.

The process of anodizing with a sulfuric acid bath produces two byproducts: degraded sulfuric acid and aluminum hydroxide. Maxave has strict standards for the highest allowable aluminum concentration level upon disposal; degraded sulfuric acid must also be neutralized before disposal to a ph of between six and eight.

Using People Power for Good

Our people are the foundation of everything we do. Their talent and skills produce the world-class services, insights and products our clients rely on. And their passion and commitment are central elements of our culture.

We are committed to creating opportunities for our people to apply their time, talent and expertise in support of local communities. People at Maxave are under professional skills training and experience in areas including furniture hardware engineering and design to have a greater impact in the clients’ projects.

Maxave testing workers
Maxave testing team


70% women employees

women workers in Maxave

Women power is a key part of our company. Supported, valued, and respected – women members feel good about the way we work.


Our Communities

We empower community organizations to accelerate positive social change by leveraging our unique expertise and resources. This year, Maxave’s factories and together it’s partnered supply chains contribute over 1,000 jobs to local communities in Jieyang, by investing in new furniture categories and craftsmanship.

We continue to support our beloved people, invest in technolgy, support labor efforts and uphold the highest ethical standards throughout all our global operations.

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