Maxave is China’s leading furniture leg supplier, supplying custom furniture fixtures for major furniture brands and hardware stores. We are known for our quality products and unique designs. We strive to innovate to provide modern furniture fixtures in homes and offices.

TV cabinet legs

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Maxave - High-Quality Cabinet Legs

Maxave’s facility houses modern equipment, and well-trained people aim to provide the best quality china cabinet legs made with the finest stainless steel, ensuring durability and rust resistance. Our experts assist in designing cabinet legs to ensure quality with a custom look per the client’s specifications.


We produce customizable cabinet legs for furniture suppliers and hardware stores and handle the design, material procurement, sampling, production, and delivery of the product. We offer custom surface treatment and special coating as protection from rust and corrosion.


Maxave is one of the leading furniture fixture manufacturers that produce excellent china cabinet feet and offers services that assist our clients in creating unique furniture fixture that aims to set trends in the furniture industry with efficiency and modern production methods.

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Look at our comprehensive collection of cabinet legs to choose from and draw inspiration for a unique custom furniture fixture.

Features & Benefits

Experience Partnering with Us!

Make Maxave your brand for cabinet legs solution and reap the advantages we bring to your business. We house state-of-the-art equipment and well-trained people producing top-notch furniture fixtures in our facility. Here are some benefits we offer.


Premium Materials

From a supply chain of the best suppliers of raw materials, we select the best materials for the products we produce.


Quality Control

Maxave aims to exceed global standards and meet client expectations. Every product undergoes several quality control tests to ensure performance.


Easy to Install

We keep this in mind when designing furniture fixtures to make them easy to install for professionals, homeowners, and DIY enthusiasts.

Make Your Custom Cabinet Legs

Maxave offers custom services to our clients, providing them with vital knowledge while letting them input their creativity to create a unique and reliable product.

Custom Materials

Custom Material

With a reliable supply chain, we offer custom materials, making a unique piece for any cabinet project.

custom furniture legs colors

Custom Colors and Stylish Designs

Our well-seasoned experts are glad to share their experience and insight in designing a custom cabinet leg. We have a wide selection of cabinet leg designs and colors to choose from and provide a reference for a custom piece.

furniture leg finishing

Surface Treatment

Maxave provides a metal anodizing process that gives a professional finish and protection against corrosion, an excellent investment to ensure the reliability of the cabinet legs.

What Is in It for You?

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We respond to the call for innovation in the furniture fixture industry by studying the trends to anticipate the change and set the trends for tomorrow. We do this by inspiring creativity in our staff and clients for new ideas that will define the industry's future.

Smart Manufacturing

With modern production methods and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure efficiency and precision in every piece without compromising quality. We do this with a fast lead time to deliver the product on time and in excellent condition.


With modern production methods and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure efficiency and precision in every piece without compromising quality. We do this with a fast lead time to deliver the product on time and in excellent condition.

Our facility houses dedicated workers and the latest equipment producing high-performance cabinet legs for office and home furniture. As one of the best furniture leg suppliers, we ensure excellent working conditions for our people to ensure they are on top performance, assuring precision and quality.

Our in-house manufacturing enables us to reduce cost and fully control the style and quality of the product to ensure every piece meets the client’s expectations without compromising quality and to deliver products fast.

Quality is our priority, with our material traceability and rigorous quality control ensuring the products exceed global standards, ensuring that the cabinet legs we bring to your store are of the highest quality and delivered on time.

We consistently maintain our high standards for our customers and are willing to go the extra mile to deliver the best furniture fixture in the industry. Our services ensure that our standards are met in every custom and regular order.

We specialize in PPAP and APQP frameworks, with the best management system to ensure Maxave is known for quality furniture fixtures in the industry.

Our systematic approach in manufacturing furniture legs is due to our experience and to meet international standards. We aim our product development for innovations leading to efficiency and quality.

With a well-established supply chain of over 100 suppliers and factories, we offer a wide range of diverse products and variants. We keep a high standard for regular and custom orders no matter the bulk size and assure them we deliver them on time.


Embracing diversity and innovations, Maxave leaps forward to tomorrow with advanced solutions that make worldwide distribution and sustainability possible.

Maxave goes the extra mile to provide the total customer experience. Our customer support includes sales, design revisions, and after-sales care. We also keep our clients in the loop for new ideas and industry trends. We will be our partner in your vision for your business.


Our support also anticipates an increase in orders, and it is easy to request any additional orders as we have total control over them. We will continue to assist you and provide you with the necessary knowledge and service to put you on the cutting edge of the industry.

Metal cabinet legs are known for their durability and come in various shapes. Since man harnessed fire, metals like iron have been the symbol of strength. 

Compared to wood, it can support more weight and is easy to form with less waste as it can be cast or hammered to shape without shaving or chipping away pieces like wood. It is more tolerant of the elements like heat and moisture.

Compared to plastic, it is more durable and last longer. Many homeowners and DIY enthusiast improve their furniture with metal legs for a classier look and reliable footing for cabinets.

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