Maxave makes heavy duty industrial drawer slides that can hold up large volumes of weight, from power tools to heavy objects that exceed 100 kg or more. Heavy-duty slides are used for workshops, custom vehicles for rescue, and recreations like camping.

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Maxave - Durable Heavy-Duty Slides for Superior Weight Support

Make Maxave the solution for sturdy heavy duty drawer rails for workplaces, garages, and custom vehicles. Our heavy duty industrial drawer slides have a robust design that supports drawer and heavy load while retaining their smooth sliding action. We design heavy-duty slide rails for factories, custom vans, industrial workshops, and any furniture that houses heavy objects.

Our heavy duty sliders are robust and custom-made to handle a large load, providing support and maintaining their sliding action for easy access. Our industrial drawer slides are made from the finest stainless steel and with a special coating for protection against rust and corrosion.

Maxave is the leading manufacturer of heavy duty industrial drawer slides used in factories, vehicles for medical emergencies, and recreation. Anywhere that requires a smooth horizontal action for accessibility, our industrial drawer slide can provide sturdy support, a lock system for stability, and smooth sliding action for drawers that contains heavy things.

Dependable Heavy-Duty Drawer Slides

We offer a wide range of heavy duty drawer slide designs used in many industries and supply many factories and custom shops.

Features & Benefits

Features of Our Heavy-Duty Slides

Maxave industrial drawer slides have key features that make them the best in quality and design. Our products are made and undergo a battery of tests to ensure high performance.

Some of these include:


Premium Materials

We only use the best materials suitable to our client's demands.


Surface Treatment

Every product is protected with a special coating against corrosion and discoloration.


Salt Spray Treatment

The salt spray test checks the tolerance of our drawer slides to harsh environments and ensures its metal parts are rust-proof.


High Loading Capacity

Our heavy-duty telescopic slides can support a 220 kg load and retain horizontal action.


Easy to install

Our heavy-duty sliding rail system installation is easy and requires only standard tools like screwdrivers.

Custom Heavy-Duty Drawer Slide Built for Vans and Workspaces

Maxave offers custom options for a heavy duty sliding rail system for outdoor trucks, medical transport, and industrial factories. Our seasoned specialist assists in finding the best design for specified use by our client. With our extensive experience in making heavy duty sliding rails, we can find the best sliding rail system solution.


We have custom options from high-quality materials like the tough Q195/Q235 Cold Rolled Steel, And Stainless Steel 201/304/316 supplied by our trusted suppliers. You can select the color of the drawer slides, whether bare metal or any color to blend to the furniture or van, surface treated for protection.

Custom Materials

Custom Materials

Ball Bearing Drawer Slides colors

Custom Colors

custom surface treatment

Custom Surface Treatment

Benefits of Choosing Maxave

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High-Quality Materials

Our material control procedure ensures product quality and performance through effective raw material traceability. Maxave has well-established relationships with the best suppliers who understand what we require for quality materials.

Intelligent Production

Maxave produces industrial drawer slides with modern machinery and dedicated people. The maintenance of the machinery and extended training of the workers are monitored for quality. Maxave is one of China's top furniture hardware manufacturers with the best equipment and dedicated people.

Unique Designs

Our experts think of ways to balance new ideas and tried and tested ones to design furniture hardware that sets trends in the industry. We choose our designs in response to the needs of the market.

testimonials from clients:

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Heavy Duty Slide Rails in Different Applications

The telescopic movement of our ball-bearing runners can be applied to wooden drawers in bedrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. These slides are also utilized in offices, workshops, retail stores, and garage furniture. 

Maxave ensures quality in our in-house manufacturing, from fabrication to assembly, which is fully automated and monitored by experienced people to ensure quality. A yearly consumption of 40 tons of steel and plating 75 million square feet of materials requires efficiency and diligent observation to avoid waste. 


Efficiency is improved with continuous updates in production equipment and methods. Our dedicated workers are equipped with the best and latest machines to aid them in making the finest industrial drawer slides in the industry, with the quality known to exceed global standards. With our in-house manufacturing, we deliver high-performance products with speed and efficiency.

Our goal is to provide the best heavy-duty sliding rail systems that exceed our client’s expectations. With an advanced production process, we deliver high-quality products no matter how large the order is. 

Our modern manufacturing methods ensure the quality of our heavy-duty drawer slide with specialization on the Production Part Approval Process and Advance Product Planning frameworks, so our final products are second to none. 

Dependable and robust, our custom heavy-duty sliding rails are made with quality and practicality in mind. We work with our clients to produce heavy-duty sliding rail systems of their specifications and design without compromising our quality standards.

With our vast range of experience, most SKUs we encounter are resolved through OEM-specified. With our in-house manufacturing in China and supply chain management, we eliminate third-party components to ensure every part is high-performance and the best in quality at a low cost.


Our OEM staffs are knowledgeable and seasoned in product development and the industry. Every client has an assigned point-of-contact that assists them in the process from design, sampling, and production to EOL of the project. With our business practices in contract manufacturing, we strategically approach every project to maximize client revenue.

We aim to provide a holistic client experience from designing the product, production, delivery, and, most important, the after-sale. Maxave provides a broad rand of sales and engineering support globally. 


Besides the standard procedure like design revision and ECO rollouts, we offer add-ons and additional volume capacity to prepare clients for large orders, field replacement service, and direct shipping to the client’s factory or warehouse.

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