The desk legs from Maxave have reliable stability to support tabletops effortlessly. Our extensive selection of custom metal table legs is the perfect finishing touch for various types of surface furniture.

home office desk legs

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Maxave -Robust and Dependable Desk Legs

The wholesale metal desk legs from Maxave significantly influence a tabletop’s capabilities, style, and efficiency. They are also made functional and versatile for various applications without losing design.


Our selection of sofa legs provides premium qualities, including level desk legs and durability, which are ideal for convenience and beauty. The metal desk legs we provide are resistant to dings and scrapes from regular use. Additionally, the desk legs from Maxave have a unique paint finish that shields them from corrosion and provides a smooth surface without sacrificing quality.


Leave it to us to provide your wholesale metal desk legs needs, thanks to decades of industry experience and thousands of completed furniture hardware kits. Thousands of finished furniture hardware kits and decades of industry knowledge enable us to meet your industry demands. Our primary goal is to provide top-notch products at competitive prices with the timely shipment.

Explore Our Selection of Desk Legs

See how our expansive line of desk legs wholesale can fit into your desk projects.

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits of Our Metal Desk Legs

Maxave strives to provide the best metal desk legs in value, usability, and quality. To satisfy the demands of your business, we provide a range of options on our custom desk legs. Being the industry pioneer displays how forward-thinking we are in blending form and function.


Various mediums

Innovative design and various materials make the bespoke adjustable sofa legs suitable for any project or sector.


Premium Materials

We guarantee top-notch raw materials, such as stainless steel 201/304/316 and cold-rolled steel Q195/Q235, to ensure the greatest degree of client satisfaction.


Surface Treatment

To increase the protection and quality of furniture hardware, we employ anodizing treatment. This adds an additional layer to lessen the impact of scratches over time.


Stylish Designs

Aim for accuracy in all designs and mechanisms for desk legs for optimum usability and effect.


50000 Times Cycle Tested

Premium materials provide durability with long-lasting benefits. The wear and tear test guarantees that it satisfies the requirements of different sectors.


Easy to Install

Our China metal desk legs are quick and straightforward to install.

Customizable Metal Desk Legs

Discover Maxave’s creative ideas for numerous items to get the best custom desk legs. When we blend utility with design, we can make your idea a reality.

Custom Materials

Custom Materials

Choose material from our inventory, such as stainless steel or aluminum, among many others. We use the best materials to produce high-quality goods at costs that are affordable for your budget.

custom furniture legs colors

Custom Colors

Our custom couch legs will give the completed product life and brightness with distinct colors. We have an assortment of Pantone colors that perfectly match your furniture project.

furniture leg finishing

Custom Surface Treatment

Provide different finishes appropriate for everyday usage and corrosion avoidance through custom surface treatment.

Benefits To Your Business

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Innovative Products

As the leading furniture leg supplier, we welcome innovation in all our designs and aim for a pleasing blend of functionality. When creating desk leg that sets industry trends, our top specialists think about how to combine innovative and time-tested ideas. In response to market demands, we developed our designs.

High-Quality Materials

We guarantee product quality and effectiveness through our inventory control system by having superior raw material traceability. Furthermore, every custom desk legs we produce is built with quality in mind. Our team follows stringent Quality Control and maintains standards in all aspects of the manufacturing process and a comprehensive Quality Assurance program.

Quick and Efficient Manufacturing

Maxave uses cutting-edge technology and automated production lines to produce custom metal desk legs efficiently. Additionally, we employ an established streamlined manufacturing process that reduces unnecessary steps while ensuring top results at all times.

Maxave upholds quality in every stage of our in-house manufacturing, from fabrication to assembly, which is fully automated and supervised by qualified staff. Efficiency and careful inspection are required to minimize waste due to the yearly consumption of 40 tons of steel and plating 75 million square feet of materials.

Ongoing modifications increase efficiency in making custom metal desk legs. Our dedicated workers are provided with modern equipment to help them produce the best commercial bulk china cabinet feet on the market, with quality that surpasses international requirements. Due to our in-house production, we can deliver high-performance products promptly.

We aim to manufacture the best wholesale furniture legs possible while exceeding customer expectations. We manufacture high-quality goods thanks to an inventive production approach, regardless of the order quantity.


With an emphasis on the Manufacturing Part Approval Process (MPAP) and Advance Product Planning (PPAP) frameworks, our cutting-edge production processes preserve the quality of our metal desk legs and produce final items that are unmatched in quality. Our custom metal table legs are also dependable and durable, and they are created with both quality and use in mind. We work with our clients to develop movable furniture feet that satisfy their needs and aesthetic preferences while upholding our high-quality standards.

The bulk of the SKUs we deal with are handled via OEM-specified thanks to our vast expertise in the furniture hardware sector. With our manufacturing facility and supply chain management, we ensure that every product is high-performance and of the best quality at an affordable price.

Our OEM staff members are knowledgeable about the custom desk legs market and product development. Every client is assigned a point of contact who assists them from project conception through project execution, including design, sample, and production. We proactively manage each project using our contract manufacturing business techniques to maximize client revenue.

We work hard to provide a complete customer experience that covers product design, production, shipping, and—most critically—after-sales care. Maxave provides a variety of sales and technical support services globally for our custom metal desk legs.

In addition to customary practices like design modification and ECO rollouts, we provide add-ons, expanded volume capacity, field maintenance services, and direct delivery to the client’s factory or warehouse to prepare clients for large orders.

The legs of a desk are one of its most distinctive aspects, and they are quick and simple to install with our china metal desk legs. Contrary to most furniture sofa leg manufacturers, we build bespoke desks by choosing the right kind of custom furniture legs for the job.


Square Desk Legs – The basic design is a set of square desk legs. These straight legs might be broad or thin. They support the furniture by giving it a clean, basic look that results in a gorgeous coffee table, bench, or dining room table that is elegant and stylish.


Any tabletop can be made to look like this by adding clean lines. They frequently end up in offices and industrial locations due to their simplicity.


Tapered Desk Legs– Desk legs that run vertically down are known as tapered desk legs. The leg gets slimmer as it gets closer to the foot of the desk.


Saber Desk Legs– Desk legs that are spread, or “saber,” have each leg cut at an angle above, causing the part to flare out from the tabletop rather than stand straight.


Marlborough Desk Legs– Legs for a Marlborough desk are typically square, straight, and unadorned.


Spider Desk Legs– Desk legs shaped like spiders are skinny and curled. They branch off a tabletop central post in groups of three or four legs.


Hairpin Desk Legs– Desk legs that resemble a hairpin and have a contemporary look are often steel-made.


Adjustable Desk Legs– This adjustable leg is perfect for use with a work desk, game table, craft desk, or shared workspace. It may add four or more inches to the height of a tabletop.

The desk is a crucial piece of furniture in a home since it stores practically all objects and is where people frequently perform their daily activities. So as much as we consider such furniture vital, picking the materials for it is also essential. Making a choice on the tabletop material for a bespoke metal table base with custom metal table legs would be challenging since it would also depend on the structure of the legs.


Additionally, metal is significantly more robust than other materials in terms of various elements, making it the most durable material. If you can take excellent care of it, it may even last a lifetime. Metal can survive practically any circumstance, unlike other materials used in businesses today, such as plastic, acrylic, glass, wood, and cloth, which are frail and readily damaged for many reasons.

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