Add a layer of sophistication and finesse to your cabinet projects with push to open drawer runners from Maxave. We’re committed to delivering innovative and unrivaled solutions to bring your brand and furniture offerings to the next level.

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Maxave - Convenient And Reliable Push to Open Slides

Maxave’s line of push to open drawer slide solutions features a pressure mechanism found on the endpoints of the slides. Calibrated accurately by our expert designers, the pressure points release the locks once triggered, allowing the drawer to open automatically even without handles. Triggering the points again locks the mechanism, closing the drawer shut.


Understanding how important these push to open drawer slide systems play in the integrity and performance of the cabinet. That’s why we employ strict quality control standards in each production step, making sure they pass international standards for a consistent push to open functionality.

As a global furniture hardware manufacturer, Maxave only uses top-class steels and parts to construct our push-to-open drawer runners. These are then coated with either powder coating or zinc plating, further improving their durability and corrosion resistance while increasing their aesthetic appeal.

Push to Open Drawer Slide Options To Choose From

Browse our selection of high-quality push to open drawer slides to see what fits your brand the most.

Features & Benefits

Features of Our Push to Open Drawer Slides

Maxave takes extra steps to guarantee the performance and consistency of our push to open drawer runners. Some of the steps we partake in include:


Softer Movement

Developed by professional designers, the pressure mechanism in our push-to-open drawer slides is properly calibrated for precise and smooth gliding.


Premium Materials

Choosing only Q195/Q235 cold rolled steel and stainless steel, our push to open drawer slides are made with the best materials from well-vetted suppliers.


50,000 Times Cycle Tested

To guarantee that they work every time, we activate the pressure mechanism of the push to open drawer slides 50,000 times.


Salt Spray Test

Depending on the use, drawer slides could be exposed to water or elements that can cause rust and corrosion. We place the push to open drawer slides in modern salt sprayers and check their resiliency against corrosion.

Custom Push to Open Drawer Slides Designed to Your Specifications

While the standard push to open soft close drawer slides work with most cabinet projects, some may require specific runner slides to enhance the aesthetics and performance of the project. Maxave addresses this concern by offering customization services to help you develop bespoke drawer slides.

Custom Materials

Material Selection

Whether you prefer galvanized or cold-pressed steel for your push to open drawer slides, we have the suitable materials to meet your order requirements.

Ball Bearing Drawer Slides colors

Custom Colors

Go with traditional black and gray colors to evoke a classic look. If you prefer a specific shade, let us know, and we’ll work with you to get it done.

custom surface treatment

Custom Surface Treatment

Enhance the durability and corrosion resistance of your push to open drawer runners with either powder coating or anodizing.

Benefits To Your Business

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Innovation guarantees sustainability and favorable responses from end users in the furniture industry. Maxave gathers industry experts and utilizes modern technology tools to develop the freshest designs based on market trends to place your brand on top of the curve.

Top Quality

Quality is a top priority for Maxave, employing strict standards from beginning to end. From meticulous material selection and supplier screening to continuous inspections on every production step, we make sure our push to open drawer slides upholds in-house and international standards of quality.


As the leading furniture hardware manufacturer in China, we know how to produce push to open drawer runners with the utmost consistency in the shortest lead time. We do this through automation, with in-house equipment customized by our team and managed by industry professionals.

testimonials from clients:

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Push to Open Drawer Runners And Their Different Applications

The versatility and reliable functionality of our push to open drawer slide solutions lend them well to a range of applications, from sleek kitchen drawers to industrial drawer cabinets for offices.

With more than 14 years of touch to open drawer slides production expertise, Maxave practices a robust manufacturing process that ensures consistent output. And this begins with our in-house manufacturing.

Spanning nearly a million square feet, our production space houses custom automated lines for bulk push to open drawer slide production at a short lead time. And to guarantee that we have enough materials to accommodate large orders, we go through 40 million pounds of steel sourced from our solid supply chain. This is complemented by our LEAN manufacturing philosophy, which meets ISO9001 standards.

Part of our commitment to the professional production of bulk push to open drawer runners is the focus on quality control. From material sourcing and design development to mass production and warehousing, we comply with established industry benchmarks and in-house quality requirements handled by seasoned auditors.


Every factory that Maxave uses around China follows two main frameworks, the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP). Partnered by our strict quality protocols, you’re guaranteed expertly-made touch to open drawer slides your brand can rely on.

As your dedicated partner to success, Maxave caters to your needs as a business, whether you’re a budding brand or an established name in the industry. We’re geared to bring out your full potential, as your success is our success.

Professional OEM Solutions

Roughly two of the three items our warehouse ships out are customized push to open drawer runners, showing that we aim to develop unique furniture hardware for your brand.

Dedicated Experts

Each client gets a specific point-of-contact expert that handles your project to completion. Having extensive industry experience, your POC knows how to improve your touch to open drawer slide projects and will continuously communicate with you to keep you in the loop.

Our goal as a furniture hardware manufacturer is to keep your business ahead of the curve. With the help of our talented sales team and helpful field engineering support, your brand will achieve this.


One of the ways we provide unrivaled assistance is by adapting the latest and upcoming market trends in making your touch to open drawer runners. We can also accommodate order volume increases, even at short lead times.


Along with these services, you can quickly reach us for any concerns or inquiries, and our responsive support team will get back to you promptly with the best solutions. 

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