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Increase profitability and quality by upgrading your anodizing process with us.

The surface finishing of furniture hardware determines the aesthetics and life of furniture itself. Those factors are enhanced due to high corrosion and wear resistance.

However strict quality requirements, product reliability and extreme cost pressure threaten its competitive edge in the furniture industries. A process upgrade could be crucial to you business’s profitability.

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We Take The Challenge of Furniture Hardware Anodizing

Increased focus on quality might mean that you spend more time and money trying to achieve the required average film thickness by adding more re-work and quality checks in production.


You may think these problems are process-related and avoid going for better rectifier technology – adding power factor correction banks, harmonic and ripple filters instead. Or indeed spend more on your rectifier maintenance. Production process plays a crucial role in the anodizing process. Upgrading from conventional anodizing pools to a more advanced anodizing systems helps us overcome any process issues and hugely improve your output.

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Leading the Anodizing Process in China

up to 20% faster

Strictly control the whole process down to mins for faster completion.

up to 300% better

That’s up to 300% better in performance due to our seal coating.

up to 30% cleaner

Double cleanning with high-pressure spray rinsing in all metal anodizing.


Anodizing gives many designs and lengthy color charts and minimises or eliminates color variations. Unlike other processes, our anodizing allows metal to maintain its natural metallic lustre.


Anodizing have extreme long durability and offer heavy cost saving through maintenance and supervising. Anodizing furniture hardware makes a surface three times stronger than standard one.

features of hinges


With exact formulation of anodizing, the electrochemical process transforms metal surfaces into a durable anodic oxide finish with excellent anti-corrosion properties.


Anodizing provides a layer of oxide to the object, which is resistant to rust. Also, it protects the surface from the possibility of peeling and flaking.

Higher Quality, More Complex Finishing at a Lower Cost

Maxave anodizing process at a glance.

anodizing process

Know More about Anodizing

Anodizing is a conversion coating process used to achieve an oxidized surface finish on furniture hardware. It increases the thickness of the naturally occurring oxide layers on metal, enhancing the finished part’s corrosion and wear resistance. Compared to other finishing methods, the process results in a durable, long-lasting protective layer that is part of the metal rather than sitting atop its surface.

Benefits of Maxave Anodizing

When used to enhance the protective qualities of furniture hardware, the anodizing process offers several benefits, such as:

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Thinner coatings

Compared to other coating methods, the anodizing process establishes thinner coats on the surface of the substrate. This quality makes it useful for use on precision machined parts, as the coating thickness does significantly affect part size.

Higher durability

Anodized surfaces display exceptional hardness and abrasion resistance, especially when compared to paint and powder coats. Anodized material is less likely to scratch, chip, or flake, resulting in much longer service life.

Longer lasting color

As materials that undergo the dyed anodizing process display long-lasting color that is highly resistant to UV radiation and fading, they are ideal for use in outdoor applications.

Greater corrosion resistance

Anodized surfaces are highly corrosion resistant, making them particularly useful for applications regularly exposed to water, salt spray, and other corrosive substances.

Smaller environmental impact

With advanced sewage system, waste water generated from the anodizing production process is treated as clean as possible. Additionally, we use environmentally friendly chemicals.

Lower cost

The price of anodizing metals is on par with other coating processes, such as painting and powder coating. The enhanced durability of the anodized finish ensures a longer component lifetime, thereby reducing the cost of maintenance.

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