Smoothly rotate and seamlessly combine two individual furniture parts using durable furniture hinges from Maxave. Manufacture bulks of doors, windows, and cabinets with style by choosing from Maxave’s wide assortment of furniture hinges in various styles and sizes.

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Maxave - Sturdy And Thick Furniture Hinges

Attach countless doors and cabinets in no time with Maxave’s easy-to-install furniture hinges. Made from high-class steel, our furniture hinges China are solid like no other. With their carefully finished nickel plating, these furniture hinges will suit most furniture and settings. Our furniture hinges are built with a thick metallic plate to help wholesalers, brands, and importers confidently manufacture without the fear of breakage. Build furniture that closes softly and swings correctly by working with Maxave.


Having sold more than 10,000 hinges to hardware wholesalers, Maxave is a furniture hinges manufacturer with the experience, facilities, and connections to manufacture large-volume hinges for your furniture brand. With a promising lead-time reduction of 50% and a cost reduction of 20%, your business only gets furniture hinges at lower costs and of higher quality.


Combine doors and cabinets efficiently by working with Maxave. Build innovative furniture that speaks to your branding by customizing your brand’s furniture hinges and looking through Maxave’s unyielding supply of hinges now!

Types of Furniture Hinges We Offer

Having reached over 116 countries and regions, Maxave has accumulated a plethora of furniture hinges with varying materials, hinges, and surface treatments.


Regular Furniture Hinges

Regular furniture hinges have two sides. One side is attached to a cabinet door, and the other is to the cabinet frame. 

Soft Closing Hinges

Closing cabinets can be noisy. Soft-closing hinges reduce the noise and close the door slowly by using a hydraulics system that creates a vacuum to close the door quietly.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits


Premium Materials

Manufacture durable cabinets, wardrobes, and boxes by choosing Maxave’s furniture hinges made of high-class cold rolled steel for maximum durability, versatility, and flexibility. Each premium metal material is sourced from trusted top steel factories to provide products that stand the test of time.


Surface Treatment

With Maxave’s advanced anodizing process, each regular furniture hinge is carefully seal-coated to achieve a long-lasting natural metallic sheen while enhancing the durability of the hinge to help you save on prospective maintenance costs.


Cover All Hinges Types

As a global furniture hardware corporation, we seek to accompany you as you grow your furniture hardware business by providing all hinge types to cater to your ever-changing needs.


50,000 Times Cycle Tested

The cutting-edge cycle testing machine tests each furniture hinge 50,000 times under its maximum load capacity to provide only the most durable and long-lasting furniture hinge for your professional projects.


Easy to install

Simplify the manufacturing process and manufacture more furniture by choosing furniture hinges that are quick and easy to install.

Custom Furniture Hinges For Your Distinct Business Projects

To reach excellence, it is essential to build customer-centered furniture hinges that solve specific problems. Working with our OEM/ODM specialists lets you get personalized furniture hinges intricately built with your business’s long-term development in mind.

For custom-made colors and specifications, we finish with nickel plating or black nickel to enhance the corrosion resistance and hardness of the stainless steel. 

Custom Materials

Custom Materials

Different Hinges.png

Custom Surface Treatment

custom hinge designs

Custom Design

Benefits To Your Furniture Hardware Projects

Talk to an OEM/ODM Specialist


With the help of more than 100 local suppliers and factories, Maxave can manufacture innovative designs that fulfill even the most unique requests. Our diverse industry experts are responsible for conceptualizing innovative furniture hinges that exceed industry trends.


As a solutions-driven manufacturing company, Maxave minimizes waste and costs by using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment that operates 24 hours a day to cater to urgent requests. Every furniture hinge is consistently produced at the shortest lead time to cut costs and promote the continuous growth of your furniture business.


Standard Operating Procedures oversee each manufacturing step to maintain quality, reduce costs, and optimize performance to provide exceptional furniture hinges that surpass international benchmarks. Maxave only relates with preferred suppliers with an innate understanding of material requirements to uphold the quality that satisfies the global market.

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Furniture Hinges And Their Different Applications

Build collision-proof drawers that open smoothly and quietly by purchasing furniture hinges suitable for most kitchen drawers, laundry cabinets, and bathroom cupboards found in residential, industrial, and medical facilities.

Being in the industry for more than ten years, Maxave has the extensive expertise to produce top-class furniture hinges that opens quietly and closes smoothly. Having assembled more than 26,000 hinges, Maxave is ready to meet your requirements wherever you may be. 


With a factory amassing a million square feet, high-end equipment, and a well-trained workforce, Maxave regularly delivers bulk furniture hinges for over 900 brands with the help of at least 230 hardware experts. Maxave strives to boost efficiency while minimizing waste to help reduce overall costs by optimizing manufacturing operations and inspecting production processes.

Production Parts Approval Process and Advanced Product Quality Planning frameworks enable Maxave to produce high-quality furniture hinges that are loved by more than 900 innovative brands from over 116 countries and regions. Strict quality control standards are implemented to deliver only the highest-performing cabinet hinges to our business partners. Rigorous testing is enforced on each furniture hinge to provide only high-quality products that comply with industry standards consistently. 


To produce sturdy furniture hinges, Maxave is committed to supervising the production process at every step. All these are done to reduce costs and shorten lead time, from the procurement of materials to the warehousing of hinges.

Maxave prioritizes the growth of your business because your development is Maxave’s success. To optimize the growth of your business and revenue, Maxave follows the following five-point service:


OEM-Specified Solutions

Two out of three units sold in Maxave are OEM-specified solutions. 


Low-Cost Manufacturing

Located in China, our factory offers low-cost custom furniture hinge production to help you save on manufacturing expenses without sacrificing consistent, high-quality outputs.


Supply Chain Management

We partner with over 230 global hardware experts to design affordable yet innovative furniture hinges.


Competitive Support/Full Product Cycle Support

As we value your business’ growth, Maxave prioritizes reducing costs while improving quality to cater to your overall satisfaction.


Global Program Management

When you work with Maxave, you will be accompanied by insightful OEM direct staff with extensive product development skills to help you develop the furniture hinges that best match your brand’s requirements. 

Maxave constantly seeks new ways to improve its furniture hinge manufacturing process to further your brand’s visions and goals in the lowest possible lead time and production cost. With our worldwide sales support, Maxave is always ready to translate your needs and requirements into innovative furniture hinges built in the most efficient, economical, and ecological manner. 


Our staff is always ready to cater to your design revisions and shipping concerns punctually. Stay on top of the curve and future-proof your brand by working with Maxave. Reach out to our approachable support staff to be accommodated with your product design, manufacturing, and delivery concerns.

To mount a cabinet hinge, install one side of the hinge to the door frame and the other side of the hinge to the side of the door. Door hinges are mortised to the cabinet for a close-fitted installation. This strengthens the attachment between the door and the hinge for more enduring furniture that will stand the test of time. 


To mortise, level the hinge across the surface evenly. Failing to do so will result in a flawed and dysfunctional cabinet. Slowly mortise the door hinge using a hammer and a chisel to avoid cutting into the cupboard too deeply.

The function and style of the cabinet hinges will determine the appearance and application of the cabinets and doors. With endless options available, choosing the right cabinet hinge that matches the furniture can be daunting. Here, we present the different cabinet hinges and how they can match your brand’s needs. Every cabinet hinge can differ in size and application. However, each can be categorized into two main styles: Traditional and European.
  • Traditional styles are visible. It is suited for face-framed cabinets.
  • European styles are concealed when the cabinet is closed.
  1. European hinges – Designed for frameless doors, these hinges are adjustable in two directions for easy gap adjustments.
  2. Inset hinge – Characterized by a bend in the “hinge arm,” these hinges are perfect for inset overlay doors.
  3. Partial Overlay hinge – This hinge has a slight bend in the “hinge arm,” slightly less than the bend of an inset hinge. Unlike the inset hinge, this hinge is attached further back from the edge, which partially causes the cabinet to overlay. It is perfect for partial overlay doors.
  4. Full Overlay hinge – With its completely straight arm, this hinge has an offset greater than the inset hinge and partial overlay hinge. Best used for full overlay furniture.
  5. Surface mount – Unlike the previous hinges, this hinge is entirely visible because it is attached to the outside of the frame. Mainly used for face frame cabinets, this hinge is perfect for styling the visible frames of drawers.
  6. Butt hinge – This hinge is composed of a barrel and two mounting plates, one mounted to the side of the frame and the other to the side of the door. Achieve a timeless, traditional aesthetic by installing this in your drawers.
  7. Flush hinge – Mainly used on flush surfaces, it is characterized by having one plate attached inside a cutout on the other mounting plate. Unlike a butt hinge, flush hinges are slimmer and take up less space.
  8. Semi-concealed hinge – This is a hinge composed of a visible frame wing and a hidden door wing. Suitable for overlay doors and face frame cabinets.
  9. Wrap around – This hinge is similar to the semi-concealed hinge but has added support. It has a partial extra wrap feature attached to the edge of the frame. Replace the semi-concealed hinge with a hinge that offers extra support by opting for this hinge.
  10. T-style hinge – Common for sheds and barn doors, this hinge has a vertical wing mounted to a cabinet frame and a horizontal wing mounted to the outside of the cabinet door.

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