Maxave is positioned in the global market and known as a leading manufacturer of roller slide systems. Innovation driven product development occurs through close engagement with big brands and demanding applications.

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Maxave - Reputable Roller Slides Manufacturer

Maxave roller slides allow drawers to move smoothly with minimal friction and noise. All our roller drawer slides are made from high-grade steel sheets and premium finishes, making them highly resistant to corrosion. The durable construction of our roller slides makes them capable of high dynamic load bearing and can endure 50,000 movement cycles. Our strict QC process ensures all of our furniture hardware complies with DIN EN15338, ANSI/KCMA A161.1, and other international standards. Maxave’s strict control over the quality of our roller slides can help you build a strong foundation for customer loyalty.

Maxave is a one-stop shop for any roller drawer slides, thanks to our extensive selection comes in different sizes and dimensions. Through our innovative lean production capabilities, we can offer our premium roller drawer slides at competitive prices and complete bulk orders with a short lead time. We also offer a hassle-free OEM solution on high-grade furniture hardware that will bolster your branding.

High-Grade Selection of Roller Drawer Slides

Below is a wide range of our roller drawer slides that comes in different sizes for various furniture or cabinets.

Features & Benefits

Features of Our Roller Drawer Slides


Quality Materials

All our roller drawer slides are made from high-quality materials, which include Q195/Q235 Cold Rolled and Stainless Steels, thermally treated to provide only the most durable yet sustainable roller slides for residential and commercial projects.


Softer movement

Roller drawer slides are horizontal attachments to the cabinets and drawers, ensuring smooth action when using drawer slides.


Surface Treatment

Maxave offers a wide range of special coating to avoid unwanted breakdowns and discolorations. It also has an epoxy coating available at a lower price than its competitors.


Easy to Assemble and Install

With Maxave, roller slides can be constructed easily and precisely by means of preassembled parts and accessories.

Global Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Continuous investments into state-of-the-art manufacturing and tooling technology contribute to bespoke roller slides quality. We provide the widest range of roller runners in our portfolio. Custom your roller slides with our options and R&D engineers.


No matter what customized features you’re looking for, you’re sure to find what you need at Maxave.

Custom Materials

Custom Materials

custom roller slides

Custom Surface Treatment

custom roller slide surface

Custom Length & Thickness

Custom Roller Slides For Your Furniture Hardware Projects

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Roller Drawer Slides Applications

Maxave roller drawer slides are versatile furniture and architectural hardware that can be applied to a wide range of industries such as home, retail, commercial, & industry furniture manufacturers.

The comprehensive manufacturing capabilities and expertise we possess can address single components, kits, or full drop-in assembly requirements. Below are the qualities you can expect from Maxave:


Global Capability
We can accommodate any roller drawer slides bulk order with up to 1 million sq.m of factory space.


Material Volumes
The strong supply chain we nurture lets us source up to 75 million sq.m of materials each year to ensure we can complete orders during peak seasons.


Component Fabrication and Assembly
Experienced workers utilize automated assembly lines for precision and to streamline the production of roller drawer slides.


Each factory follows a lean manufacturing principle that reduces cost while streamlining our production to cut the prices of our roller drawer slides.

As a leading roller drawer slide manufacturer, we utilize a production part approval process (PPAP) and advanced product quality planning (APQP) frameworks. The PPAP policy requires us to take real-time measurements of our furniture hardware for various tests and is a part of the APQP framework. Maxave also has an automated assembly line and seasoned workers following these frameworks.

Maxave ensures all of your roller drawer runners have your specified dimensions, sizes, and function through our quality control process and utilization of innovative production framework. You can create a strong foundation for customer loyalty and increase your business turnover with our high-grade roller drawer slides.

Maxave has an extensive background in offering OEM roller drawer slide solutions to clients that covers specific requirements. The experience we gathered over the years along with our dedicated Maxave OEM Direct staff, can find bespoke furniture hardware that suits any industry. A systematic approach to our contract manufacturing extends to various countries that extend our enriching OEM roller drawer slides to clients across the globe.

Backing our OEM service is our robust supply chain management that removes the middleman to speed up our acquisition of materials while reducing sots. We also have facilities in key parts of China that provides an economic advantage. Both of these features allow us to provide our high-grade OEM solutions on roller drawer slides at competitive prices.

By working with us, we keep you ahead of the curve with our seasoned sales and field engineering, who are constantly updated with the market demands and current trends. We have engineers who are consistently finding ways we can improve and update our roller drawer slide designs through design revisions and ECO rollouts. Maxave also offers add-on services that benefit your operations, such as direct shipping of replacement parts directly to your warehouse or facility.

Your business will be equipped with furniture hardware compatible with the next generation of customers and clients thanks to our consistent improvement of our roller drawer runners. The improved roller drawer slides let you attract new customers and tap into emerging demands in any market.

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