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Maxave’s offers a robust selection of custom made table legs that give the perfect finishing touch to different kinds of furniture. Theor sophisticated design adds a sturdy anchor to the table while effectively enhancing its overall appeal and performance. 

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Maxave - Sturdy Table Legs & Metal Desk Legs Factory

Maxave table legs and custom metal table bases significantly impact a tabletop’s capabilities, appearance, and effectiveness. As one of the leading table leg manufacturers in China, our table bases and side table legs are designed for versatility and function, for various uses, without sacrificing design.

Features like durability and level table legs are for aesthetics and convenience. We manufacture wholesale metal table legs in different types of mounts depending on the specification needed by the client. Our selection of metal table legs provides resistance to bumps and bruises from daily use. Maxave’s custom steel table legs and desk legs are coated with a special paint that prevents rust and gives them a smooth surface without compromising quality.

Maxave knows what you need in wholesale table legs, thanks to decades of industry experience and thousands of completed furniture hardware kits. We focus on delivering dependable products on time while keeping prices low to help you make more money.

Top-Class Custom Metal Table Legs

Choose from our extensive selection of bespoke table legs and table bases that fit home and office furniture applications.

Features & Benefits

Features of Our Table Legs

Maxave aspires to be the pinnacle of quality, functionality, and value. Our tailored table legs have various features to meet your company’s needs. Being the industry leader demonstrates how modern we think about the balance of function and style.


Various mediums

innovative construction makes the custom table legs applicable in every industry or project.


Premium Materials

top grade Q195/Q235 Cold Rolled Steel, And Stainless Steel 201/304/316, using steel made to last.


Surface Treatment

we use anodizing treatment to improve the protective quality of furniture hardware. This adds another layer to reduce the effect of scratches over time.


Cover all design aspects

hitting the mark on all types of table legs design and mechanisms for maximum utility and impact.


50000 Times Cycle Tested

the wear and tear test ensures that it meets the demands of various industries.


Salt Spray Test

This practical corrosion test ensures that the hardware will last in the face of various conditions such as humidity and the like.


Easy to Install

we take pride in the ease of use and assembly of our hardware.

Get Your Custom Variety of Table Legs

Explore Maxave’s original concepts on various metal table legs that allow you to create the most marketable tables. We will conceptualize and realize your vision if you combine utility and design.

Custom Materials

Custom Materials

Select a material from our catalogs, such as aluminum or stainless steel, and much more. We will fabricate by your budget by selecting appropriate materials.

custom furniture legs colors

Custom Colors

Select colors to personalize and coordinate with brand colors. This would go well with the color scheme you had planned for a specific project.

furniture leg finishing

Custom Surface Treatment

Fulfill various finishes suitable for everyday use and corrosion prevention.

Benefits To Your Furniture Business

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Balance of Function and Design

We embrace innovation and strive for a harmonious balance of functional design in all our custom-made furniture legs. Our knowledge enables us to implement new ideas beyond the ordinary, making our products exceptional and necessary in various industries.

Test and Proven Quality

Every Maxave furniture hardware product is built with quality in mind. Our team follows stringent Quality Control and maintains standards in all aspects of the manufacturing process and a comprehensive Quality Assurance program.

Pioneer in Manufacturing

Our skilled engineers can work in various industries, utilizing their extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes to create cutting-edge stainless steel table legs. We can thoroughly combine advanced electronics and electromechanical technology into multiple products, resulting in unrivaled functionality.

Maxave has a million square feet of manufacturing space for dependable production. With this at our disposal, you can be confident that we can take on any project and complete it successfully. We consume 40 million pounds of steel and process 75 million square feet of material each year as the leading manufacturing company for nearly 15 years.


We have expertly handled stainless steel table legs and will continue to do so with success and efficiency. We also value lean manufacturing principles to keep inventories to a minimum. And with our approach, we are constantly growing, learning, reflecting, and resetting to provide the best value while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

We strive to exceed all expectations by providing each client with an exceptional customer experience. Our advanced production process ensures that our team offers quality custom

steel table legs on even the most demanding projects.


Our cutting-edge facilities can be found all over China, each striving to maintain the high standards for which we have become known. We go above and beyond to ensure that quality is built into everything we do, from set designs to custom projects.


Maxave specializes in the PPAP and APQP frameworks, using industry-leading management systems to ensure unrivaled precision in the end product.

We systematically approach manufacturing to ensure that custom stainless steel table legs meet our high standards. Our team has extensive experience in product development, which is critical in various industries. We assist you at every stage of the manufacturing life cycle to ensure that strategies and processes are in sync.


We have the most diverse product offerings and variants due to over 100 suppliers in our supply chain and factories. We eliminate concerns about individual orders and can handle them in bulk. We make every effort to have your identical bids, whether industry standard or custom-built.

Maxave embraces diverse and innovative solutions that enable global distribution and management to be sustainable.

With specific changes in the accelerating present, Maxave is your guide, providing seasoned sales and field engineering support worldwide. We want you to be the industry leader and help set the right tone for your company.


We accept design revisions, your bespoke metal table legs, and any additional requests. We can certainly provide your business with the volume capacity and handle direct shipping to your location or warehouse. We will never stop assisting you and standing by your side as you forecast your next set of innovative products.

Most rooms in any project have at least one table, such as a counter table, dining room table, coffee table, bedside table, vanity, or even a child-sized play table.


The legs of a table are one of its most distinguishing features. Unlike most furniture manufacturers, we create custom-designed tables by selecting the type of metal table legs to suit the project’s needs.


Square – creates an elegant and classy beautiful coffee table, bench, or dining room table by adding clean lines to any tabletop. Because of their simplicity, they also find their way into offices and industrial workplaces.


Tapered – any type of table leg that runs vertically down. As the leg approaches the foot, it becomes thinner. 

Saber – table legs that are splayed, which means that each leg is cut at an angle above, causing the portion to flare out from the tabletop rather than standing straight.

Marlborough – commonly square and straight, with little ornamentation.

Spider – in the style of spiders are thin and curved. In a group of three or four legs, they flare off a tabletop center post.

Hairpin – has a modern appearance in the shape of a hairpin and is typically made of steel.

Adjustable – can add 4″ or more to the height of a tabletop. This adjustable leg is ideal for use with a work table, game table, craft table, or shared workstation.

For years, in all its wobbly glory, wood was the go-to material for table legs. Then metal came around and smacked it out of the ground.


If you’ve spent significant time sitting at a wooden table, you know how demanding it can be. Metal legs are not only inexpensive to purchase, but they can also last a lifetime with little maintenance.


Ensuring that the material is strong enough to withstand the elements within each project is a low-cost way to ensure durability. Maxave’s custom metal table legs are unaffected by humidity caused by heating, can be left wet without fear of rot, and can remain unchanged for years without wearing down.

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