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At Maxave, we are dedicated to creating a beautiful product experience. Our edge banding services offer various thicknesses and colors that cater specifically to you – making sure the textures, structures, and finishes match your desired laminate choice! We strive for reliability and consistency in all of our edge bandings, so you can always trust us as your NO.1 go-to edge banding company when it comes to finding sleek yet durable designs with superior quality satisfaction.

Full Range Edge Banding For sale
built for Superior Protection And Aesthetics

With Maxave’s wide selection of edge banding for sale, you can customize your furniture and express yourself with thousands of solutions. Choose from a variety of options like PVC edge banding, ABS edge banding, acrylic edge banding, and melamine edge banding. And it also comes in lots of size and color (such as white edge banding, black edge banding), or pattern (such as veneer edge banding). Not only does this improve the aesthetics but is also REACH compliant so more durable than before – no worry about cracking, moisture absorption & formaldehyde release! The formal order color is 95% match to sample colors is guaranteed too.
PVC edge banding

PVC Edge Banding

PVC edging is a top choice of edge band for furniture makers because of its durability, water-resistant and ease to clean. The material used, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), is an impact-resistant, thermally resilient, high-quality, and thermoplastic plastic. Fortunately, these bands still have the flexibility you need for intricate shapes around corners or curves!

  • High toughness
  • Fluorine-free
  • Corrosion resistant
  • UV resistant
Wood Grain PVC Edge Banding

Wood Grain PVC Edge Banding

With over 1000 sets of rolls, our embossed and smooth-surface plywood edge banding can give you the realistic or seamless texture that your wood furniture is calling for - all while saving time and costs! And with 95% matching accuracy on customizations, you'll be creating stylish edging in no time.

  • Clear and natural woodgrain texture
  • 1000+ printing rolls for multi-pattern option
  • Strong and durable
  • Realistic texture
Melamine Edge Banding

Melamine Edge Banding

With cost-efficiency, ease of use and a wealth of colors & patterns to choose from, melamine edge is an incredibly sought-after material for the world's furniture makers. Its superior durability safeguards against wear and tear, while its simple application of applying melamine edge tape, with either a PVC melamine edging machine or hot air gun makes it incredibly easy to use, making this material the perfect solution for all your furnishing needs!

  • Clear and natural woodgrain texture
  • 1000+ printing rolls for multi-pattern option
  • Strong and durable
  • Realistic texture
ABS Edge Banding​

ABS Edge Banding

For those who want to go above and beyond the normal standard, ABS edge banding tape is a more environmentally friendly option with heat resistance if compared with the traditional PVC edge bands. The softness of ABS banding makes installation a breeze and also extends the life of the cutting blade. That's why you can add on much more value and keep your projects going longer!

  • 99% Naturally Recyclable
  • Can be made into Laser Edging Tape
  • High Temperature Resistant
  • Good glossiness, same color after trimming
Multi-Color PVC Edge Banding​

Multi-Color PVC Edge Banding

Get the look you want with our range of customizable edge bandings! Choose between Solid, Matte, and Glossy finishes creating a stunning product that's as unique as it is durable. With 98% color similarity edge banded, your final piece will be an exquisite representation of both quality and craftsmanship.

  • Matt, gloss, high gloss, and embossed texture finish
  • 98% color-matching rate
  • Vivid color, high saturation level
  • Anti-yellowing
Metal Edge Banding​

Metal edge banding

With just a few careful adjustments, metallic PVC edge banding can be the secret weapon for extending furniture's lifespan while adding shiny protective armour against everyday wear and tear. A properly adjusted machine lets you trim metal edge band with precision and can help maintain the enduring look and durability for the future.

  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Easy maintenance
  • Sustainability
Acrylic Edge Banding​

Acrylic Edge Banding

PMMA PVC edge band tape has superior durability combined with scratch and heat resistance, which makes the furniture and cabinetry look great, and last a long time. It is an ideal choice for those who want a finishing touch to the furniture and easily maintain their glossy finish without much effort!

  • Scratch resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • High glossiness
  • Impact-resistant
T Molding Edge Banding​

T molding Edge banding

T moulding edge band can keep the surfaces of the furniture safe and stylish! They are designed to protect materials like wood and laminate from tear or cracking, and provide a seamless fit at the same time.

  • Ease of installation
  • High protection of the wood
  • Versatility
  • Seamless fit













China Edge Banding - How We become A Top
Edge Banding Company With Rigorous Testing

At Maxaxe, we don’t just meet standards-we aim to exceed them! We go above and beyond to make sure that our edge bandings are made from only top-notch raw materials – heavy metals and phthalates content of our china edge banding staying far under even the European Union’s REACH standards. And this doesn’t stop there: each of our edge bandings is put through rigorous pre-production quality control checks plus product testing, ensuring unparalleled consistency and quality in all of them!

Experience The Best Edge Banding With Our Top Tier Material And Unique Formula

● Take your projects to the next level with our high-grade titanium dioxide, the yellowing resistance stands strong up to grade 4 (average grade 3 for China edge banding). Also, it delivers low odor and superior base glue adhesion fit snuggly along board edges – perfect for reducing formaldehyde.


● And no need to worry about color issues happening while trimming: they keep consistent color across different thicknesses, so you get reliable results every time. Best yet, the recyclable eco-friendly ABS option is available.

edge banding
edge banding

Maxave Runs Through All Necessary Tests For Edge Band functional

At Maxave, we take quality seriously: Our PVC edge band tape is SGS certified and every batch goes through a rigorous inspection and testing process before each shipment to ensure the edge banding exceeds a 99% passing rate, giving you total confidence in their quality and reliability.

Must-do tests before every shipping:

  • Surface test
  • Consistency PVC edge banding thickness
  • Consistency throughout the width
  • Scratch test
  • Solvent test
  • Adhesion test
  • Bonding test
  • Trim line test

Consistent Colors Quality Control And Experience Expertise

Color difference management for different types of orders.

 – Color difference of the same batch: substrate inspection, more than 95% color uniformity of the substrate color of the same batch

 – Color difference of different batches: regular update of customer samples, timely update of confirmation samples.

Double inspection of raw materials before the mixing process, to ensure the consistency of ink color, and prevent varnish matte color difference.
20-year experience printing Master and professional printing machine
edge banding

Twice Productivity on edge supply edge banding, Strong at Optimizing and Upgrading

Maxave is devoted to delivering the highest quality edge banding at competitive prices. We do this by investing in advanced machinery and equipment and continuously refining our efficiency and output. Additionally, we make sure to stay ahead of market trends – releasing a new selection of roll styles every quarter for both our new and returning customers.
Melamine Edge Banding

PVC Sheet Making Machine

A large PVC sheet with uniform color can greatly reduce the color difference of the same batch of PVC edge banding.

PVC edge banding

Advanced Extruder

Cutting edges and extrusion are carried out at the same time, which makes the cutting edge chamfered and the cut neat, and increases efficiency by 40%.

ABS Edge Banding​

Hot-melt Adhesive Edge Banding Machine

PVC edge banding tape can be processed on a hot melt machine. Manufacturing stages such as gluing, cutting, milling, and polishing are simple.

Top 10% Edge bander Manufacturer, Owning the advanced PVC Sheet Making Machine

To be the reliable PVC supplier you can count on, Maxave is equipped with massive machinery and equipment, giving them an edge in delivering unbeatable quality at prices that won't break your budget.

Wide Range Of Edge Banding in China Options For Furniture Brands/Architects

At Maxave, we’ve partnered with leading designers who have over a decade of expertise in edge banding factory. This means you get access to some of the best quality and most reasonably priced edge bandings available on the market! We also make sure our catalogs always contain up-to-date trends so that customers can stay ahead when it comes to expanding their furniture markets. Make today count with Maxave’s invaluable solutions for all things PVC edge banding related!

Considerate Solution - A Complete Cost Saving Edge Banding China From Product to Delivery

Maxave, as one of the best edge banding China supplies, we know furniture fittings inside and out! Whether it’s edge banding or dependable hinges to connectors that keep things in place – you can count on us. We go the extra mile with our customers by providing low starting-up quantities, so they get the best deal while reducing shipping costs at the same time.
edge banding

No Headache Shipment Support

Our factory has edge supply edge banding, close to other furniture parts production concentrated areas, and several ports like Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. Various shipping channels and shipping terms for choosing from, and convenient to consolidate the shipping of your other products in a single container, saving your shipping cost and time.

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