Benefit your furniture hardware procurement plan with Maxave extensive range of kitchen storage solutions. Maxave provides customized production on wired baskets to suit your cabinet requirements in few weeks.

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Maxave Cabinet Wireware Pull-outs: Mass Supplies & One-stop Solution

Pull-out Modular Kitchen Baskets

Top kitchen basket manufacturer in China serving most top wired basket brands like yours.

Pull-out Modular Kitchen Baskets

Top kitchen basket manufacturer in China serving most top wired basket brands like yours.

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Made to Your Bulk Pull-out Wire Basket Order

Pull-out Storage Baskets Customized with Your Requirements

Wired storage baskets are used all over the world for storing items in cabinets. They come in different sizes, shapes and materials. There are also pull out storage baskets which are commonly found in homes and offices. Pull out storage baskets are very useful when space is tight and we need to store things like dishes, beverages, foods etc.


We at Maxave also provide ready-to-ship style information regarding the features of these products so that you can order popular items quick and easy.

Maxave pull out wired baskets

Custom Width and Height

Maxave pull out storage wired baskets

Wide Weight Capacity Range

Maxave cabinet pull out wired baskets supplier

Custom Quality Electroplating

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Pull-out Basket Solutions for...

Wondering how Maxave serves your business quick and easy? The answer is we can totally work with any business projects no matter large or small. With our owned wired basket factory, your projects can be fulfilled with high-quality stainless steel materials that maximize space and enhance the functionality of storage.

Are you looking for a qualified manufacturer of kitchen wire baskets? Are you looking for stainless steel kitchen basket manufacturer that offer various options? Perhaps you’re just interested in our company – Maxave, a hybrid manufacturer of wire baskets. Whatever your furniture hardware project requirements, starting to order from a wire basket factory benefits you in all aspects.


All Maxave wire baskets are manufactured to ISO standard 9001 and are backed by a group of kitchen basket hardware experts. We provide a full service which includes consultation, manufacturing plan, shipping and private labeling. Working with a kitchen basket factory for best prices and services.

Furniture hardware is one of the important parts of furniture. It has many functions including holding the screws, connecting the pieces together, and providing aesthetic appeal. When talking about wire baskets used in kitchen cabinets, Maxave factory starts with quality and client satisfaction.


ISO 9001:2008 certification is a standard set up by International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which was established in 1947. Maxave factory follows ISO quality standards to better meet the requirement of your markets and international standards.


Our company owns a team of quality control expert who can provide us with professional advice. They can perform testings to our clients. Besides, we have a quality testing laboratory in our factory.


With the invention of new technologies such as electroplating, we started seeing the development of modern day manufacturing techniques.


We take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality wire baskets. We always strive to maintain the highest level of quality control throughout the entire production cycle. We ensure that each piece of wired baskets produced by us is free from defects. We test each component before shipping it out. We also perform random inspections during the manufacturing process.


Our manufacturing experts have many years’ experience in the field. They know exactly what to do to get the best results. They have developed various methods and processes to improve the efficiency of our products. We have a dedicated team of wired basket engineers who constantly monitor our operations and keep track of the latest trends in the market.



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