When it comes to runners for furniture drawers and domestic appliances, product diversity from Maxave is unbeatable. For any loading capacity, the versatile ball bearing drawer slides provide the best solution for convenient, reliable drawer opening and closing for all classes of furniture appliances.

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Maxave - Leading Ball Bearing Slides Manufacturer for Your Business

Maxave ball bearing slides are designed for a telescopic movement of drawers for various furniture such as tables and cabinets. The materials and construction of each ball bearing slide make them sturdier and more durable, resulting in long service life.


We also use materials resistant to rust or corrosion to make our ball-bearing slides usable for wet environments. This type of slide can also achieve a better weight capacity for different applications, such as drawers for power tools or canned goods.


You can find an extensive range of ball-bearing slides on our sites that comes in different sizes and function. All our ball-bearing slides comply with international standards such as DIN EN15338 and ANSI/BIFMA X5.5. As a leading ball bearing slides supplier, we can fulfill bulk orders during peak periods due to our robust supply chain. In addition, each ball-bearing drawer slides have competitive prices that will fit your budget.

Premium Ball Bearing Drawer Slides & Runners

Below are our selection of high-grade China ball bearing slides for drawers, doors, and other furniture. 

Features & Benefits


China No.1 Ball Bearing Slides Factory. Durable, Reliable, Functional Ball Bearing Slides.

Ball bearing drawer slides are used for sliding drawers or cabinets. They can be made of stainless steel materials. The advantage of these slides over others is their ability to slide smoothly without binding. This makes them ideal for applications where there is frequent opening and closing of the cabinet door.


Features to suit your requirements:

● Standard extension and full–extension ball bearing slides

● Wide variety of lengths
● For frame and frameless cabinetry
● Parallel closing with minimum gap
● Smooth ride with nylon rollers

Values of Ball Bearing Slides


Quality Slides for Commercial and Furniture Applications

In order to meet the requirements of more conventional cabinetry applications, Maxave provides a variety of roller drawer slides. Maxave can handle the majority of applications with a variety of load capacity ratings ranging from a normal roller slide to a ball bearing slide, all of which guarantee the best quality product.


Passion for Quality Ball Bearing Slides Solutions and Projects

Maxave slides are made to prevent the drawer from moving to the side. Following installation, the right drawer member seamlessly integrates with the right cabinet member to provide guidance; the left side provides for the cutting tolerance of the drawer and cabinet components.


Smooth Sliding Motion to Improve Furniture Performance

Soft shut feature with a side fix ball bearing slide provides an incredibly smooth gliding motion with exceptional stability and longevity. Improved silent soft closure design with a strong damping mechanism that responds quickly and requires little opening force. High dynamic loading capacity and long product life, with 50,000 life cycles under proper installation and typical use.

Global Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

For the smoothest and quietest operating drawers take a look at Maxave’s offering of ball bearing slides. These slides ride on ball bearings that provide smooth and quiet operation. They also typically have a release that allows for easy drawer removal, which makes for easy cleaning and repair.


No matter what customized features you’re looking for, you’re sure to find what you need at Maxave.

Custom Materials

Custom Materials

Ball Bearing Drawer Slides colors

Custom Colors

custom surface treatment

Custom Surface Treatment

Benefits to Your Ball Bearing Drawer Business

Talk to an OEM/ODM Specialist

Expert Slide Design

We are quick to embrace innovation, and actively seek to develop new systems and processes that will allow us to improve our products and give added value to our customers. Our expertise allows us to put new ideas into practice quickly and efficiently, finding creative, innovative approaches to tackle fresh applications in a wide variety of sectors.

Proven Quality

At Maxave, we place an unrivalled focus on producing quality linear and telescopic slides. Our factory is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standard, meeting the international requirements for quality management systems.

Manufacturing Expertise

Our talented engineers are able to work within various sectors, using their in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing process to create world-class ball bearing slides. We are able to fully integrate advanced electronics and electromechanical technology into a multitude of different products, offering unrivalled functionality within each telescopic or linear drawer slide.

testimonials from clients:

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Ball Bearing Runners Solutions

The telescopic movement of our ball-bearing runners can be applied to wooden drawers in bedrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. These slides are also utilized in offices, workshops, retail stores, and garage furniture. 

Maxave sets the standard for ball-bearing drawer slide suppliers through our four business-building characteristics.

Global Capability
We have nearly 1 million sq.m of factory space to manufacture our ball-bearing drawer slides, allowing us to complete bulk orders with a short lead time.

Material Volumes
The mature supply chain we carefully cultivate involves purchasing more than 40 million pounds of steel and other materials. Maxave is capable of accomplishing orders during peak periods through our supply chain.

Component Fabrication and Assembly
The experience of providing high-grade furniture hardware for several years enables us to manufacture marketable and durable ball-bearing drawer slides.

Lean Manufacturing System
We follow a lean manufacturing principle that complies with global standards. This system led to streamlining the production of ball-bearing drawer slides with reduced costs.

Maxave factory utilizes advanced production processes that experienced & skillful workers operate. Each of our factories across China manufactures ball-bearing drawer slides utilizing a production part approval process (PPAP) and advanced product quality planning (APQP) frameworks. An innovative management system is also implemented to make our ball-bearing drawer slides comply with international standards.


Through our strict and advanced quality control process, the Maxave team can provide high-grade ball bearing drawer slides with reliable performances and long service life. We can exceed your expectations on premium ball-bearing drawer runners that improve your operation’s turnover and increase customer satisfaction.

The business-oriented services allow you to tap into your business’s full potential. Here are several benefits you can expect when working with us for premium ball-bearing drawer slides:

Hassle-Free OEM Solutions
About 70% of Maxave SKUs are manufactured OEM ball-bearing drawer slides, which shows how we focus on bespoke furniture hardware.

Global Program Management
Maxave works with a wide range of industries, giving our OEM Direct department extensive knowledge and experience in developing ball-bearing drawer slides that suit the specific business. Working with us will provide you with a point-of-contact expert for EOL activities and production monitoring.

As new furniture and home decorations enter the market, Maxave keeps you ahead of the curve through our strong sales and field engineering support, along with our ball-bearing drawer slides. Here are ways we give you the edge over your competition.


Product Evolution
Maxave is constantly improving our ball-bearing drawer runners through design revisions and ECO rollouts. We also offer add-on services and additional volume capacity when requested. Through the constant improvement of our furniture hardware, we provide ball-bearing runners that can tap into rising market demands.


Field Replacement Services
New or replacement ball-bearing drawer slides can be shipped directly to your warehouse or production facilities, reducing downtime to your operation.

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