Cabinet Handle Colors and Finishes Trends in 2023  

The New Year is finally here, and now is a good time to create new furniture or update existing cabinetry! The year 2023 brings forward the latest trends for kitchen hardware colors and finishes. Something as simple as swapping handle colors can go a long way in enhancing the room’s appearance. 

Following the most in-demand styles can help with any kitchen spruce-up project. These hardware pieces are small but have a huge impact on the overall aesthetic. With color and finish combinations working harmoniously, cabinet handles can instantly uplift the kitchen layout. Dive into the latest trends right now!

Giving the kitchen a new look or creating new cabinetwork will require choosing the best cabinet handles for the design. Trendy kitchen handles are the finishing touch to freshly built cabinets and drawers (Learn: Different Types of Kitchen Cabinet Handles & Finishes). For older furniture, updating the kitchen cabinet hardware colors can do the trick at a more affordable cost. 

This section provides some basic and creative suggestions to consider for this year.

White cabinet handles

White Handle Bar
Source: Probrico

For clean modern spaces, using white cabinet handles can provide an air of sophistication. It looks pristine and easy on the eyes, which are two things that will satisfy a minimalist’s senses. This trend for 2023 is suitable for no-nonsense furniture that requires simple and subtle hardware. These fittings will never get drowned out by other design elements.

Opting for matte white finishes is another solution since this style can match various layouts. Although plain-looking, white pulls, and knobs can pop out when applied to certain themes. For instance, if the cabinetry uses darker finishes, the touch of white on the handles can provide an eye-catching accent to it.

Black cabinet hardware

Black Handle Bar
Source: The Home Depot

Throughout the year, black hardware for kitchen cabinets never left the trend. It’s a classic that stands out without effort, especially when used in contrast to the door panel color. Like white, black handles are versatile and can match any kitchen style. It has a striking appeal yet is neutral enough to not overpower the aesthetic of the cabinets.

When paired with lighter cabinet colors, black handles become a prominent feature, making the furniture more memorable. Black also pairs well with darker cabinets, creating a sleek and handsome highlight to the overall look. It matches both traditional and contemporary themes, especially when using white cabinetry.

However, skip black cabinet handles if children are likely to run around the kitchen. This color shows sticky finger marks clearly, which would require more frequent cleaning than usual.

Rose gold cabinet handle

Rosegold Handle Bar
Source: Pinterest

A step up from gold hardware, rose gold hues create a more charming appeal to the furniture. This color is luxurious and has a unique shine that goes well with high-end layouts. It creates a bold and timeless piece that elevates the visual appearance of the kitchen. These fittings are exquisite and very attention-grabbing when installed on white cabinets.

Rose gold is a popular choice for jewelry, and the same is true for kitchen makeovers. It’s a trend for 2023 that looks absolutely stunning on light-colored cabinets such as white cabinets with gold hardware. Pairing it with stainless steel and black appliances can help the color glow brightly.

A metallic touch to any furniture, rose gold knobs, and pulls draw the eye to every detail of the layout. For instance, gray kitchen cabinets with gold hardware can get an updated look when swapped for rose gold. This color is also pleasing to the eyes and can help to relax the senses.

Silver cabinet handles

Silver Cabinet Handle
Source: Amazon

Silver cabinet handles can never really disappear from the trends list year after year. It’s a mainstay that expert designers and DIY enthusiasts love to use. In a way, they look like bejeweled accessories for furniture. Silver handles are layout-neutral, which means designers can apply them to virtually any style. The color has a special sheen to it that compliments white kitchens impeccably.

Silver-toned handles like nickel, chrome, and more are fabulous pieces suitable for modern country designs. The coziness of the space blended with silver accents combines old and new elements, making every detail harmonious.

Aside from their stylish value, silver handles are highly durable even when handled regularly. Also, it does not wear out as easily as some other colors. It’s a chameleon since it’s hard to find designs that don’t go well with silver.

Green cabinet handles

Green Cabinet Knobs
Source: istock

An interesting inclusion to 2023’s emerging cabinet hardware colors is the green-toned handle. It’s not the typical hardware color and may raise some eyebrows, but it’s the best colorway to achieve a standout accent. Think about this: instead of black cabinets with gold hardware, why not try a green-hued handle with a muted or matte finishes?

Green cabinet knobs and pulls can appeal to a person’s creativity, making one’s mind brainstorm possible color combinations. Of course, green handles on white cabinets are a safe choice. However, if there’s a chance to experiment, green knobs paired with brass-hued cabinets are an interesting mix.

This color is a way to keep the kitchen updated with the latest trends for the new year. It’s a bold choice that leaves a lasting impression on guests. For designs using shades of green, this type of handle will fit right into the theme!

Purple door knobs

Purple Cabinet Knobs
Source: Etsy

Purple-colored door knobs for cabinets are another rare option that furniture designers dare to include in their schemes. After all, this color is an attention stealer in many ways. It’s one of the most visually attractive hues that are ideal for decorative pieces like vases or frames. Purple handles are the risk anyone may want to challenge themselves with this 2023.

Only a few may say that purple is the best choice when talking about color knobs for dark brown cabinets. However, the point of this bright and bold accent is to emphasize a portion of the kitchen. For example, a bar nook can feature purple knobs to enhance the visual quality of this commonly overlooked section.

Types of hardware finishes

The many choices for kitchen hardware finishes can make anyone’s head spin. It’s hard enough to match colors, and then there is the task of choosing the best finish to complete the look. 

As a rule of thumb, designers and furniture manufacturers apply only one cabinet handle type to create a streamlined design. However, it doesn’t mean combining different styles is a bad move.

Choosing the right finish for knobs and pulls can tie together the other larger elements in the room. This section introduces the classic and trendy finishes used by designers and home builders. It’s the first step to deciding on an option that suits a more personal taste!

Brushed cabinet pulls

Brushed Pulls for Cabinet
Source: Etsy

Brushed furniture hardware undergoes a specific process that mutes the appearance of the metal. These days, experts use this term interchangeably with the satin finish, although the latter uses electroplating to achieve the effect. The softness of brushed finishes makes bold colors complimentary to any style. 

Although less shiny, this type of finish doesn’t fall short in aesthetics. Brushed styles are appropriate for kitchen cabinet handles since they hide watermarks and fingerprints well. It is an outstanding choice for frequently used furniture, such as drawers and pantries.

Brushed finishes can fit almost any handle color in the market. For instance, regardless of what color hardware for cherry cabinets is applied, a brushed finish beautifies the fitting instantly.

Polished cabinet pulls

Polished Pulls for Cabinet 1
Source: Overstock

The highly reflective polished finish provides a bright accent to the cabinetry. It offers a radiant effect that goes perfectly with gold and brass tones. It takes inspiration from the ‘80s styles where glossy tones were a staple kitchen statement. Today, this type of finish has a modernized form, eliminating the inconsistent shine of older versions.

This finish breaks up a rather plain-looking kitchen, helping to alleviate its cold and uninviting effect. It is suitable for dark blue cabinets with gold hardware to make the subdued hue more cheerful. Also, polished brass warms up any application and reinforces other finishes like stainless steel on appliances.

The only downside of this type of finish is that fingerprints are easy to leave a mark on the material. This issue is easy to counter by applying a polished finish only to handles that have less flat areas.

Weathered cabinet knobs

Weathered Knobs for Cabinet
Source: Amazon

The best color knobs for light oak cabinets can have a more spectacular appearance when applied with a weathered finish. It boasts a superb texture that makes the design lively despite its old-age look. This coating creates a muted color that’s either light, dark, or extra dark. In some cases, the weathering process creates a matte surface, especially in brass applications.

What makes this type of finish special is that the color continues to evolve as time goes by. The coating interacts with natural elements, which is responsible for the change in color. However, this quality does not diminish the aesthetic value of weathered finishes. If anything, the effect elevates the style of the hardware.

Antique cabinet pulls

Antique Pulls for Cabinet 1
Source: AliExpress

Antique cabinet pulls and knobs come in a variety of textures and colors. This finish adds personality to furniture, creating a distinct accent to any hardware. Most antique finishes work in transitional designs with highly detailed pieces.

You can install antique pulls on vintage-style kitchens. For example, antique brass has a warm undertone that makes the room cozier. When upgrading cool-toned cabinets, choosing antique nickel or pewter can offer a soft and lovely silver sheen like no other.

Kitchen hardware finishes like antique pulls are an ode to the style of earlier centuries. Still, it can keep up with modern fittings. Most manufacturers like Maxave use advanced techniques to achieve an aged look while also optimizing the durability of the material.

How to choose the best color handles for cabinets or drawers

Colorful Cabinet Design
Source: iStock

The best thing about customizing the kitchen cabinet hardware is the freedom to play with colors and finishes. There’s no limit to the smart combinations that fit different looks and layouts. It doesn’t require a matchy-matchy design, although furniture makers and designers should take care not to overexert with styling.

How can one proceed with making kitchen hardware colors and finishes work together? Here’s a quick style guide.

Use the cabinet color as a guide

When selecting cabinet handles, it’s important to consider what pieces will look best with the cabinetry. A great idea is to match primary and secondary color schemes. It’s an art staple that can never go wrong when applied to real-life designs. Neutral colors with dark accents can also work as an advantage.

Here’s an example: gray kitchen cabinets with gold hardware are a knockout for any kitchen layout. The cool gray with warm gold highlights offers a taste of luxury to any furniture piece.

Consider the decoration style

Hardware colors will not chase away the cohesiveness of the kitchen if tied with the decoration style. When fashioning a modern kitchen, selecting cabinet handles that will not become outdated after a few years is ideal (Related: Best 20 Cabinet Handle Designs in 2023). Some types of kitchen hardware finish like polished or brushed chrome can deliver a modern yet timeless quality to the furniture.

Go for bold colors

What is life without a little bit of adventure? Achieving a fresh look for the kitchen is an easy feat when opting for bold kitchen cabinet hardware colors. Greens and reds may seem too out there, but these hues are a playful addition that makes the space livelier.

An important thing to remember when going for bright and bold is to inspect the functionality of the fitting. These colorful handles should function more than a decorative piece when installed.

Final thoughts

Mixing and matching cabinet hardware colors and finishes is a fun project to ring in the New Year. The latest trends highlight bold yet timeless themes that will take a kitchen’s aesthetic to the next level. If you need expert input for your cabinet handle shopping, please contact us at the Maxave Group right away!

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