How to Measure Cabinet Hinges Size

Abstract: Knowing how to estimate the size of a cabinet hinge is crucial for new cabinet doors. Choosing the best cabinet hinge is possible by measuring its length and width and the overlay measurement.

Any time hinges are involved, there are many different types and styles to pick from. However, while giving hinges to a customer, you should never skip measurement. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge in this manner, and you’ll be better able to help the clients. Since cabinet hinges come in various sizes and forms, some of which are better suited for cabinets than others, it is crucial to learn how to measure cabinet hinge dimensions correctly.

By measuring the cabinet hinge size, one can determine which hinge will fit it the best. Another critical factor is to have a reliable furniture hardware manufacturer that will provide you with the best quality products. 

This article aims to walk you through how to measure cabinet hinges step by step. Continue reading to discover how to measure cabinet hinge size quickly.

Select The Right Hinges

Metal Hinges
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When one wants to determine how to measure a cabinet hinge size, the first step is to understand different types of regular furniture hinges and their applications: 

The H and HL Cabinet Hinges

These hinges are known as H and HL because of their look. Each one is shaped like a letter. They are fixed and mounted on the cabinet’s surface. 

Full Wrap Cabinet Hinges

Full wrap hinges completely encircle the frame on both sides. They encircle three of the frame’s sides to provide operational stability. One uses these hinges with inset overlay, overlay, or flush cabinet doors.

Partial Wrap Cabinet Hinges

With partial wrap hinges, a remarkably long leaf wraps around the edges of the side panel or cabinet face frame. Due to these cabinet hinge dimensions, both overlay and partially inset cabinet doors can use these hinges.

Face Frame Cabinet Hinges

Face-frame cabinets have an integrated frame connected to the case’s front borders or face. This face frame is where hinges are mounted. Only the portion attached to the frame is visible except when the door is open.

Soft Close Cabinet Hinges

A soft closing hinge
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A soft-close cabinet hinge hydraulic mechanism supports soft-close hinges so that whenever a door is forcibly closed, the mechanism takes over and causes the door to close gently and quietly.

Self-Close Cabinet Hinges

Self-close hinges are a particular kind of hinge with a spring integrated into it so that as soon as a cabinet door has started to be closed, the spring eventually takes control and taps the door shut.

Demountable Cabinet Hinges

When determining how to measure cabinet hinges such as demountable cabinet hinges, it is vital to know that there are two types: Single and double. The Single Demountable Cabinet Hinges are mounted to the cabinet frame’s front with screws and slide into a groove on the edge of the door. There are two slots on Double Demountable Cabinet Hinges: one on the edge of the door and one on the face of the cabinet frame.

Non-Mortise Cabinet Hinges

The most straightforward way to install inset cabinet doors is with non-mortise hinges. They are mounted and adjustable because they are surface mounted to the interior edge of the cabinet panel and face frame. These little hinges are made of steel and have an oil-rubbed bronze finish. They also have fashionable steeple tops.

So, these are different types of cabinet hinges, and knowledge of each is essential when determining how to measure a cabinet hinge. Also, it is equally important to look for quality control apart from the measure. It ensures that the customer will have durable products. To be sure, you can check the certifications and reports provided by the manufacturer. 

 Now, after types, below are the complete steps to determine the size and also how to determine overlay hinge size. 

Steps To Measure Cabinet Hinge Size

The most typical way to gauge the breadth of a cabinet hinge is to open it up. However, there is another way of determining how to measure cabinet hinge size, and that is to assess how much the door overhangs the frame. Below are the details for both of these techniques.

Furniture Hinges and Measuring Tools
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Measuring Width And Length

Step 1: Remove The Hinges

The first step to how to measure cabinet hinge size is to get a Philips screwdriver and remove the screws holding the door’s central hinge in place. Now, with the help of a utility knife, one can scrape off the paint if it is at the edges of the hinge. The hinge should then be separated from the door using a flat-head screwdriver.

Step 2: Measure The Hinge Width And Height

Hinges feature two side leaves. These leaves are divided by a central, upright pin. Now to ensure that both leaves are flat, fully extend the hinge. To determine how broad the hinge is at its widest point, one can measure between the leaf’s outer edges with the help of a measuring tape. When a customer is looking for hinges, the most popular measure one utilizes is the open width. After measuring the width, the next step is to measure the height. Measure the hinge’s length from one end to the other using the tape measure.

Step 3: Measure The Corner Radius

To ensure that the hinge is delivered in the correct size if the hinge is not square, one must measure the hinge’s corner radius. Place the straightedge along the hinge’s top and measure the corner radius. The next step is to determine how far it is from the curve’s start to the spot where the hinge’s corner might be if the hinge’s shape is square.

Measuring Overlay Hinge Size

Another way to understand the hinge size is to determine the overlay size. So, below is a detailed step on how to determine overlay hinge size.

Step 1: Open The Cabinet Door

The overlay specifies how closely a door is in contact with a cabinet. The majority of people use overlay assessment when purchasing new hinges. Shut the cabinet door and start measuring with a measuring tape. This step only applies to overlay cabinet doors.

Step 2: Measurement On The Door Sides

Put the tape near the edge vertically after closing the gate. It needs to be put in front of the bottom hinge. By highlighting the border of the door, one can assess the overlay.

Step 3: Reopening Door

There should be some tape sticking out after opening the gate. Place a ruler from the portion on the outside to the inside. The construction of the cabinet may affect the overlay length value.

Step 4: For Partial Inset Door

Partial inset doors are those that overlap or are partially inside. First, inspect the door’s edge and examine the upper portion. Using a ruler, find dimensions for separating the inside cabinet edge and the door’s edge. 

A cabinet hinge
A cabinet hinge


These are the methods for how to measure cabinet hinge size. Be sure to consider the measurements when purchasing cabinet hinges. Make sure you know the dimensions you need before placing an order at the hardware store. Also, if you are looking for varieties of hinges and high-quality furniture hardware products, you can contact us. It is vital to be aware of that environmental impact, which is why sustainability is what we follow. 

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