Ultbox Standard Drawer M 1 1
Ultbox Standard Drawer M 2
Ultbox Standard Drawer M 3
Ultbox Standard Drawer M 1 1
Ultbox Standard Drawer M 2
Ultbox Standard Drawer M 3

Ultbox Standard Drawer – M

Material: Galvanized sheet
Finish: Eelectrostatic spraying (color: Silky white/Iron gray)
Applied thickness: 16/18mm
Load: 40KG, Durability 50000 cycles
Quality grade: Comply with DIN EN15338,  ANSI /BIFMA X5.5,  ANSI /BHMA A156.9,  ANSI /KCMA A161.1
Product feature: Ultbox Standard Drawer – M, 2D quick and simple adjustment allows for height and side adjustment. SCT damping technology, Smooth for open and close. Silent system.

Drawer runners L/R
Nominal Length 40KG Packing
270mm MWP24011 101-270 10SET
300mm MWP24011 101-300 10SET
350mm MWP24011 101-350 10SET
400mm MWP24011 101-400 10SET
450mm MWP24011 101-450 10SET
500mm MWP24011 101-500 10SET
550mm MWP24011 101-550 10SET


Drawer sides + decorative covers L/R
Nominal Length Silky White Iron Grey Packing
270mm MWP24031102-270-W MWP24031102-270-G 10SET
300mm MWP24031102-300-W MWP24031102-300-G 10SET
350mm MWP24031102-350-W MWP24031102-350-G 10SET
400mm MWP24031102-400-W MWP24031102-400-G 10SET
450mm MWP24031102-450-W MWP24031102-450-G 10SET
500mm MWP24031102-500-W MWP24031102-500-G 10SET
550mm MWP24031102-550-W MWP24031102-550-G 10SET
Rear connectors L/R Silky white MWP24031104-W Packing
Iron gray MWP24031104-G
Front connectors MWP24031105 Packing
  Set parts
Drawer runners L/R Drawer sides +
decorative covers L/R
Rear connectors L/R Front connectors
Nominal Length Silky White Iron Grey Packing
270mm MWZ24031101-270-W MWZ24031101-270-G 6SET
300mm MWZ24031101-300-W MWZ24031101-300-G 6SET
350mm MWZ24031101-350-W MWZ24031101-350-G 6SET
400mm MWZ24031101-400-W MWZ24031101-400-G 6SET
450mm MWZ24031101-450-W MWZ24031101-450-G 6SET
500mm MWZ24031101-500-W MWZ24031101-500-G 6SET
550mm MWZ24031101-550-W MWZ24031101-550-G 6SET

Ultbox Standard Drawer M 4

Ultbox Standard Drawer M 5

Ultbox Standard Drawer M 6

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