Top 8 Cabinet Handles Manufacturers in the World  

There are many cabinets handle manufacturers in the market, each one saying they create the best hardware in the world. Unfortunately, not every company can deliver what they promise. Some may even disappoint clients, given their subpar products and services. How then can you tell the right suppliers to trust?

Cabinet handles add a stylish accent to any furniture. More than the look, these fittings also enhance the accessibility of the storage solution. Knobs and pull handles exist not only to dress up the cabinetry but also close and open it conveniently. However, it’s quite tricky to pick the product that meets the right quality.

To handle this dilemma, our analysts rounded up the current market’s top cabinet door handle manufacturers. This list is a shopper’s guide to the best cabinet hardware!

Top 8 furniture knobs and handles suppliers

Want to learn more about the top manufacturers of cabinet hardware? These companies are right at the top of the list!

Maxave Group

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The Maxave Group is a leading global manufacturer in charge of producing top-performing cabinet handles in the market. The company’s designers equally prioritize the aesthetic, function, and security of every product. As a result, the manufacturer delivers knobs and pulls that many furniture brands across the globe trust.

Every cabinet handle in Maxave’s portfolio uses high-quality materials and is molded using state-of-the-art technologies. The engineers uphold precision and industry-leading techniques to create durable and hard-wearing handles. With each product, they carefully consider ease of use and comfort for end-users. Their client-centric philosophy makes the company a winner in the market.

The manufacturer is also notable for meeting the global standard and exceeding the ordinary for cabinet hardware. They produce a wide range of styles from classic to contemporary designs that keep up with the latest industry trends. With them, anyone with any specific requirements for cabinet handles can find the best products here.

Maxave also boasts outstanding customer service aside from its world-class products. They operate and manage each supply chain with professionals at the helm. Their teams follow stringent quality control and production processes every time. They also make sure to fulfill their deliverables on time and on budget.

Founding year: 2011

Headquarters: Guangzhou, Guangdong

Services areas: Global

Certifications: ISO 9004


Hafele Logo

One of the leading kitchen doors handles suppliers is Hafele, a global company that manufactures high-quality furniture fittings worldwide. They specialize in unique cabinet hardware, which includes a superb line of knobs and pulls for various applications. This company produces hardware in creative styles, appealing to many designers and home builders alike.

Hafele takes the market by storm with its long list of handles that offer contemporary, glam, or classic accents. They also have a great selection of security fittings that ensure the safe installation of pull handles.

Founding year: 1923

Headquarters: Germany

Services areas: Global

Certifications: ISO certificate, Trust Improvement Program


Sugatsune Logo
Source: Sugatsune

Japan-based Sugatsune is a leader in cabinet hardware manufacturing thanks to its several decades in the market. They are masters in creating handles that are impeccable in both form and function. They highlight originality in their pieces, which explains the distinct look of their products compared to other furniture knobs and handles suppliers.

The company also involves itself with architectural sectors, providing the hardware that matches the requirements of this market. In addition, this manufacturer provides excellent customer support, and clients worldwide love them for it.

Founding year: 1930

Headquarters: Kanda, Tokyo

Services areas: Global

Certifications: ISO certificate


Hettich Logo
Source: Hettich

Germany’s Hettich might have been around for too long, but they consistently produce the best fittings globally. The team markets its ProDecor collection of handles that follow themes like organic, new modern, folk, and deluxe. Despite the variety, one thing stands out with all the company’s products: consistently high quality.

Founding year: 1888

Headquarters: Germany

Services areas: Global

Certifications: ISO certificate

Assa Abloy

Assa Alboy Logo
Source: Assa Abloy

Schaub & Company under the Assa Abloy Group is a global phenomenon in the cabinet hardware market. They have several collections of knobs and pulls, each with distinct personalities that are ideal for customization projects. They have decorative and practical selections at great prices, making it possible to find a product that’s tailored to the customer.

Founding year: 1881

Headquarters: Sweden

Services areas: Global

Certifications: Not specified

Acorn Manufacturing

Source: Acorn Manufacturing

Acorn Manufacturing is one of the top kitchen doors handle suppliers in the world. Their competitive edge lies in their handmade knobs, which boast a forged metal construction. As a family-owned business, its operations value both customers and employees. They are one of the few manufacturers that run their company with everybody’s satisfaction at heart.

Founding year: 1949

Headquarters: Massachusetts

Services areas: USA

Certifications: Not specified


Acorn Logo
Source: Goldenwarm

Affordability and quality are why Goldenwarm is one of the leading stainless steel cabinet handles manufacturers (Knowledge: How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Handles). The company prides itself on being a major manufacturing business that offers a complete supply chain. They manage everything from design to production to distribution, making them a great partner for furniture companies and retailers.

Founding year: 2009

Headquarters: Michigan

Services areas: Global

Certifications: Not specified

Century Hardware, Inc.

Century Hardware, Inc.
Source: Century Hardware, Inc.

The focus of Century Hardware, Inc. is supplying furniture and cabinet hardware to its global distribution network. They are known in the market for their innovative and design-savvy knobs and pulls that feature excellent craftsmanship. They also apply gorgeous custom finishes that elevate the aesthetic of their products. Overall, this supplier is worth trusting for big or small renovation projects!

Founding year: 1992

Headquarters: Michigan

Services areas: Global

Certifications: KCMA certificate

Closing thoughts

These leading cabinet door handles manufacturers can surely provide the qualities needed and more for knobs or pulls. These companies are experts in producing top-notch cabinet hardware that surpasses a lot of competitors in the market. 

For your cabinet handle needs, you can reach out to Maxave Group experts and find the best reasons to partner up with us today!

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