What Is Tandem Box for Kitchen?

What Is a Tandem Box

The simple answer to what is a tandem box is that tandem boxes are efficient drawer storage systems. They are available in a variety of sizes and are ideal for storing everything from groceries to kitchenware. They allow for the finest object management and space utilization in the shape of containers that mimic drawers. 

They are among the best kitchen items for a modular layout and therefore incredibly popular among buyers today. Read on to learn more about tandem boxes and the various suppliers that will help you get products that meet the demands of the market. 

Product Design and Features:

Tandem boxes are reliable and stable. Opening and closing are convenient and noiseless thanks to the soft-close mechanism. The channels being hidden also makes it less likely that the baskets will corrode. Tandem drawers are less likely to become dusty because they don’t provide much ventilation.

Tandem drawers with various tiers are another option; one layer can be used to stack plates, glasses, or bowls, while the other tier can be used to arrange cutlery. Tandem baskets, which come in white, gray, and stainless steel finishes, offer the most storage space.

Another benefit is that you may use them to store heavy kitchenware because they can support objects weighing between 35 and 60 kg. Tandem kitchen baskets have a 10-year warranty on their channels and hinges, so they endure longer.

Installations of tandem boxes should be carried out carefully because once installed, it will become difficult to fix them and start with the process all over again from scratch.

Blum – Famous Tandem Box Brand 

With its feather-light glide and improved user ease, Blum tandem box inner drawers improve user convenience throughout the entire house. Every issue related to a furniture piece can be solved with a product from their pliable TANDEM collection.

With a wide selection of nominal lengths, weight-bearing abilities of 30 and 50 kg, and options for single or full extension, the Blum tandem box offers the ideal solution for every space.

It takes little time to assemble a drawer. Use the hook and peg or locking mechanism, as appropriate. Fronts can be raised or lowered without the use of any tools. The front can be easily aligned with the front edge of the tandem thanks to full extensions’ inbuilt tilt adjustment. The Blum tandem box drawer price is also on the affordable side.

How Does a Tandem Box Work 

Tandem Box 2
Source: Maxave

Tandem boxes make the ideal drawer for keeping all of the kitchen necessities neatly arranged. They are incredibly practical, elegant, and simplistic. Tandem boxes are the ideal solution for those who wish to keep their kitchen minimalist but still beautiful, practical, and comfy. 

Tandem boxes are the most important piece of equipment in any modular kitchen that raises both the glitz and comfort levels in the space. These boxes may contain multiple compartments for all kitchen necessities, such as groceries, spices, and other trinkets. 

With the aid of these fantastic appearing and quite useful tandem boxes, the answer can be given to the question- what is a tandem box kitchen’s utility? One can neatly arrange even the dishes and cooking equipment used on a daily basis in the kitchen. Plates can be stored in a tandem box in the dish holder inside the drawers. They undoubtedly keep the kitchen from being overly cluttered.

Tandem boxes are compatible with sliding drawer openers and come in a variety of sizes, dimensions, and forms. They are ideal for keeping all the consumables together in one location. Additionally, instead of having to search around for information, they give access to a variety of articles from a single location.

Different Materials Used to Make Tandem Boxes 

A white double wall drawer system
Source: Maxave

When discussing the components used to create tandem boxes, it should be noted that they are available in a range of materials and finishes, such as natural wood, laminate, and veneer.

Typically constructed of wood or metal are the knobs and handles (Learn: Metal Sofa Legs Vs Wood Sofa Legs). Tandem boxes with a stainless steel appearance give the kitchen a casually sophisticated and stylish appearance. The majority of businesses offer minimalist designs, which are both extremely functional and stylish at the same time.

A tandem box drawer system is not just for storing groceries and food; one can also keep the pots and pans in these roomy, deep drawers neatly with their lids and use them anytime needed without having to look for them or disturb the other goods that are kept.

Things to Consider While Buying Tandem Boxes

Illustration of Multibox High Drawer by Maxave
Source: Maxave 

Without adequate storage space to house all the daily necessities as well as extras, what good is a kitchen? The purchase tips provided below will help you choose models for your furniture hardware business or for your kitchen if you are an individual customer. These tips will help you save time and effort spent on research. 

1. Quality of Tandem Boxes

One of the best buying advice for tandem boxes is to make sure the drawers and panels are finished with smooth materials because they will be popped open frequently during the day.

For building the ideal kitchen, pick tandem boxes of the highest construction quality, such as sturdy frames, door, and drawer fronts. When choosing boxes, prioritize functionality and cost-effectiveness over aesthetics and design if the tandem boxes won’t be in use for an extended period of time. These parameters will decide how appealing as well as useful these models are for customers. 

2. Price 

Setting a budget right away is essential. Given the variety of options on the market, it is simple to follow trends and ultimately burn a hole in the wallet. It is expected that half of the total expense involved in setting up a kitchen is accounted for by tandem boxes alone.

Keep in mind that adding or subtracting cabinet depth, adding specialist elements like wine space, or even adding an oak-lined interior, leaded-glass doors, pull-out garbage cans, or roll-out shelving will all incur additional costs.

The price of kitchen cabinets may increase by more as a result of these custom features. There are methods to save money while still having what is required, such as choosing semi-custom instead of custom cabinets or keeping add-ons to a small number of essentials that will get used frequently.

So, as an individual customer, be careful not to let spending go out of control. Set a budget, seek solutions that go within the budget, take manufacturing and installation costs into account, and then start the project to make sure to have the greatest kitchen tandem boxes for the amount that gets spent.

3. Re-Check All Parts

The use of tandem boxes is significantly influenced by their handles and drawers. The handles and knobs of the kitchen drawers are frequently used to open and close the drawers throughout the day.

Therefore, always choose high-quality foundation materials, hinges, and handles to ensure they survive a long time and do so without experiencing any serious issues. This will assure customer satisfaction for your buyers and instill faith in the business. Some doors could be challenging to open and shut. Additionally, search for a feature that enables one to gently close a door with a single push, regardless of whether it is slammed. Such features are appreciated by buyers today. 

A solid plywood panel should be encircled by solid-wood framing. If there are drawers, they ought to be simple to pull out and push back in. Individual buyers should look for drawers with sides made of solid wood.

4. Space 

Get precise information from the salesman at the home store if in case of general notions of the area in question. Once selected where one wants the tandem boxes from, the easiest approach to purchase them is to hire an expert to measure the area and provide final project estimates.

5. Choosing the Correct Brand 

Now that it is determined what the demands are for a tandem, The following step is to consider the many tandem box brand options that are accessible. The options might be limited by selecting a tandem box line. 

One needs to decide on a brand for the kitchen based on the possibilities accessible. Different modifications and upgrade options are available depending on the brand.

Top Tandem Box Manufacturers That Can Be Relied On

1. Maxavegroup

Maxave Logo
Source: Maxave

The furniture hardware industry has been transformed by Maxave, a multinational enterprise. By assisting with the design, development, manufacture, and analysis of all goods and the applications in which they are used, one will be able to quickly translate insights into next-generation products that will be in high demand in the modern furniture hardware market.

No other manufacturer comes close to Maxave in terms of quality, consistency, and features for their double wall drawer system. Their collection of double wall drawers is a testimonial for the highest production standards, making them the market leader in the manufacture of hardware furniture that is both innovative and consumer-friendly.

With a focus on supply chain administration, lean manufacturing, and service streamlining, the organization employs an effective cost-reduction approach for furniture hardware businesses.

When their huge scale and broad scope give low-cost and flexibility, the journey officially begins. They essentially have unlimited capacity and are not restricted to certain technology, equipment, or tools because they have more than 230 professionals committed to quality and management and more than 10 years of experience in product creation.

2. Hettich 

Hettich Website
Source: Hettich 

Hettich has advanced trends that serve to define the adaptability and multi-functionality of current furniture concepts through a number of breakthroughs and never-ending fresh ideas.

Their single wall drawer system, which is straightforward, simple to construct, and sturdy, is the perfect entry point into the realm of metal drawers. It offers a wide range of application and design options thanks to its six lengths and five distinct drawer side profile heights.

The AvanTech YOU double wall drawer system excels in terms of design variety and creative flexibility, hidden working components and flawless performance, as well as an effective product idea focused on the consumer. AvanTech YOU places the customer first and caters to their unique demands.

AvanTech YOU is a remarkable system when it comes to price effectiveness and effective workflows while also serving as the foundation for a wide range of product offerings thanks to the comprehensive platform concept and flawless product adaptations to manufacturing and assembly processes.

3. Spitze

Spitze Website
Source: Spitze

The Spitze kitchen system is the result of extensive customer research and their symbiotic relationship with the kitchen. It is loaded with superior technical capabilities, exquisite aesthetics, and quality derived from our extensive experience.

Their architects and engineers have truly combined the art and science of living to provide the best possible space utilization, exceptional utility, and adaptability that consistently meets needs.

Their ingenious storage system of slender tandem drawer box systems organizes the belongings without taking up a lot of room. All common wardrobes, cabinets, and kitchen shelves may accommodate it. One can put it together on their own, in accordance with the size and width that best fit the needs, as it features a DIY installation system.

 It continues to operate quietly and smoothly throughout. Its soft closing mechanism and covert design make sure that it won’t make any noise when in use. These drawers are the slimmest in their class and can support up to 45 kg while still operating efficiently.


Hafele Website
Source: Hafele

The ambiance of the space is improved by a kitchen that is thoughtfully designed, functional, and organized. Häfele is a leader in offering products that assist in maintaining the most practical, easily accessible, and aesthetically pleasing kitchen.

 In order to further emphasize their motto of “style with usefulness,” they have added some incredibly useful solutions to their enormous selection of hardware and furniture solutions.

Choose from a wide range of tandem box kitchen options to suit personal preferences thanks to solutions like drawer systems, storage spaces, corner alternatives, hinges, aluminum profiles for cupboard doors and built-in shelving, appealing midway structures, accessories, affordable tandem box prices, and cutlery installs, and waste bins produced and engineered by Hafele.

Hafele provides stylish and durable quartz worktop surfaces, effective sinks and faucets, and home automation that make using the kitchen enjoyable every day in order to provide a comprehensive offering.


The next time one goes into the kitchen to prepare food, they won’t have to go around for anything because their question of what is a tandem box and what is a tandem box kitchen utility will already be answered. Tandem boxes give the comfort of keeping everything organized and superbly placed in one convenient location. 

Individuals can keep food and supplies in the base cabinet’s high front pullouts. When creating a modular kitchen, one might also add their own unique touches to suit their preferences.

In modular kitchens with unique sliding mechanisms, tandem boxes in kitchens are employed. They are containers that resemble drawers and are used for storage. Tandem boxes are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and hidden configurations for metal cabinets and openers. They can also be applied to heavy pullouts and drawers. Users have a lot of choices when it comes to tandem boxes and as such sellers need to stock up on high-quality material to satisfy consumer demands and needs. Contact Maxave, a leading manufacturer in the field, for more information. 

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