Best 20 Cabinet Handle Designs in 2023  

The New Year rolling in is a great reason to upgrade the kitchen. There is a barrage of popular kitchen cabinet handles, each distinct in style and quality. Rather than doing a full makeover, swapping old hardware for new ones can create a fresh vibe for the room.

That said, it’s not easy selecting the best kitchen cabinet handles, given that a lot of factors come into play. Does it match the overall aesthetic? Is the product sturdy and long-lasting? Will you go for a cost-effective solution, or choose budget-friendly fittings? We cannot overlook these considerations whether we source new cabinet hardware in bulk or shop for our own new kitchen look.

This guide can help narrow down the many choices for pull or knob handles. This list includes 20 of the most appealing cabinet hardware designs that furniture manufacturers, designers, and DIY enthusiasts can use for their 2023 kitchen revamp!

Maxave Iron T Bar handles

Iron T Handle Bar Maxave
Source: Maxave

Taking the first honors for this roundup is the Maxave Iron T Bar Handles! With its high-quality iron material, this cabinet pull boasts an engineered design that overtakes competing brands out there. It is available in various finishes, such as brushed nickel, titanium gold, and sleek black. These options allow one to pick the finish that adds a breathtaking accent to the furniture.

How are we sure that this product is fully reliable? The Maxave T Bar passes several quality tests, which include the standard of tension and the standard of torsion. Additionally, this top-grade T-bar handle effectively resisted corrosion during the salt spray testing. That means it can last despite exposure to harsh elements in nature.

The hardware meets ANSI standards, proving its remarkable construction. Anyone can bank on the overall quality of this cabinet handle and expect it to last for several seasons (Learn: Cabinet Handle Colors and Finishes Trends in 2023). Adding to its winning durability, it’s easy to freshen up the kitchen with this fitting’s smooth and unblemished surface.

This cabinet handle can effortlessly match any layout, from traditional to transitional to modern. It’s versatile hardware that breaks through the limits of ordinary cabinet handles.


  • Impeccable design
  • High-quality construction
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Available in various finishes

Oil-rubbed bronze cup pulls

Oil Rubbed Bronze Cup Pulls Design
Source Amazon

The rustic style of oil-rubbed cup pulls in bronze is simple and does not overpower the cabinetry. It’s minimalist hardware with an outstanding color that highlights the brightness of white kitchen cabinets. You can also install it on dark wood old-fashioned drawers to enhance its vintage charm.

The cup pull is typically short in size, consuming less space and thereby preserving the cabinet finish. Despite its small stature, the bronzed cup handle is suitable for furniture of any size and style.


  • Versatile
  • Sleek vintage aesthetic
  • Special oil-rubbed finish for a unique shine

Clear glass Knob

Glass Knob Design
Source The Home Depot

If the kitchen is all white, installing clear knobs made of glass elevates the overall design of the cabinetry. The light seeping into the translucent interior of the knob brightens the hardware and consequently the furniture. A matte finish for clear glass knobs along with silver base tones make the hardware less glaring.

Although glass knob handles are expensive, they mimic the stunning effect of crystal knobs minus the exorbitant price.


  • Elegant and luxurious
  • Adds a cheerful effect to the room

Square cabinet handle

Square Cabinet Handle Design
Source Amazon

A square-shaped bar pulls with a matte black finish is one of the market’s leading cabinet pulls today. It’s a bestseller because it blends practicality with aesthetics, which not every hardware can do. This style appeals to many designers and woodworkers because of the handle’s straightforward yet elegant look.

This clean and timeless handle is a perfect finishing touch for vintage and transitional kitchen themes. For a more distinct appearance, choose a sleek stainless-steel finish that will fit most modern applications.


  • Simple look with wide appeal
  • Timeless style
  • Clean-looking and elegant

Brushed brass cabinet T knob

Brushed brass cabinet T knob Design
Source Amazon

Knob handles are mostly spherical, but several manufacturers explore more forward-looking designs. The T-bar knob is basically a short version of the bar pull except that it has only one screw attachment. With a perfectly brushed brass finish, the beauty of this cabinet hardware is unmatched.

This gold-hued hardware is excellent for kitchen cabinet doors. The high-quality finish protects the stainless-steel knob from watermarks and stains. It’s a stylishly unique handle that injects a modern vibe into old furniture.


  • Convenient to install
  • Fresh cabinet handle design
  • Stylish and unique

Classic matte black square knob

Classic Matte Black Square Knob Design
Source Amazon

Innovative techniques in cabinet handle production allow retro styles like the classic square knob to make a comeback. Coated in matte black, this type of hardware adapts a modern aesthetic while also keeping its timeless quality.


  • Traditional design with modern features
  • Durable die-cast construction
  • Elegant finish granting a timeless detail

Concealed bar pull

Concealed Bar Pull Design
Source Amazon

The hidden bar pull has an ergonomic design that keeps an almost flush profile without compromising the grip. It is made from aluminum alloy and has a brushed brass exterior that looks exquisite in form. Minimalistic and modern, every detail of this cabinet hardware works harmoniously with modern and contemporary cabinets.

Hidden pull handles are among the trendy styles for the New Year. They may not look like the standard drawer pull, but they never fail to meet the purpose—easy access to a cabinet’s contents.


  • Modern minimalistic design
  • Comfortable grip
  • Clean, no-nonsense aesthetic

Self-sticking cabinet drawer handles

Self sticking Cabinet Drawer Handles Design
Source Amazon

No one can stop hardware designers from developing innovative products like self-sticking drawer handles. Typically, pulls need a screw attachment to put them in place. However, this product skips this step and instead uses an adhesive strip for installation. In a sense, it is more convenient to install and take down once it’s time to replace it with a new handle.

However, buyers can expect this drawer pull to not have the best load capacity. It’s an ideal fitting for sliding cabinets that don’t require too much effort and force to manipulate.


  • Convenient to use
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Easy to remove

Mushroom Knob

Mushroom Knob Design
Source Amazon

The novelty of a mushroom knob handle is what makes it one of the most popular cabinet knobs out there. It does not have an imposing size and has a classic look that doesn’t fade in the trends. It complements contemporary kitchen layouts, specifically those with white cabinetry.

This type of metal knob goes well with a brushed nickel finish. Adding it to furniture creates a sleek detail best suited for small cabinets and wall cabinets of a modern kitchen.


  • Suitable for modern kitchens
  • Simple classic appearance
  • A brushed finish lasts long

Flat-sided bar pull

Flat Sided Bar Pull Design
Source Amazon

Bar pulls are usually spherical tubes, but this design is only the starter to different varieties of this hardware. One such example is the flat-sided bar pull handle. It still has the standard two-screw attachment points but has much sharper ends than other bar handles.

This product has an ergonomic value and is easy to clean. As other bar pulls, it is versatile and can belong to any room layout, from traditional to modern and everything in between.


  • Versatile
  • Long and flat handle for a relaxed grip
  • Simple to clean

D pull handle

D Shae Pull Handle Design
Source Amazon

D-pulls have a strong affinity to European architecture due to the intricate shapes on the handle. The curvature forms a D-shape any user can grasp with ease. This D pull handle is a traditional hardware for kitchens with an Italian flair. The handle often has a polished chrome finish, but some designers find it more appealing with a brushed nickel coating.


  • Vintage vibe
  • Comfortable grip
  • Matches drawer collections

Twist T handle knob

Twisted T Shape Knob Handle Design
Source Amazon

The Twist T knob is worthy of being one of the popular cabinet knobs because it has very distinct features. For one, the top bar is square-shaped and has twisted grooves as a design. Some manufacturers call it an old-world model, which means that it boasts an aged aesthetic.

Despite its traditional appearance, it is anything but outdated. This twisted T knob looks as if an expert blacksmith from the early times forged it meticulously. However, one needs to take care when installing this knob handle, as it mostly complements vintage spaces only.


  • Unique twist design
  • Compact
  • Extraordinarily attractive steel finish

Traditional arch cabinet handle

Traditional Arch Handle Knob Design
Source Amazon

The curvature of an arch cabinet handle can soften the overall look of the furniture. This antique handle has ornate carvings on the handle surface and elegant lines to accentuate the cabinetry. This style is vintage in every way, yet also fair well sales-wise because of its reliable quality.

When opting for arch cabinets, choose the style that respects the design elements of the kitchen. It’s easy for traditional pieces to clash with modern fixtures and fittings. However, if mixing old and new features, make sure to apply a uniform finish to marry the dissimilar styles.


  • Traditional design
  • Looks stunning with a dark finish
  • Elaborate carved details

Copper cabinet hardware

Copper Cabinet Handle
Source Amazon

Copper-hued knobs and pulls are making waves in the design industry because of their luxurious appeal. True copper comes with a price, which is often a significant amount as opposed to cheaper handles. Still, it’s one of the most cost-effective materials for kitchen hardware. Its luster and form last long, leaving a strong impression when applied to furniture.

In most cases, it is impractical to spend a fortune on copper hardware. Furniture makers and designers can purchase copper-toned handles instead. Although not the real deal, this option mimics the visual qualities of the metal minus the sizable investment.


  • Stunningly beautiful
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Exquisite, high-end aesthetic

Elongated drawer pulls

Elongated Knob Handle
Source Etsy

An elongated edge pull, as the name suggests, has a long bar exceeding the mounting holes by a considerable distance. For example, the attachments fit a 3” center but it looks much longer than standard bar pulls of this size. It retains the minimalist look but also creates a unique detail that optimizes the drawer’s overall appearance.

For this trend, it’s crucial to obtain 100% accurate measurements to drill the screw attachments at exact points. Otherwise, the elongated drawer pull can look unattractive and out of place because of improper installation.


  • Unique contemporary style
  • Great for larger cabinet doors

Stepped round knob

Stepped Round Design Knob
Source Walmart

A circular cabinet knob is another mainstay for furniture hardware trends because it is easy to mix and match. This type of handle is the miss congeniality of the bunch since it can work with different colors, finishes, and designs.


  • Versatile
  • Great for kitchen cupboards

Classic bow handles

Classic Bow Handle
Source Walmart

The traditional beauty of bow handles never goes out of style in any season. With a polished or brushed chrome finish, this drawer pull is a certified classic. Aside from its simple curved design, the bow pull can shine in different kitchen themes like transitional or traditional styles.


  • Versatile
  • Classic sleek look
  • No sharp corners that catch articles of clothing

Adjustable handles

Adjustable Handle Bar
Source Amazon

Another advanced design for furniture hardware is the adjustable cabinet handle. In this type, the center-to-center locations accommodate pre-existing holes. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about handles having the same size as the old drawer pull. With adjustable pulls, one can pick any cabinet handle length and adjust it accordingly.


  • Adjustable to fit pre-existing holes
  • Simple minimalistic design

Davenport knob

Davenport Knob
Source Top Knobs

The curved body of the Davenport knob makes this design one of the must-have kitchen cabinets handles (Learn: Parts of a Door Knob). The combination of soft bends and straight lines on this hardware allows it to match transitional kitchens. It provides a striking accent to mundane cabinets, giving them extra oomph.


  • Sleek satin finish
  • Eye-catching appeal
  • Superb finger grip

No hardware designs

Plain Cabinet
Source iStock

Nowadays, it’s not surprising that the no-hardware look for cabinets is going toe-to-toe with popular drawer pulls. Instead of handles, the cabinet or drawer makes use of innovative technologies like push-to-open and electric-driven systems.


  • Streamlined aesthetic
  • Unblemished cabinet finish

The bottom line

The best kitchen cabinet handles are those that possess high standards of quality, durability, and reliability. These top picks for cabinet handles in 2023 are worth considering when styling kitchen cabinetry. 

You can shop for the leading T-bar pull from Maxave, as well as other types of trendy hardware on this list. Get in touch with our consultants to start the buying journey right away!

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