20 Best Drawer Slide Designs in the Market

With an ocean of drawer slide designs available today, many furniture manufacturers and end users might struggle to look for the correct part. Different factors, like intended use, weight capacity, and installation preference, require deep consideration. And for some, the time and effort to source enough marketable drawer slides from plenty of drawer slide manufacturers are unavailable.

This is why we made a comprehensive list showcasing the top drawer slide designs and features. We’ve also listed some key points that make them the preferred choice and some potential drawbacks each may have.

1.   Best Soft Close Drawer Slide

A pair of soft close drawer slides
Source: Maxave

Sleek and silent, soft close drawer slides keep drawers shut without loud banging noises. It uses a specialized hydraulic system built into the slides that control how the drawer close. 

The soft close drawer slide has three distinct parts:

  • Sliding arm – the moving part that opens/closes the drawer
  • Metal housing – contains the sliding arm and is the part usually mounted on the closet
  • Drawer runners – metal channels connected to the drawer box

Soft Close Drawer Slide Pros:

  • Semi-automatic closing ensures that the drawers are perfectly shut at all times
  • As the drawers close slowly, it extends the service life of both the sliders and the drawers
  • Contents are secured so that nothing will break or move inside the drawers
  • Smooth and quiet operation eliminates banging noises

Market’s Recommendation:

Maxave Single Extension Concealed Soft Close Slide – firm and stable, this offering from Maxave guarantees smooth and quiet operation. The slide is made from galvanized steel, giving it the durability to handle up to a 25kg load. It’s also easy to install and has a discreet setup.

2.   Best Double Wall Drawer Runner

Open drawer with a double wall drawer runner
Source: Maxave

Ideal for drawers that handle heavier loads, like those for pots and pans, double wall drawer runners have higher panels that offer extra support on the drawers. These are typically made from galvanized steel, giving them better durability and weight tolerance.

Double wall drawer runners use a smooth rolling setup to open and close the drawers easily. And as these runners can act as drawer walls, they give the drawer setup a stylish, modern look.

Double Wall Drawer Runner Pros:

  • Higher weight tolerances, allowing drawers to carry heavier contents
  • Thick, steel walls that install quickly
  • It fully extends without dipping, securing its contents properly

Market’s Recommendation:

Maxave Ultbox Standard Inner Drawer – M – manufactured from galvanized steel, these double wall drawer runners can support up to 40 kilos of load at any time. It’s easy to install and has a thickness of 16/8mm, seamlessly blending into any drawer setup.

3.   Best Push-To-Open Drawer Slide

Pair of soft close drawer slides partially extended
Source: Maxave

Push-to-open drawer slides (Learn: Best Push-To-Open Slides You Can Choose) function through a pressure mechanism found on the slides. Once the pressure unit is triggered, it releases a lock that allows the drawer to open. The drawer slides lock into place when the runner’s end part hits the pressure unit again.

The push-to-open drawer slide setup is excellent in understairs storage drawers and bedroom fixtures. These can also work well in kitchens and garages as a security feature, where drawers contain heavy or sharp objects.

Push-To-Open Drawer Slide Pros:

  • Simple, one-touch operation without the need for added hardware
  • It eliminates the need for handles on the drawers
  • Reduces the risk of slamming
  • Compatible with frameless cabinets

Push-To-Open Drawer Slide Cons:

  • Requires a bit of physical strength to access drawer contents

Market’s Recommendation:

Maxave 45mm Full Extension Push To Open Side Mounted Ball Bearing Slide – these fully-extending slides from Maxave use a simple push-to-open mechanism that secures the drawer in place. And with its solid ball bearing, they’re guaranteed to minimize friction during each operation.

4.   Best Heavy Duty Drawer Runners 800MM

Pair of heavy duty drawer runners with another image showing the measurement
Source: Amazon

Not all drawers handle the same workload; some may require storing heavier items than others. And for this task, heavy duty drawer runners are perfect for the task.

While they may use a similar system to regular drawer runners, heavy duty drawer runners are constructed with thicker materials to carry on larger loads. Drawers for kitchens, garages, and RVs work best with heavy duty drawer runners in place.

Heavy Duty Drawer Runners Pros:

  • Heavy-duty and rustproof material prevent rusting and bending due to weight
  • Lasts up to 80,000 cycles

Heavy Duty Drawer Runners Cons:

  • Some may not have a locking system

Market’s Recommendation:

TTBB Drawer Runners 800mm – these durable, heavy-duty draw runners can support up to 246 lbs. and fully extends for the maximum capacity. They are made with premium, rust-coated materials that make them ideal for wet kitchens.  Plus, they have a locking system that reduces the risks of drawer doors slipping open.

5.   Best Over Travel Drawer Slide

Image of an extended drawer slide
Source: GSF Paramounts

Over travel drawer slides go beyond other drawer slide types, and quite literally so. The overextended railing capabilities of over travel drawer slides give users complete visibility and access to its contents. A well-calibrated ball-bearing setup facilitates the slider mechanism, allowing for smooth and consistent operation.

If you’re offering file cabinets, kitchen cabinets, and other furniture that needs full storage space access, then over travel drawer slides are perfect for the task.

Over Travel Drawer Slide Pros:

  • Provides more access to contents with its overextension capabilities
  • Smooth and hassle-free opening and closing
  • Extends up to 200%

Over Travel Drawer Slide Cons:

  • Requires a new set of brackets, spacers, and other accessories for upgrade

Market’s Recommendation:

DDTS-40 (80-160 kg) Super Extension 200% – this over travel drawer slide from Promount extends to double its original length. Its telescopic slides are made from cold-drawn steel, giving it added durability. The only catch: it’s a bit pricey.

6.   Best Full Extension Drawer Slide

Pair of undermount full extension drawer slides
Source: Maxave

A popular variety among homeowners and furniture makers, full extension drawer slides extends all the way to the end of the cabinet’s front. The rigid construction and a series of ball bearings keep the slider stable even at full extension. Cushioned in and out stops secure the beams in place.

Full extension drawer slides work best for kitchen cabinet setups, giving unhindered access to the drawer and items inside. These drawer slides can also fit office and bedroom furniture applications where full access to storage is needed.

Full Extension Drawer Slide Pros:

  • Gives users full access to the storage space
  • Smart, rigid design keeps the cabinet stable while fully open
  • Durable frame and bearing material

Full Extension Drawer Slide Cons:

  • It may require precise measurement for proper assembly and performance

Market’s Recommendation:

Maxave Full Extension Concealed Soft Close Slide With Handle – Maxave promises smooth and stable performance with this full extension drawer slide. Made from premium galvanized steel, the drawer slide carries up to 35 kg and works for at least 50,000 cycles.

7.   Best Telescopic Drawer Slide

Pair of semi extended black and orange drawer slides 1
Source: Maxave

Telescopic drawer slides typically consist of two or three beams with a series of bearings that travel over each other upon opening the drawer. The ends of each beam have a stopper, securing them in place and ensuring they don’t overextend. The crafty construction of telescopic drawer slides extends farther than its original length.

Telescopic drawer slides see application on most cabinets and drawers for home and office furniture. They are also ideal for furniture meant for compact spaces, like small living rooms or food trucks.

Telescopic Drawer Slide Pros:

  • Longer slide extension, up to 200% of the closed slide length
  • Sleek and modern designs complement any furniture setup
  • Tight ball bearing and stoppers ensure smooth operation

Market’s Recommendation:

Maxave 45mm Full Extension Dual Spring Soft Close Side Mounted Slide – a solid offering from furniture hardware experts, these telescopic drawer slides provide reliable operation for at least 50,000 cycles. And its zinc-plated black finish adds a strong finish to any furniture it’s used on.

8.   Best Bottom Mount Drawer Slide

Pair of bottom mount drawer slides with another image of locking mechanism
Source: Maxave

Another popular drawer slide option, bottom mount drawer slides can be used on any cabinet or furniture assembly. Also known as European slides, this drawer slide is mounted in two specific locations: at the bottom of the drawer and the side of the cabinet. And with its rear bracket supporting drawer slide, it promises dependable stability.

Bottom Mount Drawer Slide Pros:

  • Tons of applications make it a favored drawer slide variety
  • Low-cost yet reliable drawer slide
  • Easy to install and adjust

Bottom Mount Drawer Slide Cons:

  • Limited installation options
  • Strict drawer clearance of 1” needs careful consideration

Market’s Recommendation:

Maxave 3D Full Extension Concealed Slide With Handles-Euro Type – capable of handling up to 35 kg; this offering from Maxave has everything needed for a simple installation. Its full extension gives access to the entire drawer, while the self-closing feature ensures drawers stay shut.

9.   Best Concealed Under-Mount Drawer Slide

A pair of soft close drawer slides
Source: Maxave

As the name suggests, concealed undermount drawer slides are installed horizontally underneath the drawer. This makes the undermount drawer slides practically hidden from plain sight, adding to the cabinet’s appeal. These drawer slides are perfect for cabinet builds that have limited width allowances.

Concealed Under-Mount Drawer Slide Pros:

  • The drawer slides are hidden from view
  • Better horizontal space as the drawer slides attach at the bottom instead of the sides
  • Commonly comes with added features like soft close and push-to-open

Concealed Under-Mount Drawer Slide Cons:

  • Horizontal setup may decrease its load capacity
  • Could eat up some vertical space from drawers

Market’s Recommendation:

Maxave Full Extension Soft Close Undermounted Slide With Handle – this offering from Maxave has everything needed from a concealed undermount drawer slide: stability, durability, and a high load capacity of 35 kg. It has soft close and full extension features, enhancing the user experience.

10.   Best Side Mount Drawer Slide

Pair of soft close drawer slides partially extended
Source: Maxave

Mounted at the side of the drawer and cabinet, side mount drawer slides are the go-to drawer slide option for cost-effective and stable drawer construction. Its simple setup makes assembly and detachment easy, allowing fast adjustments when needed.

Side mount drawer slides have two operation variations:

  • Ball bearings – high-quality bearings let the drawers effortlessly glide through the setup. Typically extends farther than rollers
  • Rollers – simple and more affordable, the rolling mechanism allows for swift opening and closing

Side Mount Drawer Slide Pros:

  • Simple and cost-effective drawer slide option
  • Easy to install, adjust, and detach
  • Choose from ball-bearing or roller-type mechanisms

Side Mount Drawer Slide Cons:

  • Side mount drawer slides are visible whenever the drawer is open

Market’s Recommendation:

Maxave 45mm Full Extension Dual Spring Soft Closing Side Mounted Slide – using top-grade ball bearings to slide the drawer, this offering from Maxave boasts top quality in materials and construction. Aside from its easy assembly and operation, it also has springs installed within the setup for effective soft closing.

11.   Best Drawer Slides for Kitchen Cabinet

Pair of soft close undermounted drawer slides for kitchen cabinets
Source: Maxave

Kitchen cabinets aren’t the most demanding of household furniture; it doesn’t ask that much in terms of what drawer slides to use. The main things to consider when choosing a drawer slide for kitchen cabinets are stability and ease of use. It’s also a plus if the drawer slides provide full access to the compartment.

Drawer Slides for Kitchen Cabinet Pros:

  • Stable and smooth gliding ensures kitchen cabinets open and closes with ease
  • Can carry a significant amount of load without affecting performance
  • Rustproof coating, especially for wet areas in the kitchen
  • Keeping the drawer slides invisible is a bonus

Market’s Recommendation:

Maxave Full Extension Soft Close Undermounted Slide With Handle – built with the modern kitchen in mind, Maxave offers a durable and sleek drawer slide. This undermount drawer slide has everything a kitchen drawer needs – full extension, soft closing, and can support up to 35 kg. Furthermore, it discreetly mounts under the kitchen drawer, so it’s out of sight.

12.   Best Wardrobe Drawer Slide

Ideal drawer slides for wardrobes
Source: Maxave

When building wardrobe furniture, it’s essential to factor in the space allocation for the drawers to know which drawer slides to use. Aesthetics also matter here since you’ll need a push-to-open drawer slide if your drawers don’t have handles. Load capacity is also critical, especially if the drawers will store heavy items.

For high-performance wardrobe cabinets, we suggest side mounted ball bearing drawer slides. Not only is this drawer slide type capable of supporting heavy loads, but it can also have push-to-open and full extension features that add to the drawer’s functionality.

Wardrobe Drawer Slide Pros:

  • High load capacity
  • Added features like push-to-open and full extension
  • Durable and long cycle life

Market’s Recommendation:

Maxave 45mm Full Extension Push To Open Side Mounted Ball Bearing Slide – Ideal for wardrobe drawer builds, this drawer slide offering from Maxave is the complete package. From solid construction and premium steel material to its 30 kg dynamic load and 50,000 cycle guarantee, furniture makers are free to design the wardrobe cabinets any way they wish.

13.   Best Drawer Slide for Heavy Drawers

Drawer slides for heavy duty loads
Source: Amazon

Heavy drawers like those used in restaurants, toolbox drawers, and assembly lines require more than just a typical drawer slide. Since it’s expected to handle heavier loads, heavy-duty drawer slides are up to the task. Additional features like a full extension can also help complement the heavy drawer, giving better drawer space access.

Drawer Slide for Heavy Drawers Pros:

  • Higher load capacity without compromising the drawer slide performance
  • Stronger materials to withstand pressure from the weight

Market’s Recommendation:

HETTICH Heavy Duty Drawer Slides – These drawer slides from HETTICH are built to carry heavy loads and are perfect for industrial applications. Measuring 36” and can fully extend for more storage access, it has a load capacity of up to 500 lbs.

14.   Best Drawer Slide for Dresser

Center mount drawer slide for dressers
Source: Amazon

Often used as a replacement for vintage cabinets, center-mount drawer slides are the best choice for dressers. Since it only consists of one slide installed under the dresser drawer, it does not affect the dresser’s aesthetics. However, it has a lower load tolerance compared to two-slide variants.

Drawer Slide for Dresser Pros:

  • Requires only one drawer slide for setup, compared to two for other setups
  • Concealed installation means it’s visually unseen
  • Ball bearing mechanism guarantees smooth operation

Drawer Slide for Dresser Cons:

  • Limited weight capacity
  • Lacks most drawer slide features

Market’s Recommendation:

ACCURIDE 1029 Center Mount Slide – boasting high durability and optimal performance, this center mount slide offering from ACCURIDE provides the functionality needed for dresser drawers. It has a ball bearing mechanism that ensures minimal jamming, while its zinc-plated frames stay in shape for extended periods.

15.   Best Drawer Slide for Computer Table Keyboard

Pair of black top mount drawer slides
Source: Amazon

Installing a drawer slide for a computer table keyboard has its challenges. Finding the right spot to place the drawer slide is one of the main issues, as some assemblies have limited space for the keyboard tray.

Top-mounted drawer slides for computer table keyboard address this concern with ease. As the drawer slide attaches under the computer table, it requires little to no additional assembly to function. This also adds another layer of flair to the computer table.

Drawer Slide for Computer Table Keyboard Pros:

  • Easy to install
  • Provides alternative option for the keyboard tray

Drawer Slide for Computer Table Keyboard Cons:

  • Limited load capacity
  • Doesn’t extend fully

Market’s Recommendation:

HARDWARE RESOURCES All Metal Ball bearing Keyboard Slide – easy to install and flexible mounting height, this 14-inch drawer slide from HARDWARE RESOURCES fits perfectly on any computer table keyboard assembly. It has an all-black finish and includes a locking system to hold the keyboard in place.

16.   Best Stainless Steel Drawer Slides

Pair of soft close drawer slides partially extended
Source: Maxave

Drawer slides come in a wide range of material options, and the stainless steel variant sees more use in furniture cabinet assemblies. Price plays a big factor in this, as stainless steel drawer slides are more cost-effective than their peers without compromising performance and quality. Furthermore, stainless steel drawer slides can include features like full extension and soft closing.

Stainless steel drawer slides work well for cabinets that won’t see heavy use, like those on dressers and wardrobes.

Stainless Steel Drawer Slides Pros:

  • More affordable drawer slide option
  • Has a variety of builds and applications
  • Easy to install

Market’s Recommendation:

Maxave 35mm Full Extension Side Mounted Ball Bearing Slide – an excellent offering from furniture hardware experts Maxave, this ball bearing drawer slide is made from high-quality stainless steel. Its zinc-plated finish gives it added durability. Furthermore, it has full extension capabilities and can carry up to 30kg.

17.   Best Drawer Slide for Face Frame Cabinets

Pair of side mounted drawer slides for American style cabinets
Source: Maxave

Also called “American style” cabinets, its construction concept distinguishes the face frame cabinet from other styles. This cabinet style has a face frame installed, giving the cabinet a formal appearance even when open.

Considering this distinction, side-mounted drawer slides complement face frame cabinets well.  

Drawer Slide for Face Frame Cabinets Pros:

  • Easy installation and adjustment
  • High load tolerance keeps drawers stable even when fully opened
  • Ball-bearing side mounted drawer slides provide smooth opening and closing

Market’s Recommendation:

Maxave 45mm Full Extension Side Mounted Ball Bearing Slide – Improve the performance and aesthetic of any face frame cabinet project with these drawer slides from Maxave. Made from cold-rolled metal sheets and calibrated to handle up to 30kg, it’s built to last as long as the cabinet. It also has full extension capabilities, ensuring users can easily access the drawer.

18.   Best Frameless Cabinet Drawer Slide

Close up of push to open drawer slides for faceless cabinets
Source: Maxave

While there’s minimal difference between face frame and faceless cabinets, choosing the right drawer slide while making the drawers help improve the final product. If the drawers are inside the cabinet, opting for a push to open drawer slide works best. Not only does it eliminate the need for drawer handles, but it also modernizes the cabinet with this feature.

Frameless Cabinet Drawer Slide Pros:

  • Can handle high load requirements
  • Easy installation with side mounted drawer slides
  • Full extension for maximized drawer access

Market’s Recommendation:

Maxave 45mm Full Extension Push To Open Side Mounted Ball Bearing Slide – for sleek and clean frameless cabinet assembly, Maxave’s push to open side mounted ball bearing slide gets the job done. With its push to open functionality, there’s no need to have handles attached to the drawers, maximizing cabinet space.

19.   Best Ball Bearing Drawer Slide

Close up of ball bearing drawer slides
Source: Maxave

Most furniture manufacturers and DIY crafters prefer ball bearing drawer slides. What makes them popular is the versatility that it provides while offering a lot of features. Ball bearing drawer slides lend themselves well to different applications, like kitchen cabinets, bedroom fixtures, and storage units.

Ball Bearing Drawer Slide Pros:

  • Can be used on a wide range of applications and builds
  • Packs in multiple features to enhance user experience
  • Easy to mount, requiring minimal tools to assemble

Market’s Recommendation:

Maxave 45mm Full Extension Dual Spring Soft Close Side Mounted Slide – sleek and stylish, this ball bearing drawer slide from Maxave offers the best in drawer slide technology. Its high-grade steel frame and ball bearings ensure smooth operation for at least 50,000 cycles. Plus, with dual springs installed on the drawer slides, the doors will close slowly every time, preserving the drawer longer.

20.   Best Drawer Slide on a Budget

Two pairs of white roller slides
Source: Maxave

Budget is another important factor to look at when choosing drawer slides for any cabinet project. However, having a budget doesn’t mean quality has to be sacrificed. The best drawer slides on a budget must meet both performance and price requirements.

Drawer Slide on a Budget Pros:

  • Good price-to-quality ratio
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reliable performance
  • Having added features even on a limited budget is a plus

Drawer Slide on a Budget Cons:

  • Risk of getting low-quality drawer slides

Market’s Recommendation:

Maxave 101 Powder-Coated Slide – Low price doesn’t mean low quality for Maxave, as it offers durable powder-coated roller slides at affordable prices. This roller slide has a load capacity of 25kg and a specialized powder coating that protects it from rust and corrosion. And with its added self-closing effect, drawer doors stay shut.


While there are nearly-unlimited choices for drawer slide designs out there, knowing how they’re best used will help furniture manufacturers and end users make the right purchase. We hope this list makes your sourcing experience better and more efficient.

Maxave is the leader in making hardware furniture for modern homes. Our collection of drawer slide designs boasts superior quality and reliable operation at competitive prices. For bespoke drawer slides, we also offer deep customization that translates your ideas into reality. Talk to our team for a free consultation today and discover how we can boost your business. 

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