Top 5 Best Hinge Manufacturers/Brands In Europe

Finding quality products for individual or business purposes has always been a challenging task. Especially if you are a business owner, whether B2B or B2C, you must surely have been stuck on occasions when selecting the right company for partnering. Likewise, looking for the best cabinet hardware solutions either for your wholesale business or company is tedious, and it is essential that you analyze different factors while you select the right manufacturer. 

The market offers an exclusive range of options, and it becomes difficult to determine which one would be the best. However, you must first assess your own budget. Then, you must identify how many years the manufacturing company has been in the industry, the quality of the products, the technology used for manufacturing, and the price point. Whether you are a wholesaler or an organization, you must check for all the above-mentioned factors while selecting the best European hinge manufacturers

If you are looking for the best cabinet hinge manufacturing brands in Europe, check this article further to find out the top five European hinge manufacturers (Related: Top 8 Cabinet Handles Manufacturers in the World).

List Of Best European Cabinet Hinge Manufacturers:

Read this comprehensive guide further to explore the top cabinet hinge manufacturers in Europe that you must consider if you are searching for top-quality hinges for your business. 

  • Blum
Blum logo
Source: Blum

Business Type: Supplier, Manufacturer, Exporter

Year of establishment: 1952

Blum was established by Julius Blum on March 1, 1952, in Austria. Within 70 years of its establishment, the company is now recognized as the leading cabinet hinge manufacturing company in the world. In 1958, the company designed its first furniture hinge for doors and windows. Currently, it employs more than 9000 people and has its exporting business spread to over 120 nations turning it into the top European hinge manufacturers

The company implements the use of high-end automated technologies and skilled professionals to design creative and functional furniture fittings. Further, they deliver products that have passed a strict quality control management system and are tailored according to the client’s needs. For example, Blum hinges are designed using only high-end materials

Produce range: Blum offers a wide range of products to pick from. Some of the key products include hinge systems, runner systems, box systems, lift systems, and inner dividing systems. 

  • Salice
Salice logo
Source: Salice

Business Type: Manufacturer

Year of establishment: 1926

Salice was founded by Arturo Salice in 1926 in Cantu, Italy. Initially, it was established as a hardware retailer business. Later, after the founder was joined by his family, it started manufacturing hinge systems, particularly soft-closing furniture hinges

Within almost a century of its establishment, the company has emerged as a leading cabinet hardware manufacturer in the world. Additionally, it distributes its products on a global scale, counting more than 80 nations. Salice is known for using top-notch automated technologies and innovation to design quality products for its clients. 

Produce range: Salice has an extensive product catalog comprising products such as push to open drawer slides, metal drawers, hinges, pocket door systems, dampers, and lift systems.

  • Hettich
Hettich logo
Source: Hettich

Business Type: Manufacturer

Year of establishment: 1888

Hettich is one of the leading European hinge manufacturers known for offering excellent cabinet hardware solutions. Based in Kirchlengern, Germany, the company was established in 1888. Nearly 7400 workers have been employed for curating, manufacturing, and quality-check procedures. 

Hettich is known for implementing automated technologies and creativity for designing customizable cabinet hardware solutions for its clients. The company caters its services to various groups, such as carpenters, distributors, architects, fitters, industries, and end customers

Produce range: Hettich provides an extensive range of products to select from. The company offers several top-quality products, such as Hettich soft-close hinges, furniture fittings, soft-close drawer slides, drawer systems, door systems, and runner systems, etc. 

  • Simonswerk
Simonswerk logo
Source: Simonswerk

Business Type: Supplier and Manufacturer

Year of establishment: 1889

Simonswerk is an extensive cabinet hinge manufacturing company and supplier in Europe. It was set up in 1888 and is based in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany. It has a huge staff comprising over 600 employees. Furthermore, Simonswerk supplies its products in nearly 70 nations, which makes it one of the leading European hinge manufacturers

The company is now recognized for offering the best quality products to its clients. Besides, the company has set industry standards and has received various well-accredited certifications. Additionally, its products, particularly, Simonswerk hinges, have passed various test reports. 

Produce range: The company provides premium quality products, such as hinge systems, ANSELMI, TECTUS, SIKU, BAKA, ALPRO, etc. 

  • Emka
EMKA logo
Source: Emka

Business Type: Manufacturer

Year of establishment: 1932

EMKA is another significant cabinet hardware manufacturing company based in Europe. It was founded in 1932 in Velbert, Germany, and later relocated its production site to another location in Germany. The company is running actively and is spread worldwide. EMKA supplies its products to various nations, namely the United States, the United Kingdom, The United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Australia, Canada, France, Indonesia, and many others.

Their products are known for their excellent sustainability. In addition, its products, such as EMKA hinges, have passed certain industry and environmental standards and quality checks.

Produce range: EMKA is identified for offering premium quality products, such as hinge systems, locks, and latches, locking systems, sealing profiles and edge bandings, handles, stops for flaps and doors, and other cabinet hardware accessories.

Maxave – The Best Furniture Hinges Manufacturer Alternative In China

Maxave Logo
Source: Maxave

Business Type: Manufacturer, exporter, and supplier

Year of establishment: 2011

Maxave is one of the leading European hinge manufacturers in the industry. It was established in 2011, and within 11 years of its establishment in the industry, it has spread its services at a global level. It exports and supplies its products to various nations, namely Malaysia, Mosco, India, Cologne, Guangzhou, and Turkey. Overall, Maxave’s business is spread over entire North America, South America, East Asia, Europe, and Russia. 

The company incorporates the use of highly developed technologies and high-strength raw materials to design customizable cabinet hardware solutions for distributors, industries, end customers, architects, interior designers, furniture fitters, etc. Their products are BIFMA testing-approved, and the company ensures quality and duration by implementing traceability systems to optimize the complete supply chain procedure.

If you are looking for an affordable option, Maxave guarantees the best quality products delivered within a limited time frame. In addition, the company makes use of only durable raw materials and metal finishing technologies to deliver premium end-products.

Produce range: Maxave has an exclusive catalog comprising top-quality products, particularly furniture hinge systems, PVC edges bandings, push-to-open drawer slides, double wall drawers, side mount drawer slides, roller drawer slides, handles and knobs, cabinet hangers, etc.


When it comes to quality, it cannot be compromised, especially for industrial purposes. Hence, it becomes extremely necessary to look for various things when determining the right manufacturing company to cater to your needs. Whether you are an end-customer or a distributor, if you are searching for the best quality customizable cabinet hardware solutions, especially hinge systems, you can contact us. We understand our client’s needs and work to deliver the best solutions as per their requirements.

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