The Best Soft-Close Drawer Slides in 2022

Every cabinet drawer is recommended to have a smooth soft-close drawer slide. Cabinet makers need a supply of top-notch drawer slides for their projects for a more modern and elegant design. Drawer cabinets built with drawer sliders maintain the ability to slide with a much lighter material. Aside from the design, the flawless action of the drawers is crucial for any furniture to be appealing and salable to customers.

Having the best soft-close drawer slide supplier is essential for your project to determine the type of drawer slide needed that is both durable and cost-effective. The quality of the appliance should be able to support the drawer and its contents. So let us discuss choosing soft-close drawer slides for furniture.

What Are Self Closing Drawer Slides

Side Mounted Self Closing Drawer Slide
Image by Pexels

The self-closed action is made possible with a spring mechanism to retract the drawer at a certain distance, dampening its speed and closing it shut. Simple but effective, the spring mechanism is compact yet dependable inside the soft-closing drawer slides. It is excellent for furniture in moderate-to-high foot traffic, like kitchens and living rooms.


  • Easy to Install – installation is easy, measuring where you will install the self-closing drawer slides (Related: A Complete Guide To Install Heavy-Duty Drawer Slides) inside the cabinet and the side of the drawer, then you can attach them by screws.
  • Easy to Open with Minimal Pull – the easy pull action allows better accessibility to the drawers’ content, perfect for kitchens and workspaces.
  • Smooth Operation – with rollers or ball bearings providing the smooth sliding action makes pulling it open and pushing it close effortless.


  • Visibility – in classic style drawers, visible drawer slides may not appeal to some, so keeping them hidden in plain sight is a challenge.
  • Spacing – like any fixture, self-closing drawer slides require space to operate, reducing the drawers’ space.
  • Noise – the metal components of the self-closing drawer slides clash and have some noticeable rattle and clang.

Top of the Line Side Mount Soft Close Drawer Slide

Side Mount Soft Close Drawer Slide
Image by Unsplash

Side drawer slides are very common in the market and mounted at the side of the drawers for a simple minimalist look. Excellent for kitchen cabinets to store utensils and easy access to dried spices for cooking. Also, for office filing cabinets or office supplies. Here are some facts to consider of using side drawer slides for your project.


  • Costs – it is the cheapest and most available in hardware supply
  • Easy to install – installation of side drawer slides (Learn: How to Easily Install Full-Extension Drawer Slides) is simple and less effort
  • Low maintenance – simple and robust construction that can be taken apart for any repair


  • Hard to blend with classically styled furniture – side drawer slides are not recommended for classically styled cabinets that break its classy feel with the metal components of the appliance.
  • Many subpar products are available in the market – with its easy constructions, many supply side drawer slides, and some are substandard, so be aware of any weak plastic components or thin metals.

For the best side drawer slides on the market, let Maxave provide you with the solution. We have high-quality side drawer slides, both ball bearing, and roller versions, with a selection of special coating that protects them from rust.

High-Quality Undermount Soft Close Drawer Slide

Undermount Soft Close Drawer Slide
Image by Pexels

Under mount drawer slides can extend a drawer fully and support the weight. Sleek and better support is recommended for cabinet drawers that bear weight, like workshops and kitchens. Under mount drawer slides are known for their strength and clever placement and are excellent for heavy-duty drawer cabinets. When choosing the best under mount soft closing drawer slides (Learn: What’ s the Difference Between Soft Close and Self Close Drawer Slides), you need to know the following.


  • Provides more support – under mount drawer slides can support more weight, with their construction and placement requiring more durability.
  • Enables full extension – with its durability, under mount drawer slides can support more weight even in full extension.
  • Sleek placement – under mount drawer slides are kept hidden in plain sight being installed underneath the drawer.


  • Expensive – under mount drawer slides are very pricey for some
  • Hard to install – installing under mount drawer slides under the drawer needs a little planning so it will align perfectly

Maxave has a variety of under mount drawer slides to choose from full extension to single extension drawer slides. We even offer custom under mount drawer slides for your cabinet projects; Maxave is glad to assist you. Made with high-quality materials and dependable soft closing action, available at a reasonable price, we are glad to take your orders.

Best Soft Close Kitchen Drawer Slide

Soft Close Kitchen Drawer Slide
Image by Pexel

Excellent in providing an elegant method of accessing a drawer is kitchen soft-close drawer slides. The kitchen is a part of the home with moderate to high foot traffic depending on the home setting. Cooking is an essential task at home and having spices and utensils accessible is where a soft close drawer slide is good storage space.


  • Easy pull feature – soft-close drawer slides provide a smooth action that aids the pulling out of the drawer that comes in handy to access utensils or ingredients.
  • Safety – the best soft-close drawer slides have a self-closing mechanism, which is excellent as a safety feature for homes with kids or when the kitchen is having many people avoid getting bumped in a half-hazard opened drawer.
  • Dependability – made from high-quality materials, soft-close drawer slides can provide sufficient support for their contents.


  • Prone to damage – continuous usage and frequent banging when closing the soft-close drawer slides may damage the spring mechanism or misalign the slides.
  • Price – for kitchen cabinets, soft-close drawer slides are expensive, or it is recommended to buy high-end ones to withstand the abuse of regular usage.
  • Reduces drawer space – any soft-close drawer slides need a space to function that may make the drawer space smaller.

Best Full Extension Soft Close Drawer Slide

Full Extension Dual Spring Soft Closing Side Mounted Slide
Image by Maxave

Full extension soft-close drawer slides provide better access to the drawer contents and are excellent in office spaces with filing cabinets that requires fully extended drawers. Able to support the weight, the full extension soft-close drawer slides are versatile for any cabinets or furniture. Using this type of drawer slide in your cabinets allows access to the whole storage unit compared to the typical 3/4 opening allowance that most drawer slides have.


  • Versatility – full extension soft-close drawer slides come in different types (Learn: The Ultimate Guide: Different Types of Drawer Slides), side-mounted, undermounted, and center-mounted.
  • Customizable – it comes in any length depending on your projects
  • Durable – made with high-quality metal and plastic and ergonomically designed to support an ample load capacity.


  • Access for repairs – it isn’t easy to take the drawer out if it requires any repairs.

For the best quality full extension soft-close drawer slides, Maxave has you covered. We have ball bearings, soft-close drawer slides, and undermounted ones, which come in various lengths and coating to protect from corrosion.

Made with high-quality steel with primer coating or nickel plating for added protection, you can be sure all Maxave soft-close drawer slides are dependable and robust.

First-Rate Heavy Duty Soft Close Drawer Slide

Heavy Duty Soft Close Drawer Slides
Image by Istockphoto

For workshops, drawer cabinets with essential and power tools stored inside require substantial drawer slides to support the drawer. Heavy-duty soft-close drawer slides used in many workshops and garages for their drawers are designed for support and safety. It is recommended to store power tools with a rugged design that can support heavy equipment.


  • Rigid design – heavy-duty soft-close drawer slides are designed to carry weight up to 500 kg. able to store anything that weighs without the worry of getting jammed.
  • Secure – for safety purposes, the heavy-duty soft-close drawer slides, though they provide a smooth sliding action, also require effort to open.
  • Can fully extend – heavy-duty soft-close drawer slides can extend for easy access to the content entirely.


  • Hard to open – the safety mechanism of the heavy-duty soft-close drawer slides needs a little bit of force to open  
  • Needs maintenance – carrying heavy weight may stress the moving parts; you must apply grease.

Maxave has heavy-duty soft-close drawer slides, and we provide full extension undermounted drawer slides with an uncompromising design and protective coating excellent for cabinet drawer use in workshops.


We’ve reached the end of our comprehensive list detailing the best soft-close drawer slides for 2022. Drawer slides have come a long way in terms of technology and material, and continuous innovation in the field will indeed promise better drawer slides in the future.

Choosing the soft-close drawer slides to complement your drawer setup is essential to elevate its performance and build a stronger furniture brand. There are several factors to consider when selecting the right drawer slides for a project. The main points are functionality, weight limits, material, and assembly preference. Any other features, like having full extension, can also add to a better user experience. 

Maxave is a premiere maker of top-quality soft-close drawer slides for furniture. We have numerous selections of soft-close drawer slides and other fixtures like hinges, handles, knobs, cabinet hangers, cabinet tubes, gas springs for doors, and many more for any furniture project. We can also develop custom drawer slides to fit your specific demand. Contact us today and get a free quote from our expert consultants.

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