How to Easily Install Full-Extension Drawer Slides

Drawer rail sliders slide at a certain distance for accessibility and support, and full-extension drawer slides give support and accessibility even at the deepest part of the drawer. Many may think installing these full extension drawer slides is a complicated task. Still, advanced designs make them more beginner friendly, and with standard carpentry tools, a homeowner or a DIY fanatic has in their toolbox.

Mainly to be used in drawers in garages and kitchens where it requires more accessibility and in areas with a large room for clearance. This article will discuss full extension drawer slides, the tools, and how to install them.

What Is a Full-Extension Drawer Slide?

A pair of full extension drawer slides
Image by Maxave

Drawer slides, in general, provide smooth horizontal access for drawers. A standard drawer slide travels ¾ of its total length, which gives enough accessible space and support to drawers. The length of the drawer slides depends on the design and the length of the drawer. Depending on the design and features, many drawer slides are custom for furniture.

Features of drawer slides include soft-closing (Learn: The Best Soft-Close Drawer Slides in 2022), push-to-open, and an easy pull-away mechanism that gives it convenience and extra functionality. One more feature makes it different from any standard drawer slide, affecting the sliding function of the drawer slide from a regular slider to a full extension.

A full-extension drawer slide is capable of what is known as “over travel,” and it can travel the whole length, extending the drawer for full access. Full access to the drawer is useful for file storage, commercial kitchens, workshops, and stores that require full extension of storage drawers.

With a full-extension drawer slide, you can pull out the drawer from the cabinet and let access behind the drawer as necessary. The total access of the drawer is excellent for closets and side table file drawers where you need total access to the contents of the drawers.

Tools You Need

A collection of tools for drawer slide installation
Image by istock

The right tools are essential in any carpentry project, from measuring, cutting, and fastening tools to ensuring that the hardware is installed correctly in the furniture for it to function. Most of these tools are found in carpentry kits, and most homeowners have these for home improvement or repairs.

  • Power Drill – a versatile tool with different sizes and a screwdriver bit to fasten screws a flathead drill bit is needed for furniture.
  • Chisel – to cut notches for the drawer slide railings.
  • They are measuring tools – for precision measurements.
  • C clamps – for extra hands to hold the project while you measure or fasten something.
  • Drawer slide installation jig (Knowledge: How to Install Blum Tandem Drawer Slides) – to provide a guide in making essential holes and marking design for fitting the drawer slide and the furniture.
  • Construction gloves – protection for the hands and additional grip
  • Safety goggles – for eye protection against debris
  • Respirator mask – protection against allergens like sawdust and paint fumes

Before starting the project, ensure that all your tools are in good condition. Also, invest in safety equipment like thick gloves and eye protection.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Install a Full-Extension Drawer Slide

mans hands measuring the drawer slide for placement
Image by Maxave

Now we know the tools needed for installing the drawer slide (Learn: All You Need To Know About Soft Closing Drawer Slides), always remember to wear proper safety equipment like safety goggles, construction gloves, and masks when painting the furniture.

Prepare the furniture

Before starting the installation, check the project’s drawer and the recommended full-extension drawer slide. After reading the instruction for drawer slide installation, pull out the drawer and do the necessary preparation for the installation.

Prepare the furniture by uninstalling the old drawer slide, sanding, measuring, and marking the alignment of the full extension drawer slides inside the drawer slide, cutting notches for the drawer slide rails, and marking where the screw holes are.

Cut notches and drill holes

After marking the alignment and location of the screw holes, cut notches with a chisel at the back of a drawer for clearance, enabling the drawer slide rails to engage the drawer locking mechanism. For better alignment, use the drawer slide installation jig to prop the full extension drawer runners to the furniture and drill a hole for the screw. Using a preform jig, drill holes for the locking mechanism.

Always ensure tools are sharp and ready; chisels need to be sharpened and check if drill bits need replacement. Drill a pilot hole first to ensure centering and lessen the stress on the wood.

Drawer slide system installation

Using the drawer installation jig to clamp and support the full extension drawer runners as you fasten them with screws using a power drill with a flathead screwdriver bit. Using the same flathead bit, fasten the locking mechanism on the drawer.

Ensure the alignments are level and the orientation is correct. Fasten the drawer slides firmly but not tight for final adjustments; after final adjustments, fasten them to secure them. Avoid over-tightening the screw to prevent stress on the wood of the furniture or damage to the screw.


After final adjustments:

  1. Insert the drawer into the slot until the locking mechanism to the full extension slides with a simple click.
  2. Test the drawer slide to see whether it moves smoothly or needs adjustments.
  3. Check functions like push-to-open and full extension drawer slides (Learn: Best Push-To-Open Slides You Can Choose) soft close if they work.
  4. If everything works proceed to the final assembly.

The final assembly is putting other fittings and painting the furniture. If needed, uninstall the drawer slide system if you need to paint the furniture to avoid paint going in the mechanism that may affect the mechanism.


A close up look at a drawer slide mechanism
Image by Maxave

A full extension drawer slide is essential for better accessibility of drawer content. Installation of modern drawer slides is easy (Learn: Installing Soft Close Drawer Slides Guide), and it comes in custom lengths to fit the furniture and drawer to maximize drawer space and gives good support simultaneously. With some custom features that suit the requirements for garages and kitchens at home, or stockrooms and filing cabinets of offices, full extension drawer slides have many applications at work and in households.

Choosing an excellent full extension drawer slide with quality and innovative design is essential to any furniture project. Maxave is your brand for bulk full extension drawer slides. We bring the best furniture fittings in the industry, known for our world-class quality full extension drawer slides at a reasonable price.

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