Top 12 Cabinet Hardware Manufacturers in the USA

Home improvement is a big market nowadays, as many individuals were indoors for two years during the pandemic. Most stores are searching for durable and the latest design in cabinet hardware solutions, as it is profitable for customers wanting to upgrade their cabinets or upcycle old furniture for a modern look. 

Now cabinet hardware supply is more accessible as cabinet hardware suppliers set up shop online and provide their clients with more options delivered to their homes. As hardware suppliers, being connected to the best cabinet hardware manufacturers is essential for you to stock with salable fittings and fixtures that appeal to the customers.

We gathered some of the best cabinet hardware manufacturers in the USA for you to look out for and their specialties. So let us discuss 12 of the finest hardware manufacturers in the USA.

List of Top Cabinet Hardware Manufacturers in the  USA

These are some of the best cabinet hardware manufacturers in the USA. Some of them started abroad but had found a big market in America. 

  • Builders’ Hardware & Supply
  • Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
  • Goldenwarm
  • Franklin Brass Liberty Hardware
  • Homdiy
  • Fulterer 
  • Amerock 
  • Baldwin Hardware 
  • Johnson Hardware Products
  • Crown Cabinet Hardware
  • One Monroe
  • KFH Metal Stamping

Builders’ Hardware & Supply

Builders Hardware Supply Logo
Image by Builder’s Hardware & Supply

Location: 1516 15th Avenue West PO Box C 79005 Seattle, WA 98119 United States

Founded: 1954

For 60 years of providing high-quality cabinet hardware, Builders’ Hardware has a great legacy in Seattle, Washington. Having a high-end showroom and wholesale distribution, they also provide contract houses and fabrication for a broad range of customer services. With a comprehensive selection of wholesale furniture fittings, Builders’ Hardware and Supply covers you.

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

Rockler Woodworking Logo
Image by Rockler Woodworking

Location: 4365 Willow Drive Medina, MN 55430, US

Founded: 1954

Rockler is specialized in tools, polishing compounds, and fittings. Many woodworkers since 1954 have trusted them as their cabinet hardware solution because of their quality products. Rockler is now an institution with many experienced woodworkers and is even famous on some woodworking channels on social media like youtube. The popularity of DIY home improvement and their products from the tools and polish compounds being the trusted brand of many DIYers. So if you are supplying a community with woodworking and DIY cabinets, Rockler is the brand you can trust.


Goldenwarm Logo
Image by Goldenwarm

Location: 609 11th street, Dock #14, Arlington, Texas City, TX 76011 USA

Founded: 2009

Goldenwarm has been a significant cabinet hardware supplier for over a decade. With an established supply chain for cabinet fixtures, Goldenwarm specializes in cabinet knobs and handles with metallic finish and matte for a classy modern style (Learn: Cabinet Handle Colors and Finishes Trends in 2023). They offer development, design, and procurement, to production and quality control. Goldenwarm focuses on the high-end side of cabinet hardware, with the attention to quality and details being top-notch. So if you need to stock your shop with high-end cabinet hardware, Goldenwarm is for you.

Franklin Brass Liberty Hardware

Franklin Brass Logo
Image by Franklin Brass

Location: 140 Business Park Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27107, USA

Founded: 1942

For decades Franklin Brass has been one of the best furniture fittings companies in the US. They have an extensive line of products in the market offering high-quality decorative and functional hardware like the best cabinet handles, knobs, and other fixtures for bathroom closets. Carrying innovative designs from decades of experience, they have distributors across the country. Franklin brass is a brand you can depend on, with decades of experience providing the best quality knobs, handles, and other fittings.


Homdiy Logo
Image by Homdiy

Location:  609 11th street, Dock #14, Arlington, Texas City TX 76011 USA

Founded 2012

One of the youngest in the industry, Homdiy offers the complete package in design, material procurement, to production with strict quality control, for cabinet hardware from door handles and knobs. With a decade of experience providing quality products, Homdiy is trusted globally. Their online sales team works hand in hand with their technical engineers ensuring every product is up to specification as per customer request. So if you want high-quality fittings from one of the best custom cabinet hardware manufacturers, Homdiy is where you can find it.


Fulterer Logo
Image by Fulterer

Location: 1900 Proforma Avenue, Unit F-2 Ontario, CA 91761 USA |542 Townsend Avenue High Point NC 27263-4552 USA

Founded: 1956

“Ideas in Motion” is Fulterer’s approach to providing quality drawer slides (Learn: The Ultimate Guide: Different Types of Drawer Slides) for cabinets and other furniture since 1956. Founded in Austria, this European company has established itself as one of the best in its field and made a branch in California and North Carolina. For drawer runners for the office and household cabinets, check Fulterer and their products.


Amerock Logo
Image by Amerock

Location: 116 Exmore Road Mooresville, NC 28117, US

Founded: 1928

Founder: Gedor and Ruben Aldeen

Started by Gedor and Ruben Aldeen in 1928 as Aldeen Company in Rockford, Illinois as a cabinet hardware manufacturer. Due to the company’s resilience amidst the economic crisis, it changed its name to Amerock in 1956. Their success enabled them to expand to a company building in 1953. However, foreign competitors proved challenging, and Amerock was sold to Newell Rubbermaid in 1987. Currently part of Piedmont Hardware Group, the Amerock brand continues to provide quality cabinet hardware solutions since it was relocated to North Carolina.

Baldwin Hardware 

Baldwin Logo
Image by Baldwin Hardware

Location: 1 Meridian Blvd, Suite 1A02, Wyomissing, PA 19610

Founded: 1946

Founder: Severin Fayerman

With decades of providing brass handles and knobs as the pioneers of the craft, one of the first in developing Lifetime PVD finish for their decorative hardware and their exclusive Lifetime Satin and Polished Nickel finishes being experts in brass fittings. Baldwin is your brand if you are looking for the finest brass fittings for cabinet hardware supply, and they have a broad selection of designs and seasoned craftsmen handling their production.

Johnson Hardware Products

Johnson Logo
Image by Johnson Hardware

Location: 2100 Sterling Ave. Elkhart, IN 46516, USA

Founded: 1958

Johnson Hardware is one of the brands to look at for sliding and multi-folding doors. Johnson has decades of experience doing regular quality checks to ensure high-quality products. Johnson is known for their door slides and hinges to be easy to install and for their original design. Mostly known for folding and pocket door hardware, Johnson is considered the leading brand in the industry. Producing quality hardware by meticulous production procedures to ensure quality standards are met, striving for innovation, and delivering the best quality hardware for their customers. So for sliding and folding doors for cabinets, Johnson Hardware is where you can find them.

Crown Cabinet Hardware

Crown Cabinet Hardware Logo
Image by Crown Cabinet Hardware

Location: 1537 S 700 W • Salt Lake City, UT 84104 

Founded: 1950

Crown Cabinet Hardware is one of the best kitchen cabinet hardware manufacturers. They offer fully customizable designs focusing on functionality and durability. From soft-close hinges and adjustable shelves, Crown Cabinet and its experts will provide you with all possible modeling cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms. Crown Cabinets considers every aspect of making cabinets, from the drawers to pull-out trays, as some of the available upgrades and even a selection of stains and paints. The attention to detail and high-quality construction is Crown Cabinet Hardware’s forte. So check them out for your cabinet hardware needs. 

One Monroe

Location: 2990 Technology Dr. Rochester Hills, MI 48309

Founded: 1954

One Monroe has one of the widest catalogs as it caters to hardware for home and automotive. They have an extensive line of hinges, hooks, caster wheels, knobs, clamps, locks, and many more. They live by the motto “How can we help?” as they attribute their growth to addressing their client’s needs in wholesale and retail. With a rich history and their continued pursuit of innovation in all their products and manufacturing capabilities, One Monroe is one of the finest brands of furniture fittings manufacturers in the country. So for the best cabinet hardware from Michigan, One Monroe is the name.

KFH Metal Stamping

KFH Logo
Image by KFH Metal Stamping

Location: 520 Matthews Blvd., South Williamsport, PA 17702

Founded: 1905

KFH  Metal Stamping specializes in brackets, cabinet hinges, handles, and other metal fittings. As a furniture fittings manufacturer, KFH is one of the most well-established and has expanded to many products and patents. It started producing friction hinges, and furniture hardware as the massive lumber boom in the 1800s made lumber cheap in the area. KFH  Metal Stamping is the best brand in Pennsylvania regarding cabinet hinges.

The Finest Cabinet Hardware Manufacturer in China


Maxave logo
Image by Maxave

Business Type: Cabinet and Furniture Hardware Manufacturer and Exporter

Founded: 2011

With a decade of experience as a furniture hardware manufacturer, Maxave is the leading brand providing top-of-the-line cabinet hinges, fittings, and drawer slides in China. Our factory procures the best materials to produce high-quality products that exceed global standards with seasoned R&D that studies the trends in style for supplying stores with fixtures used in offices and homes with the latest designs. 

Products we offered:

In Conclusion

As more people get into DIY home improvement, a cabinet hardware distributor is necessary for the industry to connect the customer to the manufacturer by supplying fixtures like hinges, drawer slides, handles, knobs, gas springs, and cabinet hangers.

So to supply your hardware store with the best quality products at a reasonable price from the finest furniture hardware company in China (The Ultimate Guide: How to Import Furniture Hardware from China in 6 Steps). Get in touch with us at Maxave.

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