Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends In 2023  

Cabinetry is a vital component of any kitchen, and the kitchen cabinet market is expected to grow rapidly. In addition to determining the storage needs and how one can arrange the kitchen necessities, it also significantly affects the kitchen’s overall design. 

It’s crucial to strike a balance while designing the kitchen between classic elements and fun colors, textures, and patterns that express the style. Although many people don’t want to renovate their kitchen annually, there are still innovative methods for keeping the space looking and feeling modern. 

Although kitchens might appear basic with nothing to offer in terms of fashionable trends, one might be surprised by what they can do to obtain an innovative cabinet design. Since these cabinets are vital, they must be reliable and durable, so it is important to always opt for a trustworthy furniture hardware manufacturer that provides top-notch products and innovative cabinet design solutions. 

Now that 2023 is close, it’s time to look at the kitchen cabinet trend. 

New Kitchen Cabinetry Trends In 2023 

Kitchens are among the most practical rooms in a house because they serve as areas for cooking, eating, working, relaxing, and entertaining. The newest kitchen design trends are focused on maximizing this adaptable area’s essential requirements.

Mix And Match Kitchen Cabinets

Mix and match kitchen cabinet
Source: Pinterest

In this new year, why go for a traditional touch? Mix-and-match kitchen cabinets are in trend. It allows people to play with the colors and gives the kitchen a vivid and lively feel. There are different ways to mix and match kitchen cabinets. The art of blending opposites or complementary colors can give a room visual appeal. Lighter colors, subdued tones, and deeper shades of the basic color are generally always complimentary. 

Shades of black and white appear bold, and then a combination of white and gray provides a calming effect. For example, Kraftmaid is known for providing different shades perfect for mixing and matching. Mixing and matching cabinets is the best method to instantly add drama to any kitchen renovation.

Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

Shakers style kitchen cabinet
Source: Pexels

Shaker kitchen cabinets are a phrase that is frequently used while discussing kitchen hardware innovation and the latest trends. But what is a shaker-style cabinet?(Learn: Best 20 Cabinet Handle Designs in 2023) Shaker describes a particular design of American-made framed cabinets that share a few basic characteristics. Shaker cabinet characteristics are aesthetically distinctive and leave a striking impression in any kitchen. They have a timeless sophistication that gives kitchens a traditional and understated appeal. 

These cabinets are recognizable by their square edges or box-like design. They typically include straight lines and soft curves and are made slightly differently than typical kitchen cabinets, consisting of five sections. Incorporating shaker-style kitchen cabinets into modern kitchens is gaining popularity.

Open Shelves Kitchen Cabinets

Open kitchen shelves
Source: Unsplash

Open shelving has come back into the kitchen cabinet trend. For people with a tight budget, it is ideal. It enables users to decorate the space with more colors and patterns. It improves accessibility and doesn’t take up a lot of space, making it perfect for tiny, dimly lit kitchens. Open shelves kitchen cabinet provide a classy, elegant presentation, but it needs to be organized to look attractive. 

Soft-Close Kitchen Cabinets

Soft close kitchen cabinets
Source: Pinterest

Soft close kitchen cabinets have a unique style of a hinge mechanism that causes the cabinet door to close more slowly. Soft closing hinges ensure that no door slams shut. Convenience is the primary focus of soft-close cabinets. 

It is easy to close and open the cabinet doors without any sound. So, these soft-close hinges have hydraulics integrated into them. So, when someone closes the door, one can gently close the door without making a sound because of these hydraulics. That means the door closes smoothly.

A soft close hinge
Source: Maxave

No Handle Kitchen Cabinets (With Push-To-Open Slides)

No handle kitchen cabinets
Source: Pexels

No-handle kitchen cabinets are generally simple to open. It is easy to manage, which is why it is something to look forward to in 2023. One benefit of no hardware kitchen cabinets design is that it makes the kitchen safer because there are no exposed handles that anybody could trip over or get hooked on.

Push-to-open drawer slides are one type of kitchen cabinet without handles. The cabinet doors don’t have handles on the front; instead, they have an interior push-to-open latch. This latch is released when one pushes the cabinet door. These kitchen cabinet innovations look modern and sleek.

Retro Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Retro wooden kitchen cabinets
Source: Pinterest

Retro kitchen cabinets are becoming more and more common as more people look to decorate their homes with memorable design aspects from older times. A retro kitchen cabinet can create a distinctive and imaginative space that showcases the homeowner’shomeowner’s personality.

Mid Century modern kitchen cabinetry from IKEA is currently among the most well-liked retro kitchen cabinetry styles. Another common method for creating a retro kitchen is to model it after post-World War II. Homeowners are also adding retro appliances, furniture, and antique artwork to take this design a step further.

Color Block Kitchen Cabinets

Color block kitchen cabinet
Source: istock

Since a few years ago, color block kitchen cabinets have become increasingly popular. In simple terms, two or more colors are combined in color blocking to create a captivating standout piece. This color-blocking technique is quite popular when it comes to walls; however, it is becoming more popular on kitchen cabinets, paving the way for innovative cabinet design

So, one of the ways to implement this design is to select the two different cabinet colors and block them together. For example, one can use a lighter shade for the top cabinet and a darker one for the base. Or the kitchen island can be black, and all the cabinets are gray.

Important Elements That Influence The Kitchen Cabinet Design

Regarding kitchen cabinet trends, one wants it to be both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly useful. For this reason, take into account the features listed below, as they can all collectively improve the kitchen’s appearance and make every component genuinely useful.


Regarding creating a completely functional kitchen with the appropriate materials, the modern kitchen has experienced great kitchen cabinet innovations and a comprehensive revolution. One of the most popular materials for cabinets is wood, such as cherry, maple, red oak, etc. 

Cabinets aren’t always constructed of wood; laminate and Thermoplastic Polyurethane are two popular alternatives. Additionally, there are options like stainless steel, MDF, etc. When choosing the material for the kitchen cabinets, one important factor to consider is quality control


One of the noticeable elements in the kitchen is the handles and knobs. It is up to the customers whether they opt for handles or knobs. However, depending on the layout, one might be more aesthetically pleasing than the other. Also, the best way can be to mix handles and knobs. One can easily evoke different moods and manage various functioning levels. The greatest door handles and knobs allow for simple pulling and little noise while opening or closing doors.

Make sure to test out the hardware when choosing pulls or knobs to ensure that it is simple to operate. Furthermore, confirming that any visible cabinet hinges match the hardware’s finish is critical.

Drawer slides are an important component of kitchen cabinets. They make it possible for the cabinet drawers to open and close quietly and easily. When it comes to the latest furniture hardware, drawer sliders come in various varieties. For instance, the most popular kind of slide uses ball bearings and is often applied to lighter drawers. The smoother action of roller slides makes them ideal for heavy drawers.


Cabinets occupy a significant portion of the visible area of the kitchen. Because of this, it’s crucial to pick a kitchen cabinet color that will inspire the space. Kitchen color schemes add much-needed brightness, energy, and life to the space by coordinating the complete look of the room’s design and architecture. 

Cooking and eating spaces can both be improved with a vibrant kitchen. When discussing colors, there are a few crucial things to remember. The first and most crucial one is the kitchen’s design. Another important factor is that it is vital that this space is incoherent with the rest of the house.


It is challenging to design a unique kitchen when gas stoves, ovens, refrigerators, and other essential gas appliances are also present. However, since 2023 is not far behind, this new year will bring in some tremendous developments in terms of kitchen design. In 2023, as you have seen, the focus is on colors, patterns, comfort, and functionality. So, above are some of the top kitchen cabinet trends. However, to ensure that the kitchen cabinets are durable, it is important to always invest in good quality hinges and different types of cabinet hardware. So, if you are looking for reliable furniture hardware, contact us. 

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