Installing Soft Close Drawer Slides Guide

Drawer slides are valuable furniture add-ons for residential, commercial, retail, and industrial settings. This furniture hardware prevents friction between the box and cabinet from preserving the furniture’s service life and stopping noises from occurring. Due to its remarkable feature, there is a high demand for soft close drawer slides in the market. 

Installing soft closing drawer slides (Learn: How To Adjust A Soft Close Hinge) is not as hard as it may seem. This article provides a guide for incorporating side or undermount soft close drawer slides for furniture. Following our guide can save time and effort when installing soft close drawer slides bulk amounts for any clients.

What Is A Soft Close Drawer Slide

Close inspection of a soft close drawer slides
Source: Maxave

Drawer slides allow for a smooth closure of a cabinet. A soft close drawer slide has a unique mechanism (Learn: What’ s the Difference Between Soft Close and Self Close Drawer Slides) that dampens a drawer’s movement when it returns to its original position. However, the smoothness and ease of closing a drawer make it easy to slam the box into the back of a cabinet. Doing so can create a significant amount of noise and damage the furniture. 

Soft close drawer slides prevent the sudden closure of the box with a softening mechanism within the hardware. The mechanism utilizes a spring and rod component, which adds an opposing force to the drawer slide when a cabinet is closed. Silicon fluid is also added to the component to lubricate the rod and further slow the movement of the drawer box. 

How can soft-close drawer runners benefit furniture owners? These drawer slides prevent noise from the drawer hitting the back wall and the rumbling of various contents within the box. Hospitals, libraries, offices, and clinics fully utilize soft close drawer slides for retaining a quiet environment. In addition, the furniture hardware protects the cabinet and content. Restaurant managers and homeowners can prevent drawers filled with fragile plates, ceramics, and other kitchenware from a violent impact with a soft close drawer slide. 

Soft Closing Drawer Slide Installation Tools

soft close drawer slides installation tools
Source: Maxave

To efficiently install a soft closing drawer slide, here are several helpful tools: 

Drawer Slide Installation Jig

A drawer slide installation jig is a support stand that can be situated within the cabinet. The stand aligns the drawer-side and cabinet-side mounts to the furniture, allowing installers to set the components correctly. With the proper jigs, the process takes less effort and time. 


Squares are handy measuring tools to find the correct position for the soft closing drawer slides within the cabinet compartment and on the drawer box (Learn: Best Soft Close Cabinet Hinges in 2023). The tool helps mark screw hole locations within the compartment thanks to its 90-degree angle. 

Power Drill/Driver

Professional installation of soft closing drawer slides (Related: How To Install A Soft Close Hinge) requires power drills to efficiently create mounting holes among the screw slots. Install an appropriate drill bit for the cabinet’s material, such as wood or metal. A 9/32″ drill bit should have the right size to create mounting holes for the soft close drawer slide.

Install Soft-Close Drawer Slides Steps And Tips

Aligning a drawer slide to a cabinet
Source: Maxave

Follow the steps below to install soft-close drawer slides. 

Install The Cabinet-Mount Member

The first set of members for the soft-close drawer slides must be installed onto the cabinet as the first step. Disassemble the drawer box from the cabinet. When a drawer slide installation jig is available, slide its bracket and align it onto the cabinet’s frame. Use a clamp to keep the jig in place when the alignment is set. Place the cabinet-mount member onto the jig and drill mounting holes through the slide’s screw holes. Change the drill bit to a screwdriver bit to attach the screws to the slides. Make sure the member is firmly secured onto the wall. 

If there are no installation jigs, draw a leveled line on the two walls inside the cabinet. The furniture can be laid down to make this process easy. Note the cabinet front thickness by making a mark on the line for it to avoid any obstruction to the slides. Place the cabinet-mount member onto the leveled lines and drill mounting holes onto the screw slots. Using a screwdriver bit, install the screws to the slide and check if the hardware is tightly attached to the cabinet. 

Attach The Drawer-Mount Member

Installing the slides for the drawer box is the next step. If the installer used a drawer slide installation jig for the first step, remove these tools and reattach them to the frame while these are facing away from the cabinet. Ensure the jigs are tightly secured to the frame with the clamps. Place the drawer box onto the two jigs with its end aligned to the front end of the furniture. Place the drawer-mount member on each box side and drive the screws onto the holes. Make sure the slides are firmly attached to the box. 

Place a square or rules diagonally on the drawer box as an alternative step to find and mark the center. Draw a leveled line while using the center as a reference. Place the slide onto the line and connect the screws with the power tool. Ensure the members are secured onto the drawer and will not move with the slightest force.

Assemble Drawer & Adjustment

The last step is to connect the drawer’s member to the ones attached to the cabinet. Installers can push the drawer box forward using a drawer runner installation jig since the alignment is proper. Otherwise, lift the drawer until it is aligned with the cabinet opening and move the box forward. Both sides of the soft-close drawer slide must connect. This requires effort to connect the members fully. Once the tracks are connected, it is a matter of closing the drawer. 

If the drawer-mount or cabinet-mount members are not correctly aligned, the box may not close properly. Adjustments are necessary when this problem occurs. Check on the alignment of all slides to see which ones are not leveled. Removed the misaligned members and made the necessary measurements on the cabinet wall or drawer box to draw a leveled line. Reattach the members and try closing the drawer again. 


Soft-close drawer slides are handy hardware that protects cabinets and prevents noises by slowing the box’s movement. This function is possible through a spring-dampening component. The drawer slide is in demand among hospitals, libraries, homes, offices, and other places that require a quiet environment. 

Installation jigs make it easy for professionals to set a soft-close drawer runner onto any cabinet. Otherwise, proper measurements are necessary to ensure the slides are correctly aligned. Sourcing soft-close drawers from a trusted drawer slide manufacturer such as Maxave ensure clients are satisfied with any furniture projects. Contact Maxave today for premium soft-close drawer slides at competitive prices today!

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