Top 10 Best Drawer Slide Companies and Manufacturers in the World  

The market is teeming with drawer channel manufacturers that promise top-quality products. However, not all of them can live up to a customer’s expectations. Some may provide great drawer slides but lack customer support. Still, others may treat buyers well but cannot keep up with their delivery timetables at all.

Drawer slides are an important component of many types of furniture(Learn: Guide To Installing Drawer Slides). Therefore, it’s crucial for any buyer to know which drawer system suppliers can become a good business partner. Working with professionals ensures that you get value-worthy drawer glides and outstanding service every time.

To make it easier, we rounded up the best drawer slide manufacturers (Learn: The Best Soft-Close Drawer Slides in 2022) in the world today. Anyone can refer to this list once it’s time to build, replace, or upgrade their furniture.

Top 10 Drawer Slide Companies

Here are our top recommendations for reputable drawer slide suppliers that are worth trusting for any furniture project!

Maxave Group

Maxave Logo
Source: Maxave

Over a decade of outstanding experience makes Maxave one of the best drawer channel companies today. Offering customizability, the manufacturer delivers drawer slides that can match virtually any furniture design. There’s a wide range of hardware options for office, kitchen, and other applications. Safe to say, this company is a one-stop solution for everyone.

What makes Maxave one of the go-to suppliers? Every drawer slide boasts expertly crafted aesthetics and functionality. It’s a great combination that improves drawers in terms of accessibility and appearance. Buyers can choose from various types like soft close and extended drawer slides (Learn: All You Need To Know About Soft Closing Drawer Slides) that are made to outlast regular wear and tear.

Innovation is at the forefront of Maxave’s core talents, creating hardware that matches the specific needs of the customer. The group serves a global network of companies, suppliers, and retailers, which explains their brands’ worldwide popularity.

Aside from their world-class designs, the Maxave Group also provides best practices for customer service and support. Every supply chain is operated and managed by adept personnel who know the importance of following strict quality control. On top of that, their lead time for bulk orders is incredibly fast!

Founding year: 2011

Headquarters: Guangzhou, Guangdong

Service areas: Global

Certifications: ISO 9004


Accuride Logo
Source: Accuride

A worldwide powerhouse, Accuride offers off-the-shelf and specialty drawer slides for any application. It is one of the best drawer slide manufacturers because it has an answer to every type (Learn: The Ultimate Guide: Different Types of Drawer Slides) of need. The company is known for its selection of drawer channels. From self-closing to easy closing to touch release, they provide hardware solutions that lead in form and function.

As a designer and manufacturer, Accuride managed to incorporate electronics as a drawer glide feature. They have automated locking mechanisms with a plug-and-play operation, making it convenient for the user. Overall, they exceed the standards for service and support.

Founding year: 1958

Headquarters: Santa Fe Springs, California

Service areas: Global

Certifications: ISO-certified, RoHS-compliant

Ryandon, Inc.

Ryadon Logo
Source: RYADON

Since 1987, Ryadon, Inc. has become a household brand for industrial hardware products under the Drawer Slides Inc. brand. They consistently churn out high-quality drawer glides thanks to their stringent manufacturing process. Their drawer slides are made for heavy-duty applications (Learn: A Complete Guide To Install Heavy-Duty Drawer Slides), competing with other big names on this list for outstanding durability.

Ryadon’s customer-centric services are another good reason for the company’s impressive run in the market. Competitively priced and reliable, this manufacturer delivers real value for customers’ money. Indeed, they are an all-rounder, making them one of the leading drawer runners suppliers in the world.

Founding year: 1987

Headquarters: Foothill Ranch, California

Service areas: Global

Certifications: ISO-certified


Blum Logo
Source: Blum

It’s not unusual to find Blum drawer slides (Knowledge: How to Install Blum Tandem Drawer Slides) in many lavish kitchen fixtures because of their particular attention to detail. The company has an effective formula for its drawer runners that target high-end markets. They made a name across the globe as the manufacturer of hardware solutions built for luxury.

Blum’s high-quality slides come in different designs and functions. Their extensive list of drawer runners includes standard roller slides and specialty drawer slides fit for different applications. They also create soft-close cabinet hinges (Learn: The 6 Best German Cabinet Hinge Manufacturers), overhead door lift systems, and drawer organizers that carry their brand’s quality.

Founding year: 1952

Headquarters: Stanley, North Carolina

Service areas: Global

Certifications: ISO-certified, AOE certified


Sugatsune Logo
Source: Sugatsune

Joining the list of top soft close drawer slide manufacturers (Learn: Installing Soft Close Drawer Slides Guide) is Sugatsune. It is headquartered in Japan with an established manufacturing and distribution arm in America. The manufacturer is among the oldest in the industry and are masters in creating ultra-durable drawer slides. Their creators value originality, which is why the brand’s hardware solutions are distinctive in the market.

Sugatsune makes its mark in the industrial and architectural sectors as a leading provider of hardware products like drawer slides. The group also gets a lot of love for their attentive staff who know how to treat customers in the best way.

Founding year: 1930

Headquarters: Kanda, Tokyo

Service areas: Global

Certifications: ISO-certified


Hettich Logo
Source: Hettich

German-based company Hettich believes that good furniture requires good solutions, and it shows in their drawer glide quality. Their line of drawer runners and drawer systems are some of the most smartly designed fittings out there. This manufacturer incorporates technological innovation into their hardware solutions.

They offer convenience in the form of their eShop, which caters directly to customers. It’s a mobile-friendly store where drawer systems and other furniture fitting products like hinges (Learn: The Best Hinges for Cabinets and Furniture), door systems, and more can be found. They also tailor packages for interior designers and joiners.

Founding year: 1888

Headquarters: Kirchlengern, Germany

Service areas: Global

Certifications: ISO-certified


Fulterer Logo
Source: Fulterer

What makes drawer channel manufacturers like Fulterer outstanding? They know how to innovate designs without compromising quality and durability. The manufacturer is well-known for cost-effective drawer slide systems trusted by thousands of companies worldwide. They have a global network of distributors and retailers contributing to their widespread popularity in the market.

Fulterer’s action drawer runners are praise-worthy because of their durability despite daily wear and tear. The same goes for their heavy-duty drawer channels, which work effectively for their purpose. They also focus on the drawer slides’ ease of use, adding to their appeal in different sectors.

Founding year: 1956

Headquarters: Lustenau, Austria

Service areas: Global

Certifications: ISO-certified

Knape & Vogt

Knape and Govt Logo
Source: Knape & Vogt

Knape & Vogt finds its roots in Grand Rapids where two of its manufacturing and warehousing facilities are located. They stand out with their Euro-style drawer slides that have a distinct look compared to competitors. Customers love them for their ergonomic fittings and specialty hardware that match any type of project(Learn: A Complete Guide To Types of Cabinet Hardware).

This company is a producer of original equipment manufacturing (OEM) products for different industries. Their team of engineers designs every runner system to provide the best user experience in terms of convenience. Every hardware solution from this company is reliable and has a long-lasting quality.

Founding year: 1898

Headquarters: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Service areas: Global

Certifications: ISO-certified


Vadania Logo
Source: Vadania

As a global manufacturer, Vadania leads the market with its heavy-duty drawer runners for different applications. They are one of the notable soft close drawer slides manufacturers today, cementing their worldwide presence as a trustworthy brand. Customers from every corner of the world can order at any time using their easy-to-navigate e-store.

The company has numerous sub-warehouses in different parts of the world, making delivery a breeze. Additionally, they implement a quality assurance policy that allows clients to refund or exchange drawer slides with issues. This particular care for clients makes Vadania a worthy inclusion in this list.

Founding year: 2015

Headquarters: China

Service areas: Global

Certifications: Unlisted


G grass Logo
Source: G*Grass

As a drawer slide supplier, US-based Grass is known for its outstanding soft-close drawer glides. They have plenty of hardware solutions for commercial and residential applications. Every product in their portfolio can stand the test of time and provide consistent performance, whether for indoor or outdoor use.

Grass is one of the prominent drawer channel manufacturers that handle everything from production to delivery to aftercare service. Their team consists of professionals who know how to run the business seamlessly. They also provide other top-performing furniture hardware like ball bearings and other home-use fixtures. This company is outstanding in every sense of the word!

Founding year: 1980

Headquarters: North Carolina

Service areas: Global

Certifications: ISO-certified

Which Among the Top 10 Is the Best Drawer Slide Company?

Considering all factors, the Maxave Group brings plenty of benefits for every buyer. A leader in drawer slide manufacturing, the company has a very efficient process from start to finish. They can fulfill orders in a streamlined manner, consequently meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Drawer channels have several areas of application, from residential to industrial to commercial work. Whether for business or home-building, Maxave is a great choice for every hardware need!

Final thoughts

How you choose from the exceptional drawer slide suppliers can ultimately dictate the durability of the furniture. Therefore, it’s only right to consider the best of the best, which are the top drawer slide companies included in this list. You can contact Maxave Group to start shopping for the best drawer slides and hardware essentials in the market today!

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